Colossal Koopa Paratroopa

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Colossal Koopa Paratroopa
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)
Parent Species Big Koopa Troopa
Koopa Paratroopa
Related Species
Heavy Troopa
Notable Members
Knot-Wing the Koopa

Colossal Koopa Paratroopas[1] are inhabitants of Giant Land in Super Mario Bros. 3. Colossal Koopa Paratroopas are nothing more than Big Koopa Troopas with wings, and do not act differently than other Koopa Paratroopas. They can also be used to smash Giant Brick Blocks, and can be picked up. They only come in Green Shells.

Tub-O-Troopas from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars bear a resemblance to Colossal Koopa Paratroopas.

In Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, they are known as Big Green Koopa Paratroopas. Additionally, there is a new yellow-shelled variant called Big Yellow Koopa Paratroopas.

In Super Mario Maker, they can be produced if the player puts a Super Mushroom onto normal Koopa Paratroopas; another way of creating them is to attach a pair of wings to a Big Koopa Troopa. Colossal Koopa Paratroopas come in green and red-shelled varieties, just like their smaller relatives, and for each they behave differently: green-shelled ones make consequent hops on the ground, heading towards the direction they are facing, and red-shelled ones fly in a straight pattern up and down.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でかみどりパタパタ[2]
Deka Midori Patapata
Deka Kiiro Patapata
Big Green Paratroopa
(from 「でかい」 dekai)
Big Yellow Paratroopa
(Puzzle & Dragons)
Italian Paratroopa gigante Giant Paratroopa


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