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Andymii ('Shroom staff portrait)

Staff Notes

Written by: Andymii (talk)

Happy Easter! Once again, we have ten whole sections in Fun Stuff, making it one of the largest sections in 'Shroom right now. Immense thanks to all my writers for being so enthusiastic :)

Not much has happened this month, but as other staff members have already said, Issue 123 is planned to be a Wario themed issue. Wario was introduced in 1992 in the game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins as a simple antagonist, but since then, he has gained his own personality, received his own series, and become a major Nintendo character. 2017 is his 25th anniversary, so we will be honoring him in our June 2017 Summer Special. More information will be released later.

Section of the Month

Thanks for voting Guess Who! Section of the Month yet again!! Additionally, congratulations to Marshal Dan Troop (talk), who got 8 votes for Trivia, and Lord Bowser (talk) and Yoshi876 (talk), who got 6 votes each for Find the Differences and Quiz, respectively. Keep up the great work!

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Guess Who! 11 26.83% Andymii
2nd Trivia 8 19.51% Marshal Dan Troop
3rd Find the Differences 6 14.63% Lord Bowser
3rd Quiz 6 14.63% Yoshi876

Word Activities

It's a classic puzzle! Can you find all the words?
[read more]

Try to solve Rosalina1999's crossword puzzle!
[read more]

Read Shoey's random facts of the month.
[read more]
Graphic Activities

Find your way through a Cloud Flower!
[read more]

TPG offers some challenging Picross puzzles!
[read more]

Are Lord Bowser's Photoshop skills too high for you to handle?
[read more]

What could that zoomed-in image really be?
[read more]
Mind Games

Can you guess Mr Squid's games with the clues provided?
[read more]

Andymii challenges your character knowledge!
[read more]

Yoshi876 tests your Mario knowledge!
[read more]

Word Search

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hi! Welcome to Word Search. This month, you’ll have to find Piranha Plants. Good luck, and have fun!

Word Search 121.png


Word Search Answers 121.png


Written by: Rosalina1999 (talk)

Hello! PowerKamek is here! This crossword is based on food-based Paper Mario items (Mushrooms not included). You can use this page for reference. Enjoy!

Crossword 121.jpeg

Across Down
6. Restores 20 HP and FP. 1. Restores 5 FP and is necessary to pass through the blue flower gate in Flower Fields.
7. Restores 5 FP. 2. Deals 3 HP of damage to a single enemy.
10. Restores 5 HP and 15 FP. 3. Makes Mario either Electrified, Invisible, or Sleepy.
4. Restores 6 HP and 4 FP.
5. Restores 7 HP and FP.
8. Restores 64 FP.
9. Restores 15 FP and is necessary to get past Gourmet Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box.


Crossword Answers 121.jpeg


By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

Damn that Andymii – how dare he defeat me and win Section of the Month. AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU ALL? DO YOU NOT APPERCIATE MY LABORS? WHEN DOES SHOEY GET HIS TURN? Anyways, did you know –

  1. That Wario weighs 308 pounds? (although, according to him, it’s mostly just clothes)
  2. That, contrary to popular belief, the Koopalings are in fact not Bowser’s children?
  3. That Nintendo once bought the rights to a Mario themed porno in order to prevent it from being released?
  4. That, originally, Big Guys were supposed to appear in Yoshi’s Story, but were cut for unknown reasons?
  5. That, originally Game & Wario was supposed to be pre-installed on the Wii U and wasn’t supposed to be a WarioWare game?
  6. That Wario’s Woods is the only game to star Toad as the main hero?
  7. That, originally, the Chain Chomp item was going to return in Mario Kart DS, but it was replace by the Bullet Bill?
  8. That, according to the Super Mario Complete Encyclopedia, the Blue Bowser boss from the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels is actually Bowser’s younger brother?

It's aMAZEing

Written by: Meta Knight (talk)

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month's maze! Last month, I announced that I would be taking requests. Our first request is from none other than... than... huh. Well, there wasn't a request. So I decided to just pick one myself. Since it's spring, there are a lot of fresh clouds out and blue skies. So I made a maze on a Cloud Flower for you. Have a maze you'd like me to do? Send me a message on my talk page or message me on the forums, and you could be mentioned in next month's edition!

