Big Chomp and Little Chomp

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This article is about a Chain Chomp duo from Mario Party 3. For Big Chain Chomp, a species of Chain Chomp from Super Princess Peach, see Big Chain Chomp. For the enemy also known as Big Chomp in Super Mario 64, see Chain Chomp.
Big Chomp and Little Chomp in action
“Food!! Food!!”
Big Chomp and Little Chomp, Mario Party 3

Big Chomp and Little Chomp are two Chain Chomps whose only appearance is in the Game Guy minigame Game Guy's Sweet Surprise from Mario Party 3.

In Game Guy's Sweet Surprise, Big Chomp and Little Chomp will each race to eat a cake, and the player must bet all their coins on whichever Chomp they think will finish first. Big Chomp's payout will always double the player's coins, while Little Chomp's payout will multiply their coins by either 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64. Picking the losing Chomp would result in the player losing all their coins.

Players can also read a description of both Big Chomp and Little Chomp's moods, taking them into consideration while making their selection. More often than not, the odds of Big Chomp succeeding will be higher than Little Chomp, due to its greater appetite. However, Little Chomp will triumph over Big Chomp on occasion.


Both Chain Chomps can say anything listed below.

  • "I'm so hungry I could faint..."
  • "I haven't eaten since this morning."
  • "Love that cake!"
  • "I'm starvin'!"
  • "Food! Food!!!"
  • "No...more cake..."
  • "My tummy hurts..."
  • "It's too sweet..."
  • "I like mushrooms more than cake."
  • "Feed 'em faster!"