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Welcome, John G!

Caped Mario holding a Cape Feather while he is mounted on Yoshi, from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

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The MarioWiki Staff

Second person[edit]

Hello, and welcome to the wiki. Regarding your contribution here, please note that we don't accept second person language on our articles here (that is, "you"). Instead, please use "the user", "the player", etc. If you wish to read up on more of our article standards, please check out the Manual of Style or MarioWiki:Good writing. Thanks for reading, and keep contributing.

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 09:03, 30 December 2012 (EST)


I see you may be planning a TPP, on what page is your TPP going on, and what will it be about? Yoshi876 (talk)

Sure, I'll go ask a bureaucrat. Yoshi876 (talk)
Sorry, but we don't cover fan-made things here. Yoshi876 (talk)


I bet you know, but you can vote on your own proposals. --

User:MegadarderyUser talk:MegadarderyDashbot signature

14:53, 28 December 2013 (EST)


Please don't undo admin edits, doing so gets you a warning. KP (talk · edits) A KP Koopa from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Whoa whoa whoa, undoing admin edits is ILLEGAL? I think we should rethink this, Randombobomb undid an edit by Ashley and Red (talk) who undid an admin edit and Random got a lecture by Baby Luigi (talk) telling him not to revert edits by undoers of admin edits, they should instead discuss it on the talkpage of why they undid it and if they were right. If this rule is actually enforced, it means the admins can can do whatever they want to pages and there's nothing we can do about it. Epic Rosalina (talk) 10:20, 22 February 2014 (EST)

A few month old discussion here, but I thought I'd pop in none the less. It's not that it's expressly forbidden to edit or revert edits done by admins, it's the act of going against administrative consensus in a destructive or disruptive fashion. That is, if I edit something and do it wrong, feel free to fix it. If I add/removed something because it didn't comply with the rules or is otherwise deemed to be something we don't want here, you'll need to explain why I'm wrong. If that last sentence again, but your rational is "BECAUSE F YOU!" or something along those lines, you'll be in for a warning. Circumstance may vary. I'm not sure of the situation KP is referring to above, but, as an example, the edits John made a few minutes ago to the proposals page were considered to be disruptive and were reverted by a patroller. If he was to revert again, we'd probably want to ask him if he had a good reason and warn him if he didn't. -- Shyghost.PNGChrisShyghost.PNG 15:12, 18 June 2014 (EDT)

About your Wreck-It-Ralph[edit]

Could you please add a "Do Nothing" option in your Wreck-It-Ralph proposal as stated in the comments? That's actually required in a proposal, please don't forget it! Thanks! STONE-HILL!!! At last, the rock fell.

14:59, 16 June 2014 (EDT)
As stated, this is required. If it is not added by today or tomorrow, then the proposal will likely be cancelled. Yoshi876 (talk)

Easter Egg Proposal[edit]

I removed your proposal about improving the Easter Egg page because organizing efforts to fix up pages is best left for talk pages or the forums, rather than a vote. It's great that you want to help, but there's much more effective ways at getting stuff done than the Proposal system alone: I definitely recommend making a collab thread about the Easter Egg page on the forum as one of the best ways to get other users on board. - Walkazo 13:22, 22 July 2014 (EDT)

Edits in several articles[edit]

Please do not add bullet points throughout the Mario article. This is improper use of bullet points, which just makes the article look not presentable. Second, please do not copy/paste content directly from other articles, since that counts as plagiarism. Please put such sections into your words instead. Thanks. Icon showing how many lives Mario has left. From Super Mario 64 DS. It's me, Mario! (Talk / Stalk) 14:20, 13 August 2014 (EDT)

Re:Luigi 64[edit]

"The Paper Mario explanation wasn't a theory, but fact"

[citation needed]

Super Mario 64 was in development throughout 1995. The "Super Mario RPG 2" incarnation of Paper Mario was in production at 1996 at the earliest and the final game was released in Japan at August 2000. Now, even if we accept the premise that a random graphic artist on Super Mario 64 somehow predicted the month and year of release of a game that didn't exist in any serious capacity at the time, why would it reference the U.S release date specifically?

Even if more than one person have formulated this theory, some things are simply too stupid to give them the time of the day. --Glowsquid (talk) 08:40, 14 August 2014 (EDT)

Re:Rumors and speculation article[edit]

Hi. Adding words such as "some say" or "people say" as your "source" of information is NOT an acceptable way to document these on MarioWiki, nor anywhere else for that matter. So can you please stop readding the Luigi's Hanging Shadow section, plus more badly sourced and documented "rumors" that probably don't belong in the article? BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 14:40, 19 August 2014 (EDT)

RE:Hell Valley Sky Trees[edit]

You should not leave incomplete sections, they make the article look unprofessional. And go ahead and remove the weasel words. Yoshi876 (talk)

re: Rumour Revertion[edit]

After doing some more checking, I suppose the hanging shadow thing is common enough to be worthy of inclusion, and I've included a Cracked link to further substantiate it, so yeah, sorry. That being said, the Bowser thing is completely off-topic and absolutely not the kind of material I had in mind when launching the page. --Glowsquid (talk) 11:01, 20 August 2014 (EDT)

As an aside, two of the entries you added on the page were largely copied from other wikis. Free license or not, copying content without attribution is not acceptable and even if you credit the original editors as specified by the relevant wiki's license, we would rather have original writing. Further instances of plagiarism on your part will result in warnings. --Glowsquid (talk) 11:13, 20 August 2014 (EDT)


This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (copypasting from another site and keep doing so even if Autopatrols and Bureaucrats revert the edits) on the Super Mario Wiki. Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked from editing this site.
If you feel this warning was undeserved, you may appeal it.

I and Glowsquid had a little discussion about this. You copied and pasted the thing of Luigi's Shadow from another site, and it is NOT acceptable. Glowsquid warned you before, but since you continued to copypaste 5 times in a row, all of which reverted, I thinked a Warning must be issued. Anyway, this don't means you cann't add that to the article: just do it with your own words. Beware that, if you keep doing copypastes you may get a Lastwarn and then, if you don't stop, a Block... in a nutshell, you can learn infos from other sites, but if you want to submit there, you will have to write it yourself. YoshiCGicon.pngTSUNAMIArtwork of Plessie with the four playable characters, from Super Mario 3D World.

Yes, but you changed a little. As per policy, you have to rewrite it completely. And sorry, but I'm now doing something else. Instead, try to make a draft of it at User:John D/Work or User:John D/Sandbox (create the one you want), inform me when you have did it and I'll see if that is modified enough from the original for putting it into the article. YoshiCGicon.pngTSUNAMIArtwork of Plessie with the four playable characters, from Super Mario 3D World.
OK! I'm gonna try myself! But I don't own the game, so I will probaily write it wrong. YoshiCGicon.pngTSUNAMIArtwork of Plessie with the four playable characters, from Super Mario 3D World.


This is your last warning. The next time you break the rules in any way, you will be blocked from editing the Super Mario Wiki.
If you feel this last warning was undeserved, you may appeal it.

1: After edits you made on the List of rumors and urban legends about Mario page were reverted by a staff member, you re-added them as an IP. This practice is not dissimilar to the oft-given definition of sockpuppeting (ie: using dummy accounts to make a given opinion seem more common than it actually is) and is obviously not acceptable.

2: You've repeatedly altered the opening of that same page without prior discussion, even after staff members stated fan theories do not belong on it and reverted your changes. If you think the scope of the page could stand to be expanded, take it to the talk. --Glowsquid (talk) 08:49, 7 September 2014 (EDT)