Desert Rescue Party

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Desert Rescue Party
Location Doop Doop Dunes
Mission # 2
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Desert Rescue Party is the second mission of Doop Doop Dunes in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. This mission was one of three featured during the E3 2015 demo, the others being Paper Toad Rescue and Fly Guy Patrol.


The mission occurs in Doop Doop Dunes's village area, and Mario and co. must rescue all Paper Toads within twenty minutes. For the first Toad, Mario and co. must head north, then east, and use Trio Hammer to break Rock Blocks and create a passageway to reach and battle a Fly Guy. (An ! Block can be hit to reset all of the Rock Blocks should it be necessary.) Heading further east, Mario and co. must use Trio Hammer again to break two more Rock Blocks, then use a bounce pad to the south to reach another Fly Guy and rescue another Paper Toad. Moving into the next area, Mario and co. must travel further east and jump across some paper terrain to reach a bush. They must then keep hammering the bush each time it reappears until they hit the Fly Guy carrying another Paper Toad, causing another battle to engage. Once the battle is over with, Mario and co. must head northwest and, without breaking any Rock Blocks, use two different bounce pads to reach two different Fly Guys circling over some Sandmaarghs with two more Paper Toads, respectively. After heading north into the next area, Mario and co. must then dash into a sideways spring and promptly fall down the sand flow to battle two more Fly Guys and rescue the last two Paper Toads.

In the Hard Mode variant, the time limit is shortened to ten minutes, and three more Paper Toads must be rescued. As such, more Fly Guys appear: one is near the bounce pads to the east of the village, another is circling paper terrain south of the area with Sandmaarghs, and another is near the beginning of the sand flow.


In-game text[edit]


  • "Bowser's minions have kidnapped the Paper Toads. Rescue them all!"


  • "Rescue all Paper Toads within the time limit."

Hard Mode Objective[edit]

  • "Rescue all Paper Toads within the time limit. Hard Mode!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さばくレスキュー隊
Sabaku Resukyū Tai
Desert Rescue Party