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Super Paper Mario levels

Here is where I will write about all levels in Super Paper Mario. I will attempt to keep them as detailed as possible. Articles will be updated whenever I feel like the section is good enough.

Lineland Road

Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds

“Mario was called upon once again to save the world... no small task. Could he prevent Count Bleck from pulling off his sinister plot? Would Mario reunite with Princess Peach? A truly interdimensional adventure was about to begin...”
Interlude, Super Paper Mario

On Mario's way to the far right of the section, he sees the game's first enemies, a Goomba and a Squiglet. He also encounters the game's first Brick Blocks, the game's first Question Blocks, and the game's first Warp Pipes. He also sees a seemingly blocked off door. When Mario gets to the far right of this section, he notices Bestovius's house. He also encounters a Save Block there. When Mario enters Bestovius's house, he observes that the room he enters does not contain another door. When Tippi notices that Mario is stuck, she gives him a short tutorial on how to use her Tattle ability. Mario successfully uses this ability on a wall in the seemingly empty room, discovering a door in the process. When Mario enters this door, he meets Bestovius.

Upon meeting Bestovius, Mario asks him if he can provide him with the Flip ability, an ability that enables Mario to flip between 2-D and 3-D. Bestovius is sceptical about the offer, saying that Mario is not the real hero that the Light Prognosticus predicted to appear. To ensure that Mario is the hero, he asks him to pay a fee of ten thousand Coins. Mario declines this offer, whereupon Bestovius lowers the price to all Coins Mario currently has. Should Mario decline the offer yet another time, the ability does not cost anything at all.

Mario, now being able to proceed through the door that was previously blocked off.

Upon receiving this ability, Mario is able to proceed through the seemingly blocked off door, which takes him to the second portion of this stage. While there, he has to use the flipping ability to pass an otherwise insurmountable Warp Pipe. He also observes the game's first Koopa Troopas. Afterwards, he is faced with a gap too large for him to leap over. He has to utilise the Flip ability once again to find that there is a pathway in the background, which Mario passes. Having done so, he encounters the game's first Sproing-Oing, and the game's first Squig.

Upon making it to the third section of the level, Mario encounters some high walls. He can chose between either jumping onto the Brick Blocks that are positioned before a wall, or to Flip to 3-D. If he chooses the second alternative, he sees that there are several Squiglets hiding behind each wall.

When he makes it to the fourth section, he is able to use the game's first Star. He then makes his way to the end of the section, defeating each enemy he passes in the process. In this section, the first Paragoombas, and the first Piranha Plants are seen. Upon reaching the rightmost part of this area, he sees a Star Door that takes him to the fifth and final section of the level, where he locates a Star Block, ending the level.

Catch Cards
Enemy How to obtain
Squiglet Squiglet The player has to leap onto the Brick Blocks located outside of Bestovius's house. Then the player should get on top of the house, where the card is found.
50px Goomba In the second section of the level, the player has to Flip to 3-D near the second Warp Pipe. The card is seen to the left of the Warp Pipe.
50px Koopa Troopa Near the very end of the level, at the rightmost part of the fourth section, the player should Flip to 3-D. Flipping to 3-D reveals a hidden path that should be taken to find a chest that contains the card.

Map Spots

Where to find Reward
On Bestovius' house. Bestovius Catch Card.

Mount Lineland

Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the Foothills

“And so Mario came to learn the stupendous ability of flipping between dimensions. But there was no time to celebrate: Mario still had a Pure Heart to find. The trail ahead was overrun with savage beasts. "Follow me," Tippi said, as she flew toward the mountain that loomed ahead. The Pure Heart was hidden somewhere on the other side.”
Interlude, Super Paper Mario

This level begins with Mario having to ascend some mountains using conveyor-belt-like mechanics. He also sees some Koopa Paratroopas and some Koopa Troopas. Mario may use a secondary path to get to the second area of the level. This path involves Mario flipping to 3-D, whereupon he spots that there is a pathway in the background that leads to a door – a door that takes Mario to the second part of the level.

