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Director's Notes (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, readers, and welcome to the first Pipe Plaza of 2014!! I'd like to thank everyone who supported us throughout 2013, and I wish you all the best this year!!

Unfortunately, 2014 starts with bad news for the Pipe Plaza team. YoshiKong (talk), our dedicated Community Report and Projects Seeking Contributors writer, has decided to retire from the community, and so this will be his last month as a Pipe Plaza writer. Thanks for all your hard work during those 14 months in the Pipe Plaza team, YoshiKong!! I wish you the best luck in your efforts outside the Mario Wiki community!!

Section of the Month

December's SotM poll got a measly 7 votes, so I urge you to vote for your favourite section in this month's poll!!

The December Section of the Month, with 3 votes (42.86% of the total), is...

...UPdate, for the first time ever!!!

UPdate, which was written last month as a guest section by 'Shroom Co-Director Super Mario Bros. (talk), aims to present readers with updates on Userpedia's ongoing projects, such as improvement projects and updates to the community's comics and stories. However, as last month marked UPdate's first appearance in the Pipe Plaza, Super Mario Bros. decided to talk about what Userpedia is, telling readers a bit about its history. Community Report, written by YoshiKong (talk), and Monthly Report, written by myself, got second place, earning 2 votes each (28.57%).

And that's all for now, everyone!! I really enjoyed being in charge of the Pipe Plaza team for my second term, and I wish whoever is chosen to be the Pipe Plaza Director for 2014 the best luck in his/her efforts!! See you around, guys!!

Monthly Report (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hi, everyone, and welcome to 2014's first Monthly Report!! As always, let's check the wiki's statistics from the last three months – November, December and January for this issue – and compasions between those sets of stats. Here they are:

(Credit goes to Stooben Rooben (talk) and Super Mario Bros. (talk) for the table coding. Stooben originally created it when writing this section back in Issues XXIII, XXV and XXVI, and SMB based his coding for Issues XXXIX, XL and XLI – which I am using in this issue – off of Stooben's coding.)

January Statistics
Statistic As of 11 January 2014 (08:45)*
Content Pages 14,290
All Pages 110,123
Files 50,967
Edits 1,470,511
Edits per Page 13.35
Registered Users 16,656
Active Users 513
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 38
Patrollers 4
Administrators 9
Bureaucrats 3
Proprietor 1

December Statistics
Statistic As of 11 December 2013 (00:40)*
Content Pages 14,148
All Pages 109,115
Files 50,343
Edits 1,454,705
Edits per Page 13.33
Registered Users 16,343
Active Users 507
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 45
Patrollers 4
Administrators 10
Bureaucrats 3
Proprietor 1

November Statistics
Statistic As of 12 November 2013 (16:50)*
Content Pages 13,998
All Pages 108,248
Files 49,876
Edits 1,440,584
Edits per Page 13.31
Registered Users 16,071
Active Users 413
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 45
Patrollers 4
Administrators 10
Bureaucrats 3
Proprietor 1

December — January Statistics
Statistic As of 11 December 2013 (00:40)* As of 11 January 2014 (08:45)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 14,148 14,290 +1.004%
All Pages 109,115 110,123 +0.924%
Files 50,343 50,967 +1.239%
Edits 1,454,705 1,470,511 +1.086%
Edits per Page 13.33 13.35 +0.15%
Registered Users 16,343 16,656 +1.915%
Active Users 507 513 +1.183%
Bots 2 2 0%
Autopatrolled 45 38 -15.556%
Patrollers 4 4 0%
Administrators 10 9 -10%
Bureaucrats 3 3 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%

November — January Statistics
Statistic As of 12 November 2013 (16:50)* As of 11 January 2014 (08:45)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 13,998 14,290 +2.086%
All Pages 108,248 110,123 +1.732%
Files 49,876 50,967 +2.187%
Edits 1,440,584 1,470,511 +2.077%
Edits per Page 13.31 13.35 +0.3%
Registered Users 16,071 16,656 +3.64%
Active Users 413 513 +24.213%
Bots 2 2 0%
Autopatrolled 45 38 -15.556%
Patrollers 4 4 0%
Administrators 10 9 -10%
Bureaucrats 3 3 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%
*All times EST.

