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Issue LXXVIII September 21st, 2013 About

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We open this issue with a statement from Tucayo.
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See our lucky winner for the month, as voted by you!
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The 'Shroom Spotlight gets the spotlight in this section!
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Vote for the Director of the 2014 Awards Show!
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A series of games and fun sections for readers to participate in.
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Find out all wiki-related events, news, and statistics.
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The artistic part of the wiki, box-arts, music, comics and more!
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Reviews and opinion pieces for games, movies, books, and more.
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Each month interviewing one of our users.
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Strategy information for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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The history of Mario series releases.
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The future of Mario series releases.
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A critical analysis of different events during the history of video games.
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AC Members

Some Committee members reminisce about the production of Mario Awards VII.
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Groden shares his thoughts about the TF2 Tournament he hosted.
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Lakituthequick talks about his experiences hosting the Mario Kart 7 tournament.
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Cirdec presents his thoughts after having won the Mario Kart 7 and Pokémon tournaments.
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Crocodile Dippy discusses the organization of the Awards Prizes this year.
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The award recipients at 'Shroom Awards IV get their awards!
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Vote for your favorite Mario Party minigames!
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We close this issue with notes from SMB and 2257!
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Opening Statement

HI, readers! I'm your posh Co-director, Tucayo, here to kick off Issue LXXVIII, our Awards Issue! That's right, we have the Awards Committee Commentaries, Special Sections, themed sections, and a tournament to choose your favorite Mario Party minigame, so let's get started. But first, the news.


Furthermore, I would like to dedicate this issue to the memory of former Nintendo president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, who passed away September 19th. It's safe to say that without him, video games wouldn't be as big as they are now. And, more importantly, who knows if we'd be here at a Mario wiki if it weren't for him. Thank you for everything you gave us, Mr. Yamauchi.


Section of the Month

Hello, readers! I'm your Fun Stuff Director/Activities Director Superchao, filling in for Tucayo this month! This time around, we actually had a three section Main Team, which is better than half the months this year!

FunkyK38 took first with 22 votes for her Brawl Tactics section, analyzing just how to use Luigi to his full potential. In second was Paper Yoshi, with his guest section of From the Mushroom Vaults covering New Super Mario Bros. 2. And coming up in third was yours truly in the Interview, where I talked with Mario4Ever.

Don't forget to vote for this month, too - you'll find the polls at the end of each Main Team article!


The 'Shroom Spotlight

What's up guys? YoshiKong here with your September edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! Y'all should know the drill by now but in case you don't, the Spotlight project is a monthly section which aims to focus on and improve a handful of articles on the wiki. Progress made throughout the month is reviewed in the next 'Shroom edition, and the next round of articles are selected. As for last month, our focus was expanding various Yoshi's Island DS levels, as suggested by one of our readers. Unfortunately, we didn't receive as much input towards the fulfillment of the project as we had hoped, and much of the goals were left unattended to. Though negatives aside, let's start fresh with a brand new edition! Taking an idea from our May edition earlier this year, we'll be focusing on four articles, each from a different improvement category. The article, along with the improvement category and specific issues are described below:


Awards Director Election


What does the Director do?

The Director of the Awards Committee...

  • ...Shall determine the method by which individuals are to be able to join the Committee.
  • ...Shall be the official Host of the Mario Awards Ceremony.
  • ...Chooses one individual in the community to be the Sub-director (and can either invite this individual to be their runningmate in this campaign or can appoint this individual at the beginning of their term); also appoints the Hosts of each other Ceremony. The Director can then delegate various tasks to these individuals as seen fit.
  • ...Directs the Anniversary Planning Meetings that are held during the year and determines the schedule for said meetings.
  • ...Decides the date of the Awards and maintains a schedule of events for the celebration.
  • ...Maintains a sign-up list for presenters and enforces the rules that are established for presentations.


Fake News

Hello, and welcome to the Fake News! I've been really busy this month too (starting school again @_@), but I'll hopefully be more prepared next month.

Unfortunately, Alexneushoorn (talk) has been fired from his Police Blotter position, but, still, we wish him luck in the future.

Our Section of the Month winner for August was Yoshi876 (talk) and the Obituaries section, with 31 votes! Conglaturations! Pyro (talk)'s Travel Guide came a close-ish second with 23 votes.

That'll all from me this month, but I'll hopefully be able to be more active in October, so look forward/away from that! Bye!


Fun Stuff

Hello, readers! This month, we have another new section: Shoey returns with the Trivia! Good for him. He wasn't terrible at it originally so I'm sure he'll be not-terrible at it some more.