When Mario enters the second section of the level after riding the conveyor-belt-like contraptions, he sees some Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas. He may Flip to 3-D here, whereupon he reveals a block that when hit erects a ladder. Upon climbing the newly-erected ladder, he is taken to some sort of Coin Heaven. But if he enters the section from the other path as mentioned above, he is greeted by a block that when hit makes a ladder appear. He will then appear near said Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas. When he reaches the middle of this section, he is greeted by numerous Spiky Tromps and Spiny Tromps. These enemies will be rolling down a slope that Mario must move along with. As the amount of Spiky Tromps and Spiny Tromps is endless, Mario has to Flip to 3-D to avoid them. Reaching the end of the slope, he finds a Star Door that takes him to the third section of the level.

Mario, exploring Yold Town.

Upon entering the third section of the level, Mario sees a chasm too large for him to leap. He will see a Warp Pipe that takes him to the background. While there, Mario has to enter Red's house. After helping Red back to 2-D, Red will ask Mario about his favourite colour. Mario answers the question, and Red lowers the bridge, allowing Mario to enter Yold Town. When there, Mario has to enter a building. This building contains a Warp Pipe that takes him to a basement that contains Whomps. He enters another room where he recruits Thoreau, the second Pixl of Super Paper Mario.

With Thoreau in the party, Mario has to pay Watchitt, the mayor of the town, a visit. At first, the mayor is suspicious to whether Mario really is the legendary hero spoken of in the Light Prognosticus or not, though his views on the matter change when he sees that he has recruited Thoreau. Having confirmed that Mario is the legendary hero, Watchitt calls Green, telling him to accept Mario's eventual request consisting of lowering the bridge. When he does this, Green asks Mario about his favourite colour. After Green hears the answer, he throws Mario outside, saying that Mario should be more decisive about his favourite colour. Upon crossing the bridge, Mario is greeted by a Star Block, ending the level.

Catch Cards
Enemy How to obtain
Paratroopa Paratroopa The player should Flip in the first section of the level, finding a hidden passage. At the end of the hidden passage, the card is found within a Treasure Chest.
Boomboxer Boomboxer The player should get across the rooftops in Yold Town to obtain this card.

Map Spots

Where to find Reward
On the first formation of rocks. Golden Leaf
In Green's house. Brobot L-type Catch Card.

Yold Desert

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold

“With a bold quiver of his magnificent mustache, Mario let loose a hearty sneeze. A single grain of sand had flown along the warm wind and tickled the hero's nose. It wasn't long before Mario and Tippi found the source of the sand: the Yold Desert. Along the endless, sunbaked expanse, Mario and Tippi continued their search...”
Interlude, Super Paper Mario

Arriving at Yold Desert, Mario has to make his way to Yold Ruins. He has to travel all the way to the right in the desert's first section. While he is making his way to the right, he notices that there is a differently-coloured tree. It differs from the other trees as this tree, unlike the other trees that are coloured in green, is coloured in red. He also sees some Bald Clefts, Koopa Troopas, Goombas, and Boomboxers. Upon reaching the far right, he should Flip while standing near a stone with an arrow on it. This reveals a pathway for Mario to take to the foreground of the desert. Here, Mario finds another path. While taking this path, Mario observes some Cherbils. Upon reaching the very end of the road, he sees a stone with an inscription saying that "he who leapeth beneath the red tree ten times will be rewarded." Heeding this advice, Mario returns to the red tree and leaps beneath it ten times. Upon doing so, a Star Door appears.

Taking the recently-appeared Door, Mario appears at the second area of the desert. When there, he immediately sees a Squig, some Brick Blocks, a Springboard, a Coin Block, a puddle of quicksand, and some conveyor-belt-like mechanics. While there, he has to use the Springboard to take him to the conveyor-belt-like mechanics, subsequently taking him to the other side of the aforementioned puddle of quicksand. Now at the other side of the puddle of quicksand, he observes four Brick Blocks. The first one contains a Zombie Shroom, the second and third contain a single Coin, and the fourth is just a normal Brick Block. Proceeding forward, Mario notices a fairly large puddle of quicksand. For him to make his way across this time, he has to Flip to 3-D to reveal a hidden path in the middle of the puddle.

When Mario finishes crossing the hidden path above the puddle of quicksand, he sees a Springboard, some Brick Blocks obscuring an ! Switch, and another puddle of quicksand. Here, Mario has to use the Springboard to make his way to the other side of the set of Brick Blocks surrounding the ! Switch. There he finds an opening in the blockage, allowing him to, with the aid of Thoreau, activate the Switch. When the Switch is activated, some conveyor-belt-like mechanics appears. Mario rides the conveyor-belt-like mechanics, whereupon he lands on the other end of the aforementioned puddle of quicksand. When Mario makes his way here, he finds a Save Block, a Star Door that takes him to the third section of the desert, and a Warp Pipe. For him to reach the Warp Pipe, he has to Flip to 3-D near the Save Block, allowing him to access the Warp Pipe. Inside, there are some Coin Blocks, half of them only visible in 3-D.

