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-Marioplayer-'s Userbox Tower
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Artwork: Bowser
Yoshi's sprite at the ending from Mario Party 6
Hammer Bro in New Super Mario Bros. U
A Tail Goomba
Artwork of Mario from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
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About me

Hello everyone. This is -Marioplayer- from Finland. I'm 22 years old Mario-specialist and Paper Mario games are my speciality. Recently, I've been here fixing small mistakes and adding some extra information. So no that big projects. See you around! Feel free to ask more about me. Also, I'd be happy to be your friend!

Mario games I own:

Other interests

Of course, Mario isn't my whole life! I study maths (University of Turku) and chemistry which is my minor subject. Especially I'm interested in number theory and algebra. I also play chess as a hobby.

  • Title of the 1st treatise: Eucledian domain
  • Tilte of the candidate's thesis: Congruence on polynomials
  • Title of the master's thesis: Algebra for highschoolers

Articles I've been improving so far

Articles I've created: