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Section of the Month (Turboo (talk))

There were 32 votes total for December's PS SotM, with Featured Sprite by FunkyK38 getting third with 2 votes (6.25%), Featured Character Artwork by Paper Yoshi getting second with 5 votes (15.63%), and Lakituthequick's The Christmas of Luigi getting first with a whopping 25 votes (78.13%)! Congratulations to everyone!

Featured Character Artwork (Paper Yoshi (talk))

SMB Peach Calling for Help Artwork.png

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the January Issue of Featured Character Artwork!!

As many of you may have heard, Nintendo secretly released a new title for the Wii U in the Nintendo eShop during the last month, which literally surprised every Nintendo fan out there. It is none other than NES Remix, which features a series of challenges set in parts of classic NES games, such as Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda. However, as its name says, the game remixes those old titles by creating various original challenges, such as playing Donkey Kong in the dark or as Link instead of Jumpman. So, in order to celebrate that, I decided to feature Princess Toadstool's artwork from the original Super Mario Bros in this section.

Super Mario Bros. marked the first appearance of Princess Toadstool, as she was called at that time, and the first of many kidnaps by Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Toadstool is held captive by the Koopa King himself at the end of World 8-4, and the player is tasked with rescuing her after passing through each of the eight worlds in the game, ultimately reaching Bowser's lair and beating him in order to save the princess.

In spite of the 28 years since the release of SMB, Toadstool's appearance remains virtually unchanged from those days. The image shows the princess in her classic outfit, consisting of a pink gown with puffy sleeves, white gloves, a pair of sapphire earrings and her famous crown with rubies and sapphires.

But before this section is over, I have some sad news to share with you. I have been struggling to balance everything in my life during the past months, and, even though I was able to pull it off then, I won't be able to do it this year, with all the changes my life will undergo. Having said that, this will unfortunately be my last issue as Featured Character Artwork writer. I really wanted to help the Music & Artwork Sub-Team, and that's why I initially signed up for Random Image of the Month. However, I can't write all of my current sections anymore, and, sadly, this was one of the sections I decided to resign from. I will try to write guest sections for the Palette Swap team whenever time allows me to do so, and I wish whoever is assigned to direct it by the next Director the best luck during the 2014 term. Goodbye, readers! I hope you have enjoyed reading my sections as much as I enjoyed writing them! See you around!!

Featured Sprite (FunkyK38 (talk))

This month, I’m featuring this sprite-screenshot-hybrid of a Pi’illodactyl from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: Pi'illodactyl R from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team! He doesn’t look too cuddly, despite being named after a pillow… unless he’s like my pillow, which is rather lumpy and hard to sleep on sometimes. Hmm, perhaps there’s something going on here… Anyways, enjoy your Pi’illodactyl! (But don’t try to sleep on it!)

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