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Mario jc
Gender: Male
Favorite Super Mario Game: Super Mario Galaxy (main); Super Smash Bros. Brawl (spin-off)
Favorite Mario Character: Ludwig von Koopa
Favourite Non-Mario Game: Metroid Prime
Country: Australia
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Hi, I'm Mario jc! You might know me from... *points at MarioWiki logo*

A little bit about me: I joined Super Mario Wiki on 31 January 2010. Eventually, I was promoted to patroller on 17 July 2011, but was demoted to autopatrolled from 15 January 2013 to 7 June 2016 due to high school studies from 2013 to 2014 and inactivity in general. If you have a question, feel free to leave a post on my talk page, or check out my userpage while you're here!


Just some of the things I've done in the wiki (so far).

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Game Collection

Nintendo Consoles

I only started playing video games in around 2004, so I don't own a Nintendo GameCube (even though it was discontinued in 2007), or any Nintendo consoles before that.

Mario Games

Non-Mario Nintendo Games

Favourite Images

Mario Game Ratings

Boxart Comment (Good/Bad) Progress Rating

Levels are fun to play
Controls of Mario's movements
Enemies and moving platforms are very slow

Beaten the entire game. 6/10

Best Game Boy game
Great ending
Those easy-to-miss jumps

Beaten the entire game with a Perfect rank. 8.5/10
PAL Boxart 65.jpg




Great port of the original game
Extra modes add replay value
Smaller screen becomes a hindrance when finding your landing spots

Beaten Original 1985; Still have challenges to complete. 8/10

First three levels are the most fun to explore
N64 controls don't work well on the Wii U GamePad
A few frustrating and unfairly difficult minigames and boss battles

Completed 101%. 7.5/10

Full of stuff to do
Great music

Beaten the game, but not 100%. 10/10

Decent remake of Super Mario Bros. 2
Difficulty ramps up a lot as you near the end

Beaten the entire game. 6.5/10





Topaz Passage has the best levels
The bonus areas and Dr. Arewo Stein
Time-consuming boss battles

Beaten the game on Normal mode; Collected all CDs. 7/10
Box NA - Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2.png

Truly a Game Boy Advance / SNES classic
Luigi's awkward jumping physics

Beaten the entire game with max score and lives. 9/10
Box NA - Super Mario Sunshine.png

Lives up to the platformer genre name
Open world environments
Severely unpolished

Beaten the entire game. 8/10
Super Mario Advance 3 Box Art.jpg

The most classic of all classic Yoshi games
That epic final battle theme
Baby Mario's loud crying

Beaten the entire game, but not with perfect scores. 9.5/10

Includes the e-Reader levels we never got!
Overall the best way to experience Mario 3
Luigi's awkward jumping physics return in World-e

Beaten the entire game, including World-e. 9.5/10
Mk doubledash.jpg

Two in one vehicle, dual items and specials - Something not found in any other Mario Kart game
Great courses and graphics
Battle Mode can only be played with more than one player

Beaten 50cc Grand Prix. 7/10





The following games in the series are better, but levels are still fun to play nonetheless
Losses occur very often, which is frustrating

Haven't completed Expert mode. 6/10
MPLE boxart.jpg

Unique and somewhat fun gameplay
Very difficult to progress through the game

- 3/10

Just as good as the original
Touch screen controls are pretty useless

Beaten the entire game. 8.5/10

Really shows what you can do with the stylus and the touch screen
Some microgames are overly easy if you're playing them individually (Feeling Saucy, for example)

Unlocked all characters, but I need the WarioWare: Twisted! game for the Mona Pizza souvenir! 7.5/10

Almost as fun as the original Yoshi games
The fact that you lose instantly upon touching just one enemy

Unlocked all modes. 7.5/10

Unique and fun Mario Party game with great minigames and Gaddgets
Some minigames are a little difficult

Beaten the main Shroom City mode once. 5.5/10
Power Tennis GBA.jpg





Stages look great and are fun to play
Annoying enemies (I'm looking at you, Sad Nipper Plant) and... Mario gets kidnapped? Really?

Beaten the entire game. 6/10
Mario Kart DS Box (North America).png

Best Mario Kart game in my opinion
Includes a bunch of fun race and battle courses (Best played with multiplayer), and the exclusive Missions mode
That Spiny Shell...

