Paper Toad Peel-Off

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Paper Toad Peel-Off
Location Mount Brrr
Mission # 1
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Paper Toad Peel-Off is the first mission of Mount Brrr in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


The mission occurs in some ice caverns, and Mario and co. must rescue eighteen Paper Toads in the area. They must first use Trio Drill to vertically climb up a wall and rescue three Paper Toads beside the first two Grinders. They must then dash through two more Grinders over to the west, and upon exiting the wall, jump over a gap to the west to rescue another Paper Toad, then jump back and perform another Trio Drill to scale the wall. Immediately after, a Paper Toad will keep sliding across the wall, and must be dashed into from a distance in order to be rescued. Another Paper Toad can be freed by evading the next set of Grinders, and afterwards a drill dash will send Mario and co. to a higher level. Another Paper Toad can be found by jumping over the gap to the east and using Trio Hammer to smash a Rock Block. Mario and co. must then use Trio Drill to enter the next wall, and, at the fork, take the middle route. This will allow them to use the higher route and free two more Paper Toads; one is stuck on the wall over to the east, and the other is in a bubble over to the west. Mario and co., upon exiting the wall, must follow a series of bounce pads to another wall they can enter via Trio Drill, which is a connected "grid" with many Grinders. Immediately upon entering, a Paper Toad is encountered, and must be dashed into from a distance to be rescued. The next Paper Toad is further west, on the lowest level and guarded by a set of Grinders. Mario and co. must then travel upwards and a little west and evade even more Grinders to reach another Paper Toad, then head all the way west and downwards a little to find the last six Paper Toads, which cab be dashed into to complete the mission.

In-game text[edit]


  • "Paper Toads are stuck tight to the wall! Drill dash at them to rescue them."


  • "Catch all the Paper Toads."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペリペリはがせ ペーパーキノピオ
Periperi Hagase Pēpā Kinopio
Peel Off, Paper Toads
Italian Stacca i Toad di carta Peel-off the Paper Toads