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The 'Shroom Spotlight

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk) and Shokora (talk)

Shroom Spotlight Poochy.png

Hello 'Shroomers, and welcome to a fresh new edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! What we do here is focus our attention on a small group of articles that need improvement, which are drawn from a range of maintenance categories. These are color-coded and presented below with a description on how they may be improved. Let's begin by reviewing our progress on last month's set of articles.

Last month wasn't brilliant, but it certainly wasn't bad at all. Wall Jump was fixed up by Supermariofan67 (talk) and Alex95 (talk); Wildgoosespeeder (talk) added a nice image onto Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow; and both he and Alex95 improved Delfino Plaza. Sadly, no citation has been added for Bookend, and File:SMG2 Grandmaster Gate Planet.png is still low quality, but at least I managed to remove the space (oh, I do so much ;P).

Let's check out our new set of focuses for this month:

Article Category Focuses
Apple Thief
Wanted article
Our most wanted fruit this month is the notorious Apple Thief, who is concealing the location of a quality article on this WarioWare: D.I.Y. microgame. Reward offered.
Meteor Melee
Stub article
Come on, surely there's more to this minigame then a simple one line description?
Rewrite required
The history section here would only belong in the heaviest of Britannica volumes. Help us trim the grimdark and lengthy, flowery writing.
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episodes featuring Mouser
Rewrite and expansion required
As it stands, this article is an ugly list, with practically no information. What we're looking for here is information on Mouser's role in the episodes. Perhaps formatting it into a table might work.
Present Box
Image requested
How would you feel after eagerly unwrapping a present and opening the box to find it... empty? Would you feel shocked, betrayed? Maybe a little sad? Well that's how we felt after opening the link to the Present Box article.
Articles that need more images
Popple may be a world-class thief, but it seems that someone has made off with all his images, leaving his article as one massive slab of text.

Thanks for tuning in to the newest edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! Be sure to turn up next month, where we'll be reviewing the progress on the above focuses. If you have any questions or suggestions about this month's set of article focuses, then please get in touch through the dedicated topic if you have a forum account. If not, then please contact Yoshi876 or Shokora on their wiki talk pages. You are also welcome to make suggestions on what you think we could focus on in our next edition. Good luck!

The 'Shroom: Issue 121
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