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Issue LXXIX October 19th, 2013 About

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We open this issue with a statement from Tucayo.
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See our lucky winner for the month, as voted by you!
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The 'Shroom Spotlight gets the spotlight in this section!
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A series of games and fun sections for readers to participate in.
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Find out all wiki-related events, news, and statistics.
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The artistic part of the wiki, box-arts, music, comics and more!
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Reviews and opinion pieces for games, movies, books, and more.
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Each month interviewing one of our users.
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Strategy information for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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The history of Mario series releases.
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A critical analysis of different events during the history of video games.
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Vote for your favorite Mario Party minigames!
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We close this issue with notes from SMB and Turboo!
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Opening Statement

HI, readers! I'm your capitalist Co-director, Tucayo, here to bring issue LXXIX into this world - or at least to introduce it. I want to thank everyone who took part in this year's Awards Issue, it will definitely be one of the highlights of the year. Now on to the issue at hand; take it, Jeremy!



Section of the Month

HI, I'm your rocking Co-director here with last month's Section of the Month results. For our Awards Issue we had our largest Main Team in a while, with a handful of special sections, the re-inclusion of Upcoming Games and Mario Calendar, and the return of fan-favorite A History of Video Games. As you can see in the table above, debuting-writer Chuck Ballymoo got a third place finish after covering Super Mario 64 for his first A History of Video Games. Our very own Paper Yoshi got second place last month in what was Upcoming Games' return to the Main Team. And getting last month's SOTM Award.... Timmy, who is now a perfect 2-for-2! In his latest Brawl Tactics he showed us the Pros and Cons of fighting as none other than Princess Peach.

Polls for this issue close Sunday, November 10th, one week before release!


The 'Shroom Spotlight

Hey there 'Shroomers, and welcome to the October edition of 'Shroom Spotlight! Spotlight is a monthly 'Shroom section which acts as an improvement drive for the wiki, focusing on specific issues with a handful of articles, and organizing a collaboration amongst readers to help improve those articles. Last month, we focused on four different articles, all varying in subject material and problems that those specific articles had. The article Dusty Dune Galaxy required more images for the individual missions within the Galaxy, and we able to improve the article by applying several uploaded images to give visual examples of those missions. F.L.U.D.D. had an overly long Trivia section, which we were able to trim to an acceptable length and incorporate the points in the rest of the article! The article Mystic Forest, which used to be a stub article of only two lines in length was given a massive overhaul, thanks to the work of a user called Icemario11 (talk). Thanks for all your hard work for the Spotlight project, dude! The forth article we focused on was Gritzy Caves, which had a lot of poorly worded ("gritzy") paragraphs. Readers successfully collaborated to help rewrite and improve the article. All goals for last month's edition were fully completed, and we would like to show our gratitude to all those who participated. A new edition means a new collaboration. So without further ado, let's shine the spotlight on the group of article which will be the focus for this month!


Fake News

Are you sitting comfortably, boys and girls? Have I used that one before? Because honestly, I can't remember.

Welcome to the Fake News, or the Spooky News as we'll be calling it this month because it's halloween and that matters apparently so we've got to make things spooookier. does anyone else not care that much about halloween

Halloween. Yep. What would we do without it? Being forced to buy loads of sweets and not being able to eat them because we're obliged to give them to groups of at least three (for some reason) children or getting toilet paper or something equally unpleasant thrown at your house (though that doesn't happen much here because I don't think people care here but I think you get the point)? Love it. Why wouldn't you?


Fun Stuff

Hello everyone. This is my first month directing Fun Stuff after swapping places with Superchao (talk). Let's all hope I don't cause everything to go terribly wrong!

Anyway, congratulations to General bob-omb (talk), whose Hiding Koopa won September's section of the month, receiving twelve votes. Megadardery (talk)'s Mind Bogglers came in second place with 8 votes.


Palette Swap

Greetings, all! Not much on the front of news for this month, except for the usual plug for staff sign-ups! If you would like to write for Palette Swap, send me a PM with your application and we'll get the process going!


Pipe Plaza

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the October Issue of Pipe Plaza!! Before anything else, I need to say something I should have said in the last issue, but forgot to due to being extremely busy and overwhelmed by everything I had to do (which included papers and exams and this). Or just for being incredibly stupid. Your choice.

Anyway, I really wanted to thank everyone who voted for me, for the Pipe Plaza and for other fellow Pipe Plaza writers in the 'Shroom Awards!! Being chosen as the Favourite Veteran Writer means a lot to me, and that simply compels me to improve my sections and keep doing my best here in The 'Shroom. As for my managerial role in the paper, I must be doing a good job at it, as MrConcreteDonkey (talk) and I were the second-placed users in the Favourite Sub-Team Director award. Again, thank you so much for your votes, guys. And last, but not least, thanks to everyone who helped the Pipe Plaza team get third place once again in the Favourite Team award.


