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“Anywhere the wind blows”

Hello. My name is Wanderingshadow. I'm back again. How long will I be here? Who knows? As my name indicates, I tend to wander.

I've also contributed to Wikipedia, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Zelda Wiki. Currently, I'm working on Mario Wiki, DK Wiki, and a Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki that's been abandoned.

Link to the Pipe Plaza

About My Name

I've used this username for years online, mostly because it seems that no one else uses it. It's actually the name of a song I liked from Final Fantasy Legends (really a part of the SaGa series)

Wanderingshadow's Userbox Tower
NES Controller.png
Sprite of Mario from the Nintendo Entertainment System port of Donkey Kong
Nintendo GameCube console & controller
Nintendo 64 logo
Nintendo's old logo
The (previously) deleted Triforce gif for userbox pages. Original uploader unknown

Mario Games I've Played

Some of these I played at a cousin's house and have never beaten.

Wario Trophy Info

An old acquaintance of Mario's. His failure to seize Mario's castle has fueled Wario's desire for a palace of his own. Wario has Herculean strength and can do things even Mario can't imitate. his unexpected skills include a talent with items and the ability to assume many roles, among them a snowman, a zombie, and a bat

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