For August, the section of the month was General Bob-omb's Hiding Koopa, with 14 votes! Second was Guess Who, by Freakworld, with 12 votes, and in third with 9 votes was Tucayo's Mystery Images.

Oh, and this is my last month. For some reason, they're swapping me out with Smasher. So if things go wrong, he's to blame!


Palette Swap

Funky is MIA, please send your sections to Tucayo


Pipe Plaza

Hello, readers, and welcome to the September Issue of Pipe Plaza! I have plenty of news to share with you this month, so let's not waste any more time!

First of all, in chronological order, MrConcreteDonkey (talk) unfortunately resigned from Forum Update last month, leaving a vacant spot in the Sign Up page. If you're interested in signing up for the section, be sure to send me a PM with the application form filled in. However, the team got a new writer this month; please welcome our new Featured writer, Yoshi876 (talk)!!

There were also changes regarding Pipe Plaza sections: we from the Core Staff have decided to move Mario Calendar and Upcoming Games to the Main Team, as we feel that's a more suitable place for them. Additionally, and quite ironically, after removing it from the Pipe Plaza last month, a special issue of NIWA News, written by Co-Director Henry Tucayo Clay (talk), will be featured in this month's Pipe Plaza.


Critic Corner

Sleep mode activated.

August Section of the Month

I… cannot be stuffed! To the point; victor was New Super Mario (talk) for his new section Smash Time, which broadly put is discussing his opinions on updates for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4 as well as his own personal desires for the game. Good debut there, mate.

Second place was my shitty review of The Last of Us in Crocodile Style Reviews, and third place was New Super Mario again for NSM's Review Corner which covered Pikmin 3. So there you have it, folks; we're getting more votes now, so keep reading and voting, you're doing God's work here!



Greetings, Shroom readers! It's your continuously regular interviewer and successful but stressed Awards Subdirector, Superchao!

This month is the special Awards Issue. Therefore, who better to interview than the AC director, Turboo? She's been around the community for five years or so, and has been pretty active on the forum and chat all that time. She also recently started becoming active on the wiki, but most significantly, has been the Awards Director for both 2012 and 2013.

And that's enough of an introduction. Time for the important part!

The Interview

Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! Since this is the special Awards Issue, I've decided to go ahead and interview the Awards Director, Turboo!
Turboo: Hello everyone!
Superchao: Now, since this is the Awards Issue, naturally I'm going to completely put off the awards stuff until halfway through and start with the basic questions.
Superchao: How and when did you find the MarioWiki?
Turboo: I think it was in... probably 2007 that I came across it.
Turboo: I don't remember what I was searching for, but I did end up lurking around the forums more than the wiki.
Superchao: From what I remember, I don't think you joined until around 2008? Is there a particular reason or was it just because :effort:


Brawl Tactics

Hello Brawlers, welcome back to Brawl Tactics once again with me, Timmy! This is my second article, and I'm glad many of you enjoyed my first one! Expect this article (and many of my future articles) to be long as well!

Well, this time around, I'll be covering a specific character! So who's the lucky character? I'm covering the famous damsel in distress, Princess Peach! There's no time to get kidnapped during the Brawl, and this princess is more than capable of handling herself!

Peach is THE most unique character (to me anyways) in Brawl. Why, you may ask? The answer is her ability to float. This ability came from Super Mario Bros. 2, and it functions the same way in both games; Peach can extend her time in the air. This simple, yet amazing benefit is what makes Peach's playstyle so unique. Of course that's not to say she doesn't have flaws; just like every character in the game. First, let's see what her pros and her cons are. I will bold the best pros Peach has, and the worst flaws that she has.


Mario Calendar

Hello, beloved readers, and welcome to the September Issue of Mario Calendar!! As you may have read in my Notes for the Pipe Plaza, this section has been moved to the Main Team this month, so that's definitely something new for it! However, nothing else has changed, as the section retains its format from the Pipe Plaza days, which means...'s time to check all the Mario, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong games released sometime in September! Here they are:


Upcoming Games

In memory of former President of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi (Kyoto, Japan; November 7th, 1927 – September 19th, 2013)

Hello, and welcome to this month's issue of Upcoming Games. As stated in my Notes for the Pipe Plaza, this will be the first UG issue written for the Main Team, after it was moved from the Pipe Plaza team a few days before the release of Issue LXXVIII. However, as in Mario Calendar, the section will retain its usual format, which means it'll cover the latest news on the upcoming Mario-related games.

Mario & Nintendo News

There was plenty of interesting Mario-related and Nintendo news in the past two months, so let's take a look at those announcements!


