Hunt for the Medallion

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Hunt for the Medallion
Location Twinsy Tropics
Mission # 8
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Hunt for the Medallion is the eighth mission of Twinsy Tropics in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


This mission takes place in the caverns of Twinsy Tropics Dungeon. In this mission, Mario and co. must navigate the many rooms and find and defeat the Fire Bro with the red medallion without even knowing which one has the medallion. If the defeated Fire Bro does not have the medallion, they will provide a clue as to the location of the Fire Bro who does, yet there is also a coin reward for finding the Fire Bro with the medallion that decreases each time the group battles a Fire Bro who does not. The mission ends once the medallion is collected.


In-game text[edit]


  • "Find and defeat the enemy who ran off with the medallion!"


  • "Retrieve the medallion."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レリーフを奪い返せ!
Rerīfu o Ubaikaese!
Retrieve the Relief!
Italian Caccia al medaglione Hunt the Medallion!