Koopa Beach 2

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Koopa Beach 2
SMK KoopaBeach2.jpg
Koopa Beach 2 from Super Mario Kart.
Appearance(s) Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Mario Kart DS
Cup(s) it Appears in Special Cup (SMK)
Extra Special Cup (MKSC)
Leaf Cup (MKDS)
Wi-Fi Available (DS)
Koopa Beach.ogg
Super Mario Kart
Course Map
SNES Koopa Beach 2.png

Koopa Beach 2 is a race course in the Mario Kart series. It first appears in Super Mario Kart, and reappears in Mario Kart DS. Its obstacles are deep bodies of water and bouncing Cheep Cheeps, and it is considered one of the 'average' tracks. In Mario Kart DS, it is a Retro Course that appears in the Leaf Cup, and the course remains the same, except with a 2-D appearance, and is one of the shortest tracks in the game.

Official descriptions[edit]

  • Mario Kart DS sites:
Flag of USA.png "Watch out for the deep pools of water and rough sand as you cruise through the Koopa Beach 2 track. This is a short course, so there's no time to lose!"
Flag of Europe.png "The colour of the water in Koopa Beach 2 tells you how deep it is. Stay in the lighter-coloured shallow water and avoid the dark patches, otherwise you'll be wishing they fitted your kart with a propeller. A school of jumping fish must be avoided too if you're going to say dry."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコビーチ 2
Noko Noko Bīchi 2
Noko Noko Beach 2
Spanish Playa Koopa Koopa Beach
French Plage Koopa 2 Koopa Beach 2
Korean 엉금엉금 비치 2
Eonggeum-eonggeum Bichi 2
Koopa Troopa Beach 2


  • In the Mario Kart: Super Circuit version, for reasons unknown, there is a small jumping bumper in the middle of the unreachable area.