Upon reaching the third section of the desert, Mario is greeted by O'Chunks, one of Count Bleck's henchmen. Mario and O'Chunks fights. Eventually, the plumber defeats the henchman, whereupon O'Chunks takes off to the skies by farting, and a Star Door appears. Upon taking the recently-appeared Star Door, Mario appears in the fourth section of the desert. Here he has to jump onto a moving platform to take him to a Star Door that takes him to another section of the desert, where he finds a statue that, after Mario has flipped to 3-D, says that Mario should press Minus Button and One Button at the same time on a pedestal. Heeding this advice, he returns to the section he enters after having defeated O'Chunks. Here he has to get to the far right of said section, eventually finding a pedestal before a dragon's head that has its mouth shut. As instructed, Mario will then jump on top of the pedestal and press Minus Button and One Button at the same time. Doing so, the jaw of the dragon opens, revealing a Star Block, ending the level.

Catch Cards

Enemy How to obtain
50px Squig When the player gets to the third tree after the red tree, they should Flip to 3-D, revealing the card to be hidden behind a rock.

Map Spots

Where to find Reward
On the stone which the player needs to Flip to reveal a path. Three Gold Bars.
On the pedestal that tells the player to hit One Button and Minus Button at the same time. Fracktail Catch Card.

Yold Ruins

Chapter 1-4: Monster of the Ruins

“Somehow, Mario had found the strength to cross the desert's sweltering dunes. Ahead was a sprawling complex of ruins rising out of the sand. Thankful for the shade, Mario and Tippi ventured deeper inside. They were the very ruins Old Man Watchitt had warned them about. What dangers lurked in the shady corridors ahead?”
Interlude, Super Paper Mario

As Mario arrives at the Yold Ruins he is faced with a corridor. Walking along the corridor, he encounters a single Squiglet and a Star Door that he must take to get deeper into the ruins. Having taken said Star Door, the plumber appears in another room. In this room he is greeted by some Buzzy Beetles, a Firebar, some puddles of quicksand, a Squig, and a Squiglet. For him to complete this room he has to first dodge the Buzzy Beetle, then have to leap a puddle of quicksand. Afterwards he faces another Buzzy Beetle, followed by two Blocks, the aforementioned Question Block, and the aforementioned Firebar. Here he may leap onto the Question Block to reach one of the other blocks, subsequently reaching two otherwise inaccessible paths of the room. The path to the left contains a Buzzy Beetle and, later on, a Squiglet. The right path contains a Squig and a ladder, with the latter taking Mario to a Treasure Chest that contains a Life Shroom. Retracing his steps, he should make his way to the Star Door to the right of the room, enabling him to go deeper into the Ruins.

Having taken the secondly abovementioned Star Door, Mario appears in a room with more Firebars than the last room he visited. For Mario to easily dodge them, he can Flip to 3-D, enabling him to walk directly past them. While making his way to the right end of this room, he encounters a locked door in the middle of the room. Making it to the end of the room, he notices a Star Door that appears to be floating in thin air. Here Mario Flips to 3-D, whereupon he sees a Squiglet, and some thin, yellow Blocks with arrows on them placed beneath the Star Door. When he hits them, they flip from 3-D to 2-D, enabling him to proceed. After having taken the Star Door, he immediately sees two Spiky Tromps, and a ladder. Climbing the ladder, he reaches a small platform where a Treasure Chest is found.

Having discovered the abovementioned Treasure Chest, Mario opens it, finding a Key. With the newly-acquired Key in his possession, Mario should retrace his steps to the previous room where he opens the locked Star Door found in the middle of the corridor, enabling him to proceed deeper into the ruins. Immediately after going through the Star Door, a Save Block is seen. Moving leftwards, Mario first spots a Buzzy Beetle, then a formation of Blocks — one line of blocks alternating from a Question Block to a normal Block, and a concentrated collection of more blocks above the line of blocks — located above a puddle of quicksand, then a single Squiglet, then two Spiny Tromps, and finally a Squig and two Star Doors, one located on a platform slightly above-floor and one located closer to the floor.