Beaten all Cups and missions, but not all with 3-star ranks; Unlocked all characters. 9.5/10

Hilarious, fun, and has a great storyline
Do NOT enter the final battles if your level is very low

Beaten the game once. 8/10
Nsmb Au cover.jpg

A true DS classic
Mario vs. Luigi is incredibly fun to play
The addition of minigames make this game complete
The ending was... anticlimactic

Beaten the entire game. 9/10

A crossover between Mario and Final Fantasy? Nice...
The final match on Hard mode of Tourney is... hard

Haven't won the final match on Hard mode of Tourney. 4/10

Way better than the first in the series by a long shot
Those memorable Mario/Donkey Kong music remixes...
Too bad you can't create more than eight levels...

Beaten the game, but not all with gold star ranks; Unlocked both Basement levels. 8.5/10

Almost as good as the previous game
Creative boss battles
Why the removal of items?
Some levels are way too challenging

Beaten the game, but not all the levels. 7/10
WarioWare Smooth Moves AUS cover.jpg

As usual, this WarioWare game shows all the things you can do with the Wii Remote
9-Volt's microgames are the best

Unlocked all characters and specials. 7.5/10

Minigames involving the Wii Remote: A certain improvement over button-pressing minigames
Those board designs...
Gameplay moves rather slow

Beaten the Star Battle Arena mode; Unlocked Blooper and Hammer Bro.. 6/10

The black sheep of the series, but still a great game nevertheless
Has a brilliant yet dark storyline. In fact, many consider this to be the darkest Mario game
The game's too generous with coins

Beaten the game, Chapter 6, and both Pits of 100 Trials; Cooked all recipes, but haven't yet collected all the cards. 10/10

Shigeru Miyamoto's greatest Mario masterpiece in existence!
The orchestral music really goes along with Mario's adventures through the cosmos
The cutscenes are way too cool

Beaten the entire game; Unlocked Luigi. 10/10

A Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog crossover... This is something fans have been wanting to see
Pretty strange to see Sonic running at that speed...

- 5/10
SSBB Cover.jpeg

The vast amount of stuff in this game won't get you bored
Some Challenges are extremely difficult

Beaten the Subspace Emissary; Unlocked all characters and CDs, but still have a few stickers to collect to unlock the final challenge. 10/10

Great touch screen and stylus-based minigames
Childish game
I hate luck-based gameplay, period
The Extra minigames aren't that fun...

Beaten Story Mode; Collected all badges, but not all collectibles. 7/10

Pretty fun, but it's most fun with multiplayer
Last minute and constant shell attacks are NOT cool

Beaten all Cups, but not all with 3-star ranks; Need to unlock Mii Outfit B. 7/10

The fun of 2D Mario gameplay gets better with three more players joining in!
The Koopalings return!
It gets kind of boring playing on your own...

Beaten the entire game, but not with glimmering stars on my file, unfortunately. 8.5/10
WarioWare DIY AUS cover.jpg



Super Mario Galaxy 2 AUS cover.jpg

Nintendo manages to please fans even more with a SECOND game!
The addition of Yoshi makes it even better
Darn you, The Perfect Run!

Beaten the entire game. 10/10

It includes a Mario music CD and history booklet!
After seeing the awesome E3 2011 opening for Zelda, and Kirby's Dream Collection with SIX full Kirby classic games for Kirby, it makes Mario's 25th anniversary look... lame

- 6/10

A pick-up-and-play brand new 3D Mario game!
Cool level design and clever optical illusion puzzles
From the point of view of where you're playing, it makes some jumps involving accurate landing difficult
Special 8: The Perfect Run all over again

Beaten the entire game. 9/10

New courses, items and gameplay mechanics... New stuff is always good
Too bad, no Waluigi time... (And instead they added minor Mario characters like Queen Bee and Wiggler)

Unlocked all characters, but not all vehicle modifications. 7.5/10
Box AU - Mario Party 9.png

More great minigames to play!
I kinda prefer the original Mario Party gameplay...

