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You have new messages (Hopefully).

"What? FTW mean For teh Win? I thought it meant Fun Teh Watch..."


This is extremely important. Please read this or disscuss it here.

I have always liked the Mariowiki. The people there were kind and understanding. I occasionally argued with Wayoshi and Xzelion, but other than that it was great. Then the whole "Wayoshi Is Willy" thing came. I was upset of course, but I thought that life on the wiki would continue normally. i was wrong. Xzelion is overreacting at things I do, and so is Max. Everyone hates me because I haven't forgiven Wayoshi yet. i try to contribute to the Wayoshi article on mwuserpedia and the edit is deleted and I am threatened with banning for posting a picture of Wayoshi's dark side. Well, there was a pic of Max's dark side so why not Wayoshi's? You people are getting rediculous. If this keeps up i will quit. You are all overreacting and looking for things to get mad at me about. You can't ban me for speaking me mind, so here I am, speaking my mind.

[1]Lord Dice Is HERE


I initially came to thewiki to talk. As of now, I am officially going to be a Page Editor!

[2]Lord Dice Is HERE



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Characters/Users in LastFire

Character Description
Murzon In Character, he is the founder of the Earth branch of Lastfire. Out Of Character, he appears to give hints to users about the 369 saga.
Driscol A prankster who joined lastfire "for Pun and Profit."
Shyster A user who participates in the LastFire roleplays. Can warp dimensions.
Gofer/Bio-Strong A user who recieved a cryptic message in Hex Code
YellowYoshi398 An admin of the lastfire forum. He will play an important role soon.
Time A mysterious user who speaks in Hex Code.
The Blind Man Mentioned in Time's encoded message. It is unknown whether he is a hero of villain, just that he "holds the Gift and Dagger." Has not appeared in the forum yet.
Code Nothing is known about him. Has not appeared in the forum yet.
Edoc Code's counterpart. Has not appeared in the forum yet.
Emit Time's counterpart. Has not appeared in the forum yet.

More to come


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Happy Shyguys!

I am a big supporter of the Shy Guys and think they are really cool. That's why I wrote my Shy Guy Saga.


I am writing a book for the MarioWiki party on August 11th, it will be done by then. Can be viewed here, at Murzon's googlepage. have fun!!!!!

Murzon's Many Forms

If you want to find me at Star Wars Fanon, my name there is Mur Zonn. If you want to find me at the lego message boards, my name is M.U.R.Z.O.N..


I intercepted the e-mail below.

To: “Jason Orwell” <>

Cc: “Erik Wind” <>

From: “Randall Talon” <>

I’ve sent a message to my fellow N.O.G.A. members that we are allying with you. I accept my place as the Destroyer’s lead agent. My orders to you: keep the key from falling into Murzon’s hands.

My Userbox Tower

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Shy Guys Saga

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo and have only written this due to my near-obsession with the Shy Guys in the Marioverse. I thought that it might be interesting to have an ongoing story from the Shy Guys’ point of view. This is for ANYONE to read, and please add a note at the bottom of this page if something is unsatisfactory. I will delete the note and fix the problem. READ ON!


"Welcome to the Meeting Room," a Shy Guy said. Vorrik stood at the doorway in awe. This was what he had dreamed of for years: finally being allowed to enter the Meeting Room where the Shy Guys, Snifits, and Spookums stayed. He ruffled his green cloak, wondering what to say. General Guy, Vorrik's father and leader of the Shy Guys, stood up. He wore a grey Shy Cloak and a big, noble hat. And, of course, he had the mask. The mask was the symbol of a Shy Guy, Snifit, or Spookum. Shy Guys had masks with two holes for eyes, while Snifits and Spookums wore masks with Three holes: two for eyes, one for mouth. Snifits and Spookums were unusual because the could launch bullets from their mouths, hence the mouth hole. Vorrik was a Shy Guy, however, and couldn't shoot bullets if his life depended on it. He was a Shy Kid, so he could not wear the Red Foot Soldier outfit or the Grey Commander's outfit. This was an inconvenience, because if he was a Shy Kid, no one paid much attention to him. The only way anyone would so much as look at him was if he took off his mask, and that was strictly forbidden. Why? No one knew. It was the law, that was all. General Guy coughed loudly. Everyone looked at him. "Meeting in session," he said. Vorrik sat down and squirmed with excitement. Finally, he thought. Finally, I'm old enough to be in the council. Ah, not old enough to wear the Red cloak, though... General Guy spoke. "As you know, I have been considering the generous proposal of the Koopa Troop. I do not wish to harm Mushroom Kingdom... but I must consider the safety of my own people." The general looked up sadly. "If I do not accept the proposal... the Koopa Lord will destroy us all. I am sorry," General Guy said. "But I... accept."


