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Hello. I'm SmokedChili. I do some contributing here. Sometimes.

I also have my Thoughts page where I write my thoughts and research about anything Mario related. Also sometimes.

While I'll try my best to help you with finding the answers you need, I'm not the quickest to respond.

Stuff about me

  • My first Mario game was Super Mario Bros. 3 and it remains a favourite of mine even to this day. New Super Mario Bros. U is another favourite.
  • My favourite 3D Mario is Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • My favourite Mario characters are the Koopalings (especially Lemmy) while my least favourite is Bowser Jr. Surprise, surprise.
  • Besides those, I also like Mario, Yoshi and Toadette, while I dislike Baby Daisy.
  • I'm that kind of guy who believes that characters who also appear as species (Toad, Yoshi, Kamek etc.) do not really have recurring, "representative" members who are given their own character pages to separate them from the species. To me, it's the design (the color scheme in this case) that's recurring, while the character would be any random individual. I'm already fully convinced of this about Kamek because a lot of enemies in Yoshi's Island had their names translated badly and it's from there the name "Kamek" started appearing so much in the Mario series in the west.
  • Even though this wiki operates by the policy that everything officially licensed by Nintendo is equally canon (or something to that effect), I prefer to go by the Japanese sources first-hand to find connections between various elements in the series. I also distrust Prima guides as reliable sources considering their mistakes about the games in the past.
  • I don't like excessively detailed articles. Basic summaries are more like how I would write.