Paper Toad Trail Trials

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Paper Toad Trail Trials
Location Doop Doop Dunes
Mission # 8
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Paper Toad Trail Trials is the eighth mission of Doop Doop Dunes in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


This mission is much like Paper Toad Tailgate, in which Mario and co. must guide ten Paper Toads to a Lakitu while, at the same time, jumping to avoid Sandmaarghs, which may snatch a Paper Toad if the player is not careful enough. Unlike said mission, however, all ten Paper Toads must be reached before being taken to Lakitu, and the terrain is bigger and more expansive, as opposed to a "U" shape. Should a Sandmaargh successfully eat a Paper Toad, Mario and co. are given two more tries on the mission, and failure on the third try results in a "Too Bad!"

In the Hard Mode variant, the Sandmaarghs are much faster, and Mario and co. are only given one try on the mission.

In-game text[edit]


  • "Rescue all the Paper Toads from the Sandmaarghs!"


  • "Rescue all the Paper Toads."

Hard Mode Objective[edit]

  • "Rescue all the Paper Toads without being hit once."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオライン2
Kinopio Rain Tsū
Toad Line 2
Italian Alle calcagna dei Toad di carta On the heels of the Paper Toads