Community Report (YoshiKong (talk))

Hey guys! Welcome to the first Community Report edition of 2014! Not many happenings to report on since last edition, asides from the retirement of Henry Tucayo Clay (talk): a long-serving wiki admin and 'Shroom director. We wish you the best of luck for the future, and we hope you return someday! On another note, I'm also retiring from the community in the coming weeks, and this will be my last Community Report section. Thank you to everyone who have put up with my section all these months!

Moving on, these are the Proposals which have reached a consensus since last month's edition.

Proposer Summary Outcome
Iggy Koopa Jr (talk) Merge the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team enemy articles with their "R" versions. Failed 6-11
Zero777 (talk) Change all Mario power-up transformations from "Mario" to "Form". Withdrawn by proposer
Randombob-omb4761 (talk) Allow removal of Support and Oppose votes in Proposals. Failed 1-12
MegaKoopa (talk) Have "Title reference" in the infobox for Mario Party minigames. Withdrawn by proposer
Iggy Koopa Jr (talk) Create disambiguation pages for the New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U levels. Passed 6-0
John G (talk) Change split the Record Book References section on the page "List of references in publications" to a separate article. Failed 1-5
Driftmaster130 (talk) Semi-protect galleries of high traffic pages. Failed 4-10

And these are the Talk Page Proposals which have reached a consensus.

Proposer Summary Outcome
Mario3D64 (talk) Merge "Green Power Star" with "Green Star (Super Mario 3D World)". Failed 6-16
DKPetey99 (talk) Make "Diddy's Dash" its own page. No quorum 1-1
Mr. Ice Bro. (talk) Split "Star Coin" and "Star Medal". Passed 6-0
Zero777 (talk) Reorganize List of references in music. Passed 5-0
SeanWheeler (talk) Move "Dr. Mario (character)" to just plain "Dr. Mario". Passed 10-0
Baby Luigi (talk) Decide Rosalina's infobox image. First image 11-8
KP (talk) Make a "Hisstocrat's Minions" article Failed 1-3

And these are the Talk Page Proposals currently in progress.

Proposer Summary Link Deadline
Randombob-omb4761 (talk) Stop considering "Mattermouth" as Dry Bones. Read more... January 16, 2014, 23:59 GMT
SmokedChili (talk) Merge "Toad Brigade Captain" with "Captain Toad". Read more... January 20, 2014, 23:59 GMT.
Mario (talk) Move information on Shy Guy Ghosts from "Mario vs. Donkey Kong" to "Polterguy". Read more... January 21, 2014, 23:59 GMT

And that concludes this edition of the Community Report! I can't say for sure whether there will be someone to write the section next month, but I wish nothing but the best for Pipe Plaza. Thanks everyone!

NOTE: The information, such as dates of deadlines included in this report is correct as of January 12th, 2013.

Featured (Yoshi876 (talk))

Hello, Shroom readers, happy New Year and all that jazz. Here is what happened with the Featured Articles over the past month.

Featured Articles

Re-Featured Articles

FA Nominations

There are two ongoing Featured Article Nominations.

  • Boo was nominated on December 10th.
  • Princess Peach was nominated on December 13th.
  • Coin was nominated on January 17th.

Failed FA Nominations

No new articles have failed the Featured Article process.

Unfeatured Articles

No new articles have become unfeatured.

Unfeaturing Nominations

There are no ongoing unfeaturing nominations.

Failed Unfeaturing Nominations

One new article has failed the unfeaturing process.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of 2014.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

When editing on the wiki, be sure to use good grammar and spelling. Not only is it easy to read, it makes the article, and the wiki itself look more professional.

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