Vorrik audibly gasped. The room was silent for a moment. Then snifits, shyguys, and spookums were running at the General, demanding that he give up his rank. "YOU COMPLETE IDIOT!" screamed a rather fat spookum. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID?! "Y-yes." the General sputtered. "I'm so sorry. But I didn't have a choice. He would have killed us all." When the crowd finally dispersed, Vorrik ran up to General Guy. "Father?" "yes son?" said the general. Vorrik sighed. "Why did you do this? If we'd been attacked by the Koopa Troop, Mario would protect us, like always." General Guy covered his eyeholes with his flipper-like hands. "I don't know... Bowser is just so evil and terrifying. I'm supposed to be the General, but I was... scared. So I sold all of us to that... that monster."

Later that day, Vorrik sat sadly on his balcony, looking out at Shy guy Toy box. Below some very young shyguys rolled around and played. Vorrik was fourteen; to old to play such games, but young enough to want to. He got up and looked at the spare Shyguy mask hanging on the wall. As with all Shy guy masks, it had wide, staring eyes, and a little mouth. And as usual, on the side of the mask was a dial. The further you turned it, the more the mouth jutted out. If you turned it all the way, it would become a Snifit mask. Vorrik turned the dial on the mask he was wearing, and when he turned it all the way, he wore a Snifit mask. But it doesn't have any ammo, thought Vorrik, so I can't launch the Snifit Bullets. Vorrik turned the dial back until he wore a Shyguy mask again.

As he sat there thinking to himself, he heard an eager voice. "Hi Vorrik!" It was the Apprentice, Snifit #4. Korrik. "Hi, Korrik," said Vorrik automatically. "Hya, big bro!" said Korrik. "Hi," said Vorrik, not paying attention. "Seeya later!" said the eternally bouncy Korrik. Vorrik ignored him. It didn't seem fair that Korrik was younger than him and had already become a Snifit.

Then another voice startled Vorrik. It was a Spookum guard. "Oy! You! Vorrik!" "Yes?" he said turning around. The guard grimaced. "There's a yoshi at the gate that wants to see you. A yellow yoshi.


Vorrik walked down the stairs with a guard, wondering why on the Mushroom World a Yoshi would want to see him. When he got to the door, a yoshi with bright yellow skin stood there, wearing a cape. "Um... hello." said Vorrik. The Yoshi stod up. "Vorrik! Good to see you!" Vorrik was speechless. Could this be his old friend? They hadn't seen each other in a while, but... "Yellowyoshi!" he said surprised. "Yep!" said the Yoshi. Number 398 of his color, thus earning him the nickname 'Yellowyoshi 398.' "So... what're you doin' round here?" said Vorrik. "Well, I was doing some work for a company called Mariowiki Inc., and I was supposed to be gathering information on Shyguys, so-" "Vorrik!" a guard said. "Your father's in trouble! HURRY!"

Vorrik and Yellowyoshi ran over to the Sandbox. On the other side, General Guy was facing down Mario. "So, you came, did you? I’m General Guy," the General said. "We’re following the orders of King Bowser to guard a Star Spirit. As long as we keep it secure, we won't be annihilated. You hear? I don’t care for you, sir. You are rude, and furthermore, you’re trespassing in here. Our Toy Box is off limits for the likes of you! The treasures inside this box are for Shy Guys! Prepare to fight me, sir! Taste defeat!" Mario attacked. General Guy parried. He then leapt into his Toy Tank. "Come, good sirs!" the general called to the Shyguys. But the were taken down by Mario. "What?!" gasped the general. Mario strunk the lightbulb on General Guy's toy tank. "AAAH!" the General screamed as the glass ripped through his mask and coat to the flesh below. "NO!" screamed Vorrik. The General attempted to run over Mario, but he ripped off the wheels. General Guy toppled from the Toy Tank and lay still. Mario walked off. "No..." Vorrik sobbed. He ran over to the General. "Vorrik..." he said, he vice barely audible. "No," said Vorrik. "Please, live," General Guy sighed. "Vorrik... you are... the general now..." "No," said Vorrik. "You're not gonna die. You're not going to die." But he did.


