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The 'Shroom Spotlight

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk) and Alex95 (talk)

Shroom 2020 Spotlight.png

Hello readers of The 'Shroom, and welcome to Spotlight. Spotlight is a community project which aims to fix up the articles on the wiki which have issues. These issues can range from poor writing, to a lack of images, to even just needing a credible source.

Spring is finally here, which means it's time for some spring cleaning! Help us tidy up the wiki by building new articles, washing away poor writing, and clearing up images. And the best part is you can do it all from your computer! No need to go outside and experience seasonal allergies or get stung by bees.

We had quite a successful month on our last outing, which is absolutely incredible! Only one focus was entirely untouched, which was Mario Discovery (series). Our thanks go to Wynn Liaw (talk) for creating Theme (Donkey Kong), The Mansion (talk) for rewriting Burt the Bashful's Fort so that it read less like a walkthrough, RHG1951 (talk) for finding a sourced name for Shooting Chomp and for subsequently moving the page, and 7feetunder (talk) for adding all the images to Yoshi's Island (golf course). Now we can all go out to play some golf!

And now onto this month's focuses:

Article Category Focuses
Wanted article
Surprise! We got another wanted article! This is the name of one of the weekly downloadable microgames in WarioWare: D.I.Y. If anyone has access to this microgame, we would love to have it (and others) covered.
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Stub article
There are plenty of parts to this page that are incredibly well detailed, and then there's it pre-release and unused content section which comprises of a line. There are quite a few images in that gallery, and while we don't have to explain everything, those would be a great starting block to improving this section of the page.
Hoohoo Mountain
Rewrite and expansion required
This page doesn't leave me laughing, in fact, it leaves me in despair. Not only are we lacking a general layout of the place or even why the Mario Bros. visit it, we're also lacking almost all information pertaining to the remake of the game. There's a lot of work to do here to get this article in pristine condition.
Gold Banzai Bill
Citation needed
We already know where Gold Banzai Bill gets its name from, being the NSMB2 Prima guide. We just need to know what page number that name is on.
Spaceport Alpha
Articles that need more images
I would love to live in an age where space travel was incredibly common and we could all visit spaceports. But until that happens, let's keep me happy by getting more images from both the N64 and DS version of Diddy Kong Racing for this space station.
Image quality requested
Ah, Beanstalk Way. Is there any place better to spend springtime? Most likely, considering the monsters running around in the area, but we could use some better screenshots of this place nonetheless.

Now just before I leave you, we'd like to tell you about unimplemented proposals. There are currently seventeen that need to be implemented, some of which date back to 2018, so think of this as a continuous Spotlight goal until they're all completed.

Thanks for tuning in to the newest edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! Be sure to turn up next month, where we'll be reviewing the progress on the above focuses. If you have any questions or suggestions about this month's set of the article focuses, then please get in touch through the dedicated topic if you have a forum account. If not, then please contact us on Yoshi876's talk page or Alex95's talk page, but you are far more likely to get a quick response if you go through the forums. You are also welcome to make suggestions on what you think we could focus on in our next edition! Thank you, and good luck!

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