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The 'Shroom Spotlight

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Shroom Spotlight Poochy.png

Welcome to a new edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! What we do is bring attention to various articles that need improvement, as outlined on our maintenance page. Then we select a small number of those articles, and aim to improve them and correct their issues. The progress we've made on those articles are later reported on in the following month's edition.

It is just me, Yoshi876, this month, as the wonderful Shokora is busy with lots of university work. I wish him the best of luck, and hope that he's here to pick up the pieces assist with our next addition.

We had a good success rate with the focuses we picked last month. Not all of them were completed, but only one of them: Tanked Up Trouble wasn't fixed. Poochy and Nippy was worked on by TheFlameChomp (talk), but sadly wasn't completed. Andymii (talk), who highlighted the Donkey Kong articles, managed to fix up the writing on Criss Kross Cliffs, TheFlameChomp (talk) fixed up Web Woods, and an anonymous user fixed up Necky Nutmare, if you are reading, I do hope you join our wiki to help us out in further editing projects. Of course it wasn't just Donkey Kong levels that we focused on, we also had Yoshi articles. Like I said Poochy and Nippy wasn't fully improved, but The Koopa Bro. (talk) uploaded the missing logo, and Alex95 (talk) improved the image of File:YWW Flooff.jpg.

As you may be aware, we are currently doing a themed issue on the collect-a-thons of 3D Mario games, and as such all of our focuses are themed around them. We've had difficulties in the past over themed issues, but hopefully as these games are the most widely played, we won't have any of those this time.

Article Category Focuses
Wall Jump
Rewrite required
Maybe it's just me, but I think this article should try and be more concise, in some sections it feels like it's trying to add information where it's not necessary, and trying to go into the full mechanics of the whole thing. A small clean-up and removal of all the bloated information is required.
Super Mario Sunshine
Rewrite and expansion required
Yes, we've managed to highlight one of the actual games, and not just the articles relating to it. It's a simple thing this article needs, however, just a reception section like the other games will get the sun shining down on this article.
Citation needed
Ironically the book needs a source. We're looked for a source on the German name of this enemy, get it, and this article will be sehr gut.
Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
Image requested
Strange, a mission where the Power Star is on the Rainbow Cruiser, and yet the article doesn't have a picture of the ship. Perhaps it took off, and left it behind, or perhaps this was a small oversight with a quick fix.
Delfino Plaza
Articles that need more images
We're mainly looking for pictures of Blue Coin locations, but with a rewrite-expand template, and a section-stub there's lots of work to be done to get this article to be the perfect tourist destination.
File:Gate Planet .png
Image quality requested
Your final reward for completing Super Mario Galaxy 2, and it's a poor quality photograph. A high-quality screenshot is what we want for this image, and perhaps move the file to get rid of that space between Planet and the dot.

Thanks for tuning in to the newest edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! Be sure to turn up next month, where we'll be reviewing the progress on the above focuses. If you have any questions or suggestions about this month's set of article focuses, then please get in touch through the dedicated topic if you have a forum account. If not, then please contact Yoshi876 or Shokora on their wiki talk pages. You are also welcome to make suggestions on what you think we could focus on in our next edition. Good luck!

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