When Mario sees that the Star Door found near the floor is locked, he Flips, revealing a Question Block only visible in 3-D. Jumping onto the Question Block, he is able to access the previously mentioned Star Door located slightly above the floor, taking him to a new room. Here, Mario finds a corridor. Walking down the corridor, he finds a Warp Pipe that spawns Squiglets. He also finds a ladder. Taking the ladder, he notices an Exclamation Point Switch located on the ceiling. For Mario to activate the switch he has to grab a Squiglet with Thoreau and then fling the Squiglet at the switch.

Having hit the Exclamation Mark Switch, Mario leaves the room, finding that the abovementioned formation of blocks has changed their appearance from before. Using Thoreau, Mario is able to get hold of the Key. Using the newly acquired Key, Mario unlocks the locked Star Door, entering a new room in which Mario sees a Star Door suspended in mid-air. For the plumber to enter the Star Door, he has to utilise Tippi's Tattle ability to find a hidden platform beneath the Star Door. Having found the platform, Mario enters the Star Door, proceeding deeper into the Ruins.

Having gone through the Star Door, Mario finds himself in a room with two Firebars, a couple of Buzzy Beetles, a locked Star Door and a frame of blocks surrounding a Key. Here, Mario Flips to 3-D, enabling him to collect the Key. Mario then unlocks the Star Door, allowing for deeper exploration of the Ruins. Finding himself in the new room, he immediately notices a Springboard that he should jump onto. Having jumped onto the Springboard, he notices a Star Door in mid-air and also a corridor leading to the left. Heading rightward, he should then Flip to 3-D, revealing a hidden ladder that he should climb. After having climbed the ladder, he then needs to walk all the way to the left, finding an Exclamation Point Switch that he presses, releasing numerous Spiny Tromps rolling towards Mario. He also notices that hitting the switch reveals a large, red Exclamation Point Switch found in the middle of the room that he should press. Pressing the switch, a hole in the ground appears, filling up the gap below, enabling Mario to access the previously inaccessible Star Door, allowing him to get deeper into the Ruins.

Having gone through the door, he finds himself in a room with four red Exclamation Mark Switches. He should then Flip to 3-D, making numbers on the side of the blocks visible. The numbers are, from left to right: 2, 4, 1, 3. He should then hit the blocks in the order as shown on the numbers, where 1 means the first block to be hit and 4 means the last block to be hit. Having done so, a staircase is created. Climbing the newly-created staircase, he sees a Save Block, a Question Block that contains a Super Mushroom, and a Warp Pipe. When Mario takes the Warp Pipe, he finds himself outside. Here he fights Fracktail, Super Paper Mario's first chapter boss. Having defeated Fracktail, a Warp Pipe is erected. Upon taking the Warp Pipe, he meets Merlumina, who tells Mario about her childhood. He also receives the second Pure Heart in, ending the chapter.

Catch Cards

Enemy How to obtain
Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle In the room with the frame of blocks, the player should flip to 3-D as soon as they enter the room. This reveals a hidden path that eventually leads to a Treasure Chest with the card found within.

Map Spots

Where to find Reward
At the very end of the last room in the chapter. Merlumina Catch Card.

Gloam Valley

Chapter 2-1: Bogging to Merlee's

“With Princess Peach at his side, Mario set out once again, bound for adventure. This time, our heroes were tasked with finding the mysterious charmer, Merlee. If Merlon was right, then Merlee was the key to finding the next Pure Heart. Never one to flinch from danger, Mario set out to find Merlee's mysterious mansion. But little did he know, the evil works of dastardly Count Bleck awaited at every turn...”
Interlude, Super Paper Mario

Like all Chapters in Super Paper Mario, the Chapter begins with the environment being painted up before Mario and Peach enter the Chapter. The first enemies Mario and Peach face are Red Paratroopas and one Spiky Goomba. They also face a gap with water below it where Mario's jumping is not enough to leap the distance that crossing the gap requires – for the player to proceed here, Princess Peach needs to use her Parasol ability to safely glide over to the next side of the gap. Having crossed the gap, Peach and Mario finds several, small platforms floating in the water that dips down in the water when stood on, and they also finds Super Paper Mario's first instance of Cheep-Cheeps. Upon trespassing to the rightmost end of the area, Mario and Peach finds a locked Star Door. Upon Flipping to 3-D, Mario can notice a green arrow pointing downwards, indicating they have to backtrack a little. Heeding this hint, they backtrack until they find a platform placed in-between the second and third less stable platforms. On this platform, Mario can Flip to spot two blocks with arrows on them that when hit change their orientation to the second dimension. Then Mario (or alternatively, Peach) can make their way across the platforms located at the top of the area until reaching a Warp Pipe that they enter. The Warp Pipe leads to a small room with two Squiglets and a Squig that when defeated yield a Treasure Chest that contains a Door Key.

With the newly-acquired Door Key, Mario and Peach should make their way down to the previously mentioned locked-off Star Door and unlock it, thereby enabling them to progress further into the Chapter. Doing so, they find a Question Block containing a Pal Pill; they also find that this section of the level mostly has Paragoombas and Red Paratroopas. They also find a Star Door located at the middle of the area, and should they enter that door then they meet Lock. They also find a Warp Pipe that they can use as a platform to reach a higher platform that then can allow Mario to move even higher up. Having done so, the player should switch from Mario to Peach in order to use her Parasol Glide to safely glide across the platforms above, eventually reaching a Warp Pipe that takes Peach to the Level's background. While there, Peach has to traverse the platforms to access a blue Exclamation Mark Switch that when hit reveals a second Star Door in the foreground. Then the player should backtrack until they reach the now-visible Star Door and enter it.

Upon entering the rightmost Star Door, Mario and Peach find themselves in a section of the level that contains a Question Block with a Star in it. Then they should make their way towards the end of this section – and as an effect of the Star, they crush everything in their path. At the end of the section, a Save Block and a Star Door is found. Taking the Star Door, Mario and Peach enter the next section of the chapter. In this section, they find a Question Mark Block containing a Slow Flower, followed with a puddle of water that has two Cheep Cheep and a platform that dips down into the water when stood on. There are also some Blocks above the puddle of water. After crossing the puddle of water, they find a Question Block containing a Mushroom and a small pillar of Blocks, and a Warp Pipe. They can use the small pillar of Blocks as a platform to gain access to the set of Blocks above the recently-passed puddle of water. Crossing these Blocks, Mario must Flip to 3-D to find a Flip Block. Climbing the Flip Block, they find a line of Coins, a Squiglet and a Question Mark Block containing a Happy Flower. Taking the aforementioned Warp Pipe, they find themselves in a room with an invisible Exclamation Mark Switch that they must hit to make another Warp Pipe appear. This Warp Pipe takes them to a room with a Growmeba in it. A small section of the wall has a crack on it. When the Growmeba is defeated, a Treasure Chest appears. This Treasure Chest contains Boomer, the Bomb Pixl.

With Boomer in the party, they retrace their steps back aboveground. Proceeding to the right, they find a Rawbus blocking their path. To proceed here, Mario must flip to 3-D, pass the Rawbus and then flip back to 2-D. Then they face a blockade of Brick Blocks that, in order to pass, they should detonate using Boomer. Then they reach four Star Doors. The first Star Door takes them to the bottom of a room, the second Star Door takes them to the bottom or another room, the third one takes them to the top of the room the second Star Door takes them to, and the fourth one takes them to the top of the room the first Star Door takes them to. They should enter the fourth Star Door, flip to reveal four Brick Blocks only visible in 3-D, place Boomer on these Brick Blocks, creating a hole they can fall through. When they fall through the newly-created hole, they land on a middle section of the room, finding an Exclamation Mark Switch. They should hit this switch. Having done so, a Star Door is created. Then they should flip to 3-D, place Boomer on top of some Brick Blocks, creating a hole they fall through, then exit through the Star Door that they find at the bottom of the room. Then they should enter the newly-created Star Door. Having done so, they find a Star Block, ending the level.

Catch Cards

Card How to obtain
50px Old Man Watchitt In the room where Boomer joins the party, the player should bomb the crack in the wall, creating an opening. Mario should flip to 3-D and walk through the opening, finding a Treasure Chest containing the card.
50px Swooper In the same section as the Star Block is in, the player should flip to 3-D, finding a hidden room. The card is found within the rightmost Treasure Chest.
A Shlurp Shlurp In the same section as the Star Block is in, the player should flip to 3-D, finding a hidden room. The card is found within the leftmost Treasure Chest.

Map Spots

Where to find Reward
At the end of the chapter. Shooting Star