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Well, Hi everyone, I'm Arz. First, i'd like to apologize for my low level in English (thanks to those who corrected mistakes I made while editing some articles.) Yep, English isn't my main language, I'm French.

I've been a fan of Mario since my childhood: The very first video game I had was Super Mario Bros Deluxe, even if I was more a pokemon-fan until I get a Game Boy Advance and two SMA games. I also had a Nintendo 64, that I still have now. I never owned a gamecube but thanks to a friend who gave me a controller and a memory card, I'm able to play it on my wii. ^^ I recently bought a NES on eBay, also.

Consoles I own

Mario Games I have


Nintendo 64



Game Boy (Color)

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS

Virtual Console

Favourite characters?

Mario, as the hero, has always been my favourite character of the serie. He is always the character I play as in Multiplayer Games. (When I don't play with my Mii XD) If I had to choose a female character, it would be Bir... *cought* I mean Rosalina, because I like her design and I find her interesting, because of her past story and other things.

Where to find you outside mariowiki?

I'm on a few websites like Youtube, my username there is always ArzMario. ;)