Fury Volcano

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Fury Volcano
Fury Volcano.png
Greater Location Vibe Island
Capital n/a
Ruler Wiggler
Inhabitants Podoboos, Rexes
First Appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
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Fury Volcano is the fourth area in the game Super Princess Peach. It is an active volcano. Some rooms contain smoke that causes damage. In these areas, there are usually many crystals to refill the player's vibes. The cyclone from Peach's Joy vibe can be used to blow away the smoke. There is also a few new mechanics introduced. The most common enemies are Podoboos and Rexes. The boss and ruler of this world is Wiggler.

Boss Battle[edit]

Stylus Challenge[edit]

The stylus challenge for World 4 is similar to the one in World 3, Shriek Mansion. Peach is falling and boulders are rising up to her. The player must touch the boulders to smash them. Coins come out of smashed boulders. Small boulders take one touch and give one coin, medium boulders need 3 hits and give 3 coins and large boulders need 5 hits with 5 coins. If a boulder touches Peach, she will have to restart.


Wiggler will start walking around calmly on the top platform. Peach will have to step on one of the totems on the bottom and use Rage to pull it down. After a while, it will spring up. If Wiggler is underneath the spring, he will fall upside down. Peach will then have to jump on the section that's flashing to take off a hit point. Wiggler will then turn mad and dash four times, causing rocks to fall down. Wiggler can be reverted to normal by flipping him, but he won't reveal a weak spot when flipped while in a rage. Some of these rocks contain Vibe Crystals. He will become calm once again after either finishing four dashes or being flipped, letting Peach be able to hit his weak spot again with the springs. After three hits, fog will slowly build up, damaging Peach if it becomes too thick. Peach must use her cyclone to blow the fog away. After being hit five times, Wiggler explodes spitting out bubbles then Peach saves a Toad and will be able to advance to Wavy Beach.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムカム火山[1]
Pun on mukamuka, feeling of anger and kazan, volcano.
French Volcan Furax


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