Wait Up, Yoshi!

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Wait Up, Yoshi!
Location Gloomy Woods
Mission # 1
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Wait Up, Yoshi! is the first mission of Gloomy Woods in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


The mission occurs in Gloomy Woods's village area. Here, Mario and co. must race a yellow Yoshi across the village by using the Dash technique. Throughout most of the race, Mario and co. must jump across the oil slicks and boost through Dash Panels to reach and circle around the midway flag. Mario and co. must then return to the starting line to complete the mission. If they get too close to the Yoshi, he will create a shockwave via Ground Pound.

In the Hard Mode variant, the Yoshi is faster, and the Dash Panels are all facing the opposite directions.

In-game text[edit]


  • "Who's faster, you or Yoshi? Be the first to get to the goal!"


  • "Reach the goal before Yoshi."

Hard Mode Objective[edit]

  • "Reach the goal before Yoshi. Hard Mode!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まって!ヨッシー
Matte! Yosshī
Wait! Yoshi

Italian Aspetta, Yoshi!
Wait up, Yoshi!