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Flame Mask-Guy
Sprite of a Flame Mask-Guy, from Virtual Boy Wario Land
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Variant of Mask-Guy
Screenshot of Wario running from a Flame Mask-Guy, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Screenshot of Wario running from a Flame Mask-Guy.

Flame Mask-Guy is an enemy from Virtual Boy Wario Land, appearing in Stage 10, Stage 11, and Stage 13. They strongly resemble the common enemy Mask-Guy, although with spikes on its body and mask. Its nose releases flames, in the place of a spear on a regular Mask-Guy. When left alone, a Flame Mask-Guy's eyes will appear unfocused, with a limp nose. When it catches sight of Wario, its eyes will appear diluted, and its nose releases flames as it chases Wario. Flame Mask-Guys are also able to jump over small objects, such as a Flame Pot, as it chases Wario. If Wario sits out of reach on a tall object, such as a large block, the Flame Mask Guy will continually charge at the object until Wario either descends or leaves the area.

Like regular Mask-Guys, Wario is able to bump a Flame Mask-Guy's from behind to cause its mask to fall off. Its appearance without a mask is the same as a regular Mask-Guy. The two spikes on the mask appear blunt while they are unworn by the Flame Mask-Guy. They will run to retrieve their mask, increasing speed if Wario picks it up first. If Wario destroys the mask, the Flame Mask-Guy will also destroy itself.

Flame Mask-Guys may also be destroyed by the flames of Sea Dragon or King Dragon Wario, or any of Wario's physical attacks while avoiding its spikes. In Stage 11, luring them into flaming areas of the ground will also defeat them.