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Upcoming Games

by Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

It is I, Paper Jorge, with the coolest information on upcoming games! Here We Go!

Itadaki Street DS

An upcoming Dragon Quest game, for the Nintendo DS, that will have Mario characters!

Characters from the Dragon Quest series will be Slime, Jessica, Dragonlord, Pudding, Bianca and Angelo while characters from the Super Mario series will be Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy and Waluigi.

Yes you heard right. It’s another game where two series combine! Even if fans are sad that Wario is not in, this game will still be fun, even without the fat guy.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Now what do we have here? A sequel to Mario Kart Arcade GP? It is yet another Mario Kart game, with Waluigi and Mametchi (a Tamagotchi) as new characters!

Yet another game, where Mario meets a character from another series. This game will surely be a very good game...if you can even find this arcade.

Mario Kart Wii

An upcoming Mario Kart game for the Wii, nothing official has been announced, no screenshots, and no information about anything.

While we don’t know anything about the game except it will be for the Wii, this game will hopefully be good, now that it’s on the Wii!

Mario Party 8

A Mario Party game for the Wii, this game will be released on March 5, 2007. All the past characters from Mario Party 7 will appear, plus Hammer Bro. and Blooper join the fun!

The mini-games will be much funner in the Wii, since now you have a Wii Remote! While we have a couple of screenshots, the only gameboard confirmed right now, is a Donkey Kong board and Goomba.

Mario Strikers Charged

It seems as if Super Mario Strikers was a big why not have a sequel to it? This game will be for the Wii and will be cooler? Why? Let me tell you!

There will be 12 captains (there were 9 in the original) and 8 sidekicks (4 in the original). Also in this game, unlike the original Strikers, you can choose more than one sidekick. In the original if you chose Toad as a sidekick all of your sidekicks will be Toads. Now it’s different!

Bowser is also a confirmed captain. While most of the other captain’s faces are shaded, one of the faces is clearly Bowser Jr.-still not confirmed thought.

Thunder Island and The Vice are two fields that will appear in the game. This game will be better than Strikers, we know it, and you know it.

Super Paper Mario

While it’s another Paper Mario game this game is...sadly not RPG. It will be for the Wii and release on 2007. Mario, Peach and Bowser will be the playable characters in this game.

This game will mostly be a sidescroller, however it is said to have some RPG elements. The items in this game will be Mushroom (will increase Mario’s health), Star (instead of making him invincible, will make him giant like the Mega Mushroom), Speeds (make Mario run faster) and Slow Flowers (make Mario run slower).

In one of the screenshots, surprisingly, it seems as if Bowser and Peach are getting married. Also there is a guy above them, who might be the main villain of the game.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The upcoming Super Smash Bros. game is almost here...for the WII! This game will have Wi-Fi and will allow third party characters to be playable! It will release in 2007.

The confirmed characters in the game are Fox McCloud, Kirby, Link, Mario, Meta-Knight, Pikachu, Pit, Samus Aran, Solid Snake, and the greedy Wario.

The new stages in the game will be a Kid Icarus Stage, Yoshi's Island, Figure 8-Circuit, Pokemon Stage and a Star Fox stage.

This game will also contain Super Smash Moves, powerful moves, that can be done by getting Super Smash Symbols. These moves are more powerful than normal ones. Also a Nintendog is a item in this game. A new move in the game is to crawl around the ground.

This new Smash Game will be the best in the series (Hopefully) and will be a great hit!

Wario: Master of Disguise

Also known as Wario the Thief Seven, is the sequel to the Wario Land games, and it will be for the DS. This game will be 3D.

While nothing much is known about this game, Wario will wear a purple hat here, and like in the past Wario Land games can turn into various forms.

This game looks like it will be great, so buy it when it comes out!

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

The upcoming Wario Ware game for the Wii, will have us using the Wii Remote in many crazy ways!

Story: “While wandering around his home of Diamond City, Wario accidentally stumbles into an old building called the Temple of Form. Inside, he finds a mystical treasure called the Form Baton. There are many ways to hold and move the baton (called "forms"), and legend has it that if the holder follows the forms, he can overcome any challenge. With this discovery, the form craze spreads through Diamond City, and soon everybody is doing their best to master the moves.”

Your Mii will also appear in this game. This is the first Wario Game rated E10.

So when this game comes out-why not buy it? It will not hurt you, will it?

DK Bongo Blast

Another upcoming DK racing game, this game will be for the Wii.

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny, Funky, Lanky, King K. Rool, a Kritter, Krumple and other Kremling will appear in this game playable.

The items in the game will be Squawks the Parrot, a Giant Barrel, Crystal Coconuts, a Bazooka and Banana Bombs!

This game will come out sometime 2007, like other upcoming games.

DK King of Swing DS

The sequel to DK King of Swing this game will be for the DS. Donkey, Diddy, Dixie and Funky Kong are the confirmed characters in this game.

Not much info is known and no story yet. No release date has been given but we know it will be released in 2007.

Diddy Kong Racing DS

A remake of Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, this game will be for DS. The game will have Wi-Fi, and Dixie and Tiny have replaced Banjo and Conker (sadly).

While this game is mostly a remake than a whole new game, it will still be cool for players who never played the original game (like me).

DK Wii

Nothing much has been confirmed for this game, except it will be like Donkey Kong 64.

Kirby Wii

An upcoming Kirby game for the Wii, nothing much has been announced but that it will be an adventure game. The release is still unknown-it is still even unknown if it’s going to release in 2007!

Kirby’s confirmed forms in the game are Beam, Bomb, Clean, Cutter, Fighter, Fire, Hammer, Ice, Parasol, Plasma, Stone, Sword, Tornado, Water, Wheel and Wing.

This game is still a mystery but will hopefully someday get released.

Banjo Kazooie 3

Also known as Banjo Threeie, the long awaited Banjo game is going to be for the Xbox 360 and going to be released sometime 2007!

The confirmed characters are Banjo, Kazooie, Gruntilda and Jolly Roger (That is according to Rare). Also Banjo ands Kazooie will get a new look, a much creepier one thought. It is unknown if Rare will change them back to their classic looks.

While it is also possible that Rare cancels it, we still hope for it to release!

So that is all. Let’s see if there is more info. Next month! See you next month!