List of online tournaments in Mario Tennis Aces

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This is a list of online tournaments in Mario Tennis Aces. The game holds monthly online tournaments, in which players need to advance through a number of matches (rounds) against other human opponents and beat the finals in order to win a championship. Depending on the degree of participation in these online tournaments, the player can earn various prizes, such as new playable characters and costumes.

The following is a list of all online tournaments hosted from the release of the first demo up until now, along with the participation prizes handed out in each.

Pre-launch demo (May 2018)[edit]

Prior to Mario Tennis Aces's release date, a free demo was released on Nintendo eShop, including a limited-time online tournament. Characters could be unlocked for use in this demo by accumulating participation points. The Mario overalls costume could also be unlocked for the full game by completing one online match.

Tournament date Participation bonuses
0 points 100 points 300 points 600 points 1000 points 1500 points
May 2018 MTA Mario overalls.jpg
Mario overalls costume (only usable in the full game)
MTA Waluigi.jpg
MTA Toad.jpg
MTA Spike.jpg
MTA Rosalina.jpg
MTA Chain Chomp.jpg
Chain Chomp

June 2018 - November 2018[edit]

In these months, each tournament consisted of three preliminary rounds, followed by semifinals and finals. The player could only choose to play in Standard or Simple modes, both encompassed by the Singles class. The only participation bonus in every tournament (except for the June tournament) was a new playable character, which was unlocked by simply playing at least one round in the tournament.

Tournament date Participation bonus
June 2018 N/A
July 2018 MTA Koopa Troopa2.jpg
Koopa Troopa
August 2018 MTA Blooper.jpg
September 2018 AcesDiddyKong.jpg
Diddy Kong
October 2018 Birdo MTA screenshot.png
November 2018 Paratroopa MTA screenshot.png
Koopa Paratroopa

December 2018[edit]

As of December 2018, the tournaments have been reduced to only one preliminary round, followed by semifinals and finals, similarly to the COM tournaments. This tournament also added the Doubles class among the already-existent Standard and Simple classes. Exclusively in this tournament, the player could earn different participation bonuses depending on the class played.

Tournament date Participation bonuses
December 2018 MTA Petey Piranha.jpg
Petey Piranha (Standard Class or Simple Class)
Shy Guy MTA screenshot.png
Shy Guy (Doubles Class)

January 2019 - current[edit]

The January 2019 tournament introduced Participation Points, which are earned in accordance to the player's performance in a match. By earning enough Participation Points in a tournament, the player unlocks new alternate costumes for certain playable characters. New playable characters are still awarded by simply playing at least one match in a tournament.

Tournament date Participation bonuses
0 points 300 points 500 points 1000 points 2000 points
January 2019 MTA Luma.jpg
N/A MTA Mario overalls.jpg
Mario overalls costume
N/A MTA Luigi overalls.png
Luigi overalls costume
February 2019 MTA Boom Boom.jpg
Boom Boom
N/A N/A N/A MTA Toad alt.png
Toad tennis outfit
March 2019 Mariotennisacespauline.png
MTA Chain Chomp yellow cap.jpg
Chain Chomp white and yellow cap
N/A MTA Chain Chomp red cap.jpg
Chain Chomp white and red cap
MTA Chain Chomp green cap.jpg
Chain Chomp white and green cap
April 2019 MTA Kamek.jpg
MTA Spike alt1.jpg
Spike blue headband and blue wristband
N/A MTA Spike alt2.jpg
Spike pink headband and pink wristband
MTA Spike alt3.jpg
Spike yellow headband and yellow wristband
May 2019 MTA Dry Bones.jpg
Dry Bones
N/A N/A MTA Toad alt.png
Toad tennis outfit
MTA Toadette alt.jpg
Toadette tennis outfit

Special demo (April 2019 - May 2019)[edit]

Another demo was released on Nintendo eShop in April 2019. This demo is similar to the previous demo, although characters are unlocked by playing a set number of matches, rather than by accumulating participation points. These matches can be played either in or out of the limited-time tournament to unlock the rewards. The Mario overalls costume, once unlocked, can be used in both this demo and the full game.

Tournament date Participation bonuses
1 match 3 matches 6 matches 9 matches 12 matches 15 matches
April 2019 - May 2019 MTA Mario overalls.jpg
Mario overalls costume
MTA Waluigi.jpg
MTA DaisyEnterance3.png
Diddy Kong
MTA Chain Chomp.jpg
Chain Chomp
MTA Luma.jpg