[3]Lord Dice Is HERE Chapter Three:

Max walked out of the candy shop, “ParaYoshi’s ParaChutes,” and began to worry about Willy on Wheels. He’d been taken away to the hospital, but there was little Max could do about. Max, you see, was part dice. Max walked through the dark streets and bumped into someone. “Wh-who is it?” Max stuttered. The figure of a ratlike creature emerged. “Well, well, well,” it said. “What’ve we got ‘ere?” Max took a step back. The rat grinned. “Don’t be scared ‘o old Mouser. I’m just passing by…” Max was thoroughly freaked out. The rat lunged at him and Max tried to run, but then a knife jutted through the Mouser. The huge rat looked up, said “What’d you know,” and fell dead. Max looked around. “Who threw that knife?” A voice responded, “Why, an old friend… wheeeeels.” “Wheels?” said Max. “What’s that supposed to mean? “Wheels” “Huh?” “Wheeeeeeels on Willy, Willy on Wheeels.” “W-Willy?” said Max, thoroughly freaked out. Emerging from the shadows was none other than Willy on Wheels. He was riding a skateboard. Willy grinned. “WILLY ON WAR-GUN!” he screamed, and in that moment Willy was no longer riding on a skateboard, but a gun with wings. “Aaah!” Max tried to run, but landing on the other side of him was a teenage girl dressed in a black uniform. “Get out, wheelybrain,” she said. “I’ll deal with Dice-head.” Willy went pale. “T-Tonya Logan!” “Yes…” replied Tonya. “And no.” Two other people materialized behind her. One was a boy version of her, the other a much older version of her. “Meet… Woody Logan and Grandma Logan, my imperfect clones. One’s too old, the other’s a boy. But, heh, they’ll work.” Grandma Logan attacked with surprising agility. Max dodged, leaving Grandma Logan sprawled in the dust. Woody Logan hurled two knives at Max. He snatched one out of the air, the other cut him. “Argh!” he roared in pain as the knife sliced a thin line in his body. He ran again, the insane Willy on War-gun going after him. Suddenly, a sewer burst open and two Shyguys emerged. One was dressed in dark green, the other in red. The red one had a propeller on his head. “What the—?” yelled Willy. The green Shyguy ran at him, hurling bowling balls as he went. The red shyguy flew overhead, dropping bricks on Willy’s head. Soon, the wheel-obsessed maniac was unconscious and Tonya had fled. “Thank you,” said Max. “Y’welcome,” said the green Shyguy. “My name’s Murzon. This here’s Shyster.” The red shyguy, Shyster, flew down. “Nice ta meet you. You certainly got yourself into trouble.” “Yes,” agreed Max. “But… who was that girl?” “You mean Tonya Logan?” said Murzon. “A cat burglar. She robbed 3Dejong’s factory a couple days ago… rumor has it she fell into a cauldron of energy and got bizarre powers.” Shyster looked worried. “We need to tell Wayoshi about this.” “Wayoshi?” said Max. “Who’s that?” “The big boss around here,” said Murzon. “He’s the owner of the biggest Yoshi plantation around here.” “Yoshi plantation?” said Max. “What’s that?” “Well,” said Murzon. “I suppose it won’t hurt to tell you the truth. You know how Peachycakes has taken control of the Koopa Troop?” “Yes,” said Max. Shyster spoke. “Wayoshi made a big, fake display of how evil he was, so Peachycakes put him in charge of a Yoshi slave plantation. Little does she realize that Wayoshi actually rescues enslaved yoshis.”