Beaten Solo Mode; Unlocked Shy Guy and Kamek. 6.5/10

Yet another 2D Mario game everyone will enjoy
Absolutely hate those Dash Mario stages
Since it lacks new features, I consider this the worst game in the series

Beaten the entire game and collected over 1,000,000 coins. 7/10
PMSS-AU Box.jpg

The same gameplay with a small twist: Stickers!
Colourful and good-looking level design
That moment when you enter a boss battle (during your first playthrough) without the appropriate stickers
The original Paper Mario gameplay is better

Beaten the game, but haven't yet unfurled all the achievement flags; Completed the Sticker Museum. 6.5/10

A huge improvement of the New Super Mario Bros. series
Cool new features, and the interconnected worlds and their levels just look amazing in HD
Bubble Baby Yoshi is useless

Beaten the entire game, but not all of Challenge Mode. 7.5/10
Box AU - Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.png

The New Super Mario Bros. of Donkey Kong - Gameplay plays just like the original series
Great music and level design. The new 3D effects really suit the game
Deaths will occur so much that you'll end up wanting to rush the level

Beaten the entire game, but not all of Time Attack and Mirror Mode. 9/10
Box AU - Super Mario 3D World.png

Beautiful level design (in HD!)
Music is almost as good as the Super Mario Galaxy games' music
Still relies on depth perception to make accurate jumps

Beaten the entire game. 9.5/10
Yoshis New Island Box-Art-AU.png

Good-looking graphics
Tries to be as good as the original, but really isn't
Horrible soundtrack and stupid plot
Many more flaws too numerous to be listed here

Beaten the entire game, but haven't 100% completed every stage. 3.5/10
DKCTFBoxart PAL.jpg

Better game design than the first game
Best soundtrack in any video game I've played
Stunning visuals

Beaten the entire game, but not all of Time Attack and Hard Mode. 10/10
Box AU - Mario Kart 8.jpg

Fantastic courses and soundtrack
It's Mario Kart in HD!
Balloon Battle was a huge disappointment; The new characters (besides the Koopalings) and Rainbow Road were a minor one

Unlocked all characters, but not all vehicle modifications. 9/10
Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Australian boxart.png

Diverse character roster
Smooth frame rate
Portability lets you smash anywhere
Limited hardware capabilities unfortunately means less content

Unlocked all characters, completed all challenges, and collected all trophies. 9/10
SSBWiiU NA Boxart.png

Sweet new remixes
More content than the 3DS version...
...but didn't improve since Brawl in terms of content (e.g. new stages, story mode)
Smash Tour is mediocre

Unlocked all characters and music, but still have challenges to complete. 8.5/10
Box EU - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.png

Levels look almost as good as those of 3D World, despite being smaller in scale
Having to look at two screens is annoying
No option to turn off gyro controls

Still haven't completed Mummy-Me Maze Forever. 7.5/10
Yoshis Woolly World European boxart.jpg

Best Yoshi game since the original Yoshi's Island
Colourful and creative level design
Awesome soundtrack!
Could have expanded on the usual six world-long gameplay

Stitched up all Yoshis and collected gold stars for every level. 9.5/10
Super Mario Maker Standard Edition Pack (EU).png

It's Super Mario D.I.Y. - What more is there to say?
Simple user interface
Cool Mystery Mushroom costumes
Could've potentially had much more stuff (e.g. water on land, forest theme, checkpoints)
A LOT of poorly/brutally designed levels out there (especially in Expert 100 Mario Challenge)

Unlocked all Mystery Mushroom costumes. 8.5/10
Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros. - box cover.png

Well-written and funny dialogue
Main series characters like the Koopalings are given some personality
Bland open world with unrewarding secrets
Numerous boring minigames getting in the way of the main RPG gameplay
Stupidly vague telegraphing of enemy attacks at first

Rescued all Paper Toads, and found all ? Blocks, item patches and drill spots. 6.5/10

Favourite Mario Characters

Favourite Non-Mario Characters

Favourite Mario Music

Favourite Mario Quotes

  • All of Bowser's quotes in Super Paper Mario!
  • "OH, CRAG!" - Jasperoid, Super Paper Mario
  • "Aw, there's a big eyeball walking around here..." - Solid Snake, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • "Hey there, butterball!" - Mr. L, Super Paper Mario
  • "Awwwww, WHAT?! No way! My Brobot L-type shoots missiles. MISSILES!" - Mr. L, Super Paper Mario
  • "You must be the great... HERO... impersonator!" - Bestovius, Super Paper Mario
  • "Hands off my prey." - Falco Lombardi, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • "NYARGLEBARGLE!" - Bowser Jr., Paper Mario: Sticker Star