Critic Corner

Hello hello. Goodbye goodbye. I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

September Section of the Month

With an incredibly low voter turnout, last month wasn't a particularly fascinating competition. But a victory is a victory, and I'm just hoping we start getting more votes in future issues, so congrats to YoshiMonsta (talk) for his Entertainment Section, which reviewed a Smash Bros.-themed fan-music video. Well done!

I'm going back to sleep.



Greetings, readers! This month I chose to interview chat op and Pokemon fan, Brock! I'd try and make something good but I'm on a time crunch here, so just read the interview. I'm pretty sure no one ever reads these introductions anyway, which is probably for the best!


Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! This month, I'm interviewing Brock!
Brock: Hello Brock!
Superchao: Anyhow, let's start with the basics. How did you find this site?
Brock: I actually found the chat first. I used to chat in a place called #pokemon, but one day the mariowiki chat raided us, we raided back, and eventually became friends. I found the site once I'd been on the chat for awhile.
Superchao: Sounds about the same story Stooben got from Anton. Have you two known each other a while?


Brawl Tactics

Greetings, Brawlers, welcome to this month's edition of BRAWL TACTICS! This month, I will be covering the stage Distant Planet from the Pikmin series!

Distant Planet is a very small stage that gets even smaller depending on the time during the battle. The smaller platforms on the main tree both bounce, so if you drop something heavy on them, it might be bouncing for a little while! This stage has relatively shallow sides with a deep floor, so if you fall, you'll be falling for a while if you can't pull yourself back up.

First off, the slope on the left side of the stage. It's a pretty steep slope, which means Pokeballs and other items will bounce right off of it, and they'll be gone if you can't catch them. Another bad thing about this slope is that when it rains on this stage, this slope becomes very slippery. The rainwater will flow so quickly that if you stand on this part of the stage for too long, it will carry you away off the cliff quite quickly. This can get annoying if you're trying to get away from an attack, as the area where you can walk on gets even smaller. Along with the reduced terrain in the rain, the rainwater makes Final Smashes like Samus' quite dangerous. If you activate your Smash on this slope when it rains, (using Samus as the example), when your laser runs out and she is losing her armor, the flood of water will carry you away while you are immobile. By the time you can move again, it's almost too late for you to do anything. My advice is to either stay away from this rainy slope or only stand on it when you are sure you'll have a way to pull yourself back up when the water carries you away.


Mario Calendar

Hey there, everyone, and welcome to another issue of Mario Calendar!! Unlike last month, I have nothing new regarding this section to share with you, so let's go on and take a look at all the Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Wario games released in October.


A History of Video Games

Chuck Ballymoo here, the NEW resident video game historian. This month I'll delve into the project codenames of Nintendo's last three home consoles before the Wii U.

2 Decades Ago

Nintendo 64 logo

Twenty years ago, in the fall of 1993, saw the announcement of the Nintendo's next-gen hardware... Three years before it hit the shelves. In our time, it's very unusual if new consoles are announced a year and a half before they reach the shelves, as was the recent case of the Wii U (the Xbox One and the PS4 was merely half of that even!). This hasn't always been the case. In the Fall of 1993, Nintendo unveiled their next platform, codename Project Reality. Nintendo had already unsuccessfully tried to bring about a 32-bit console, so many did not believe that Nintendo could deliver the 64-bits they were promising at a reasonable price. But they all turned out to be obdurate, as the N64 launched at only $199.99.


Mario Party: Island Tournament

Round Two, fight! Polls close November 10th.

. . .

See you next month with the final polls for each game.


Minecraft Event


Oh god, I'm late with this section. Whatever, at least I got it in.

Some of you may know that this year we hosted an event in Minecraft for the awards, creatively titled the Minecraft Games. It was basically an event where people got on a Minecraft server and played games for fun and token profit. LTQ and I were the hosts of it, and I'd like to thank LTQ as he did a great job with all of the technical things involved with hosting the server and abusing the fuck out of Redstone Repeaters. I'd say there are +200 Redstone Repeaters in that world...I'll explain later.


Closing Statement

Sub-Director's Notes

Turboo (talk)

I'm actually disguised as 2257 right now, but don't tell anyone. Also, I was thinking about drawing something for the sub-director's notes but I ended up not doing that. To compensate, here are pictures of a silk moth, a cat, an Eastern red-spotted newt, and firefly squids the actual 2257, YoshiKong, and Anton suggested I should use.