A History of Video Games


Welcome to the first ever History of Video Games as written by me, Chuck Ballymoo. I hope to carry on a tradition of quality video game history articles such as Toad85 submitted before retiring nearly one year ago. On this month in 1996, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64 in North America and changed the world forever. Mario emerged.

Nintendo was in deep trouble in her home country of Japan back in the long ago days of 1996. The 16-bit era was folding, and Nintendo faced some serious competition in the next-gen hardware arena from neighboring Sony. The PS1 was in a dead-heat with the Sega Saturn in Japan, and in America was making inroads. The PlayStation and Saturn used CD-ROMs, but Nintendo was the last holdout with using cartridges for the 64, which was named after the console's 64-bit graphics-processor. This riled many a game developer, and resulted in some of them to migrate their popular Famicon and Super Famicon video game series over to the Saturn and PS1. That left Nintendo in quite a pickle, and had only Miyamoto's brilliance to stand on.


Awards Committee Commentaries

Turboo (talk)

I think that last year, I said something like "I hope that we can make next year's ceremony the best one yet," and what can I say? Despite needing to replace quite a few presentations and getting down to the wire with things, I think that this year really improved on a lot of things. Even with the last-minute rush, there were a lot of stand-out presentations, and the ceremony itself went pretty smoothly.

Once again, there's not much to say here due to the lack of anything super-notable happening (which might be a good thing). I have no doubt that we can improve even more next year, and I hope to be there for it!


TF2 Tournament Thoughts

If anybody remembers last year's commentaries, I was pretty much just brought onto the show for the tournament managing. Well, that applies to this year, too. If you don't want to read about not the Awards, then skip my wall of text and go on to the next section.

I knew last year's Anniconomy (thanks for the term, Tucky) was really destroyed by a lack of communication between hosts, so I suggested we peer review token distribution and whatnot. Though there were a few outliers (I'm looking at you, 150 tokens from Mafia), it was generally more balanced between each event, and nothing was too much of an economic meltdown. So I'm proud we made the effort to improve from last year's shitstorm.

Anyway, I was most involved with the second Team Fortress 2 event. I mostly led it instead of Stooben this year. Like last time, it was a three-day event with competitive settings, and also a huge salad of varying skill levels that made our matches annoyingly hard to balance. So, allow me to talk about that, again.


MK7 Tournament Thoughts

Hello folks. Depending on what time it is when you read this, good morning, good afternoon, good evening or what are you doing here, go to sleep.

I've been asked to do a Guest Section for The 'Shroom, discussing my Mario Kart 7 Tournament. Well, let me tell about it.

My plans around it started last year already, though then just in thoughts. I wanted to make a kind of HUB also, but that didn't really came to a start. I have a few files, but they aren't usable.


Winner's Circle

About the MK7 tournament, the schedule was good but I think the hosts need to remind the players more often next time. I mean, they were reminding via PM only like 15 minutes before the match starts, it is better to send a reminder via Pm than just posting on the thread. That's why I think some players in this tournament failed to be at the hour and so got eliminated.

For the Pokémon tournament, maybe a better schedule for next time, because it became rather chaotic to know when to play because some of the dates were actually not respected.


Awards Prizes Organization

OK so I didn't have a whole lot to do with the proceedings for the awards nor with the organisation for the Team Fortress 2 tournament I participated in (being the only awards event I happened to participate in), but the reason I'm writing is because me and Stooben Rooben (talk) – who has mysteriously disappeared so was unable to also contribute anything to this – were the primary organisers for the awards prizes. As you can see, there were a heap of prizes this year, far more than last year. Admittedly, this was because me and Stooby got a bit carried away with the Steam Summer sales; all those beautiful games for such low prices, and we figured that we had so many more people participating this year that it would be worth overstocking rather than risk understocking.


'Shroom Awards IV

Like last year, The 'Shroom Core Staff wishes to honor those that have won The 'Shroom Awards by making templates for them. If you have won an award, you can put the template on your userpage!

Congratulations to everybody that won.


Mario Party: Island Tournament

HI, and welcome to the first Mario Party: Island Tournament! Not much to say here, the rules are simple; vote for your favorite minigame in each poll. Winners will face each other in November. The rest of the games will come next month. Polls close October 13th. Thanks to Lindsay for the idea and the Awards people, since this coding is theirs.


Closing Statement

Sub-Director's Notes

Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

Well I'm leaving after this month, but my astrologer tells me you won't be getting Gabumon back. In other news, SMB and Tucayo were tragically murdered earlier this morning, so I put the issue up myself. If there are errors I apologize; it's the first time I've ever done this.