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Director's Notes (FunkyK38 (talk))

Hello, everyone! I hope the back-to-school season is treating you all well! Remember to keep busy, but not too busy for Mario! As for news, there isn’t much to be said. It’s been fairly quiet since we got our make-over, but as always, I am always accepting new applications for sections here, so if you see something you’d like to write, send me a PM! Or if you don’t see something you like, suggest something new! With that said, let’s get to the art!

What’s on The Box? (Henry Tucayo Clay (talk))

Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy.

HI, readers! I'm your fancy Co-director, Tucayo, here with another box fresh out the box in What's on The Box? Box. And this month, as part of all the Awards-themed sections we are having, I have decided to go with the game that has won A1. Favorite Soundtrack, Super Mario Galaxy! Yes, we all know the soundtrack is brilliant, with their orchestra and all that, but the art for this game is equally stunning. Right now we probably don't see its art as particularly impressive, but when this game was released in 2007, as just the third Mario 3D platformer, it represented a considerable advance from what we had seen with Super Mario Sunshine. Oh, and it was the first Mario game to be predominantly set in outer space, which is why game mechanics such as gravitational fields became so important. In the box we can see a bit of that; the different planets, all special in their own way - well, most of them, anyway. So why don't you give all your current-gen platformers a rest and go play some Galaxy? See you next month!

Featured Character Artwork (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Artwork of Wing Mario in the original Super Mario 64.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another issue of Featured Character Artwork!!

This month, I have chosen to feature the Wing Mario artwork from Super Mario 64, which was released 17 years ago, in September 1996. As its name says, Mario must grab a Wing Cap in order to transform into Wing Mario. While in said form, he is able to fly by performing a Triple Jump or being shot from a Cannon. The player needs to constantly raise and lower himself, once in the air, to maintain flight. The wings may also be used to slow Mario's fall, preventing additional damage.

Unlike the art for newer games, there isn't a lot of detail in this picture, although it surely is a high quality image. It shows Mario's trademark outfit, consisting of a long-sleeved red shirt, blue overalls, a pair of white gloves, brown shoes, and the iconic red hat with a red "M" at the front, along with two wings in his cap, which allow him to fly. Additionally, the artwork is featured in the Super Mario 64 boxart for all regions.

Sketch Related to Mario (Smg2daisy (talk))


Featured Sprite (FunkyK38 (talk))

For our issue this month, I will be ringing in the Awards ceremony by giving y’all this sprite of Mario from Mario and Wario: Mario's sprite from Mario & Wario.! Here, we have a classic Mario giving us a winning Peace sign. Peace on to you, too, Mario, and hopefully you will have many more great games to come!

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