The Stone Prison

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The Stone Prison
Location Doop Doop Dunes
Mission # 4
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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The Stone Prison is the fourth mission of Doop Doop Dunes in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


In this mission, Paper Toads are trapped in crystals atop elaborate stone structures, and Mario and co. must hammer the stones on the ground in a specific way so that the Paper Toads are lowered to the ground, but at the same time not crushed by a falling stone. Should a stone fall onto a Paper Toad, Mario and co. are given two more tries on the mission, and failure on the third try results in a "Too Bad!"

In the Hard Mode variant, more complex stone structures are encountered.

In-game text[edit]


  • "Free the Paper Toads by smashing the stone blocks. Be careful not to squish the Paper Toads!"


  • "Rescue all of the Paper Toads."

Hard Mode Objective[edit]

  • "Rescue all the Paper Toads. Hard Mode!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロックタワーくずし
Burokku Tawā Kuzushi
Block Tower Demolition