How to play:

  • Copy the image into an art program (such as Paint, Photoshop,, etc.)
  • Click the line tool and adjust the size as needed
  • Use the line tool to get from arrow to arrow
  • Zoom in and out as needed

It's aMAZEing 121.png


Cloud Flower

It's aMAZEing Answers 121.png


Written by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Super Mario Sunshine, folks. Some people love it, some people hate it. But what everyone loves is Picross, so let's do that instead.

How to play:

  • Any program with a fill tool works for this (even Paint); just copy and paste the pictures onto the program and follow these steps.
  • Each number on a row or column (called hints) represents a line of filled in squares on that row or column; for example, a row starting with "6" would have a row of six black squares with no white between them.
  • There must be at least one blank square between each line of filled in squares.
  • Each square is filled with either black or white; you can fill confirmed white squares with gray to help you keep track.
  • It's easier to start with the larger numbers.
  • Every now and then, I might throw in a revealing hint to assist your progress, like the Pokémon in Pokémon Picross. These hints are shapes or lines that fill in squares on the grid. This time, I used Square Reveal on the Hard Picross.
Picross A 121.png
Picross B 121.png
Picross A Answers 121.png Picross B Answers 121.png
Shine Sprite Phantamanta

Find the Differences

Written by: Lord Bowser (talk)

Greetings, 'Shroom readers. This is Lord Bowser here with a new edition of Find the Differences for you today!

Today, I'll be using the artwork used on the box of Super Mario Land, at the suggestion of Palkia47 (talk). Here is the original image...

Find the Differences A 121.png

...and here is the edited version.

Find the Differences B 121.png

Good luck finding all 12 differences! Answers are below, but no cheating allowed! Thanks for playing, and I hope to see you around for next month's edition!

Find the Differences C 121.png

I simply couldn't let that image go unused. Credit to DragonFreak (talk) for finding it.

The actual answers are...

Find the Differences Answers 121.png

Mystery Images

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hi readers! Welcome to Mystery Images. As always, the goal is to identify a character, place, and game by using the following images. Have fun!

Game 1 - The character

Mystery Images A1 121.png

Mystery Images A2 121.png

Mystery Images A3 121.png

Mystery Images A4 121.png

Mystery Images A5 121.png

Game 2 - The location

Mystery Images B1 121.png

Mystery Images B2 121.png

Mystery Images B3 121.png

Mystery Images B4 121.png

Mystery Images B5 121.png

Game 3 - The game

Mystery Images C1 121.png

Mystery Images C2 121.png

Mystery Images C3 121.png

Mystery Images C4 121.png

Mystery Images C5 121.png


Game 1: Kammy Koopa!
Kammy Koopa
Kammy Koopa
Game 2: Glitzville!
Mario and Goombella arriving in Glitzville for the first time.
Game 3: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker!
Final North American boxart for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Thanks for playing! Come again next month for more puzzles.

Guess That Game!

Written by: Mr Squid (talk)

This 'Shroom section is dedicated to people who like jumping off cliffs while picking their nose, playing the ukulele, and singling 'Old MacDonald had a farm'

Hello everybody and welcome to...


I noticed that the last section I made was extremely boring (compared to other sections), so I tried to make this one as interesting as I can. Also, last time I did three clues per round, but now I am going back to four clues.

By the way, did anybody see the bonus round of Guess That Game! in Andymii's Guess Who? Section?

Round 1 Difficulty level: as easy as jumping off a cliff

  • This game is for that new Nintendo Switch that the whole world is going crazy about.
  • This game has the Inklings from Splatoon as playable characters.
  • This game is a port of a best-selling Wii U game.
  • This game is en-tyre-ly gr8! (Bad joke)

Round 2 Difficulty level: as easy as jumping off a cliff while picking your nose

  • This is a Wii U game.
  • In this game you cannot jump.
  • This game is based off certain levels from Super Mario 3D World.
  • This game is compatible with amiibo.

Round 3 Difficulty level: as easy as jumping off a cliff while picking your nose and playing the ukulele

  • This is a Wii game.
  • This game does not have a white disk cover.
  • This game has five words in its name.
  • This game has four different coloured Yoshis in it.

Round 4 Difficulty level: as easy as jumping off a cliff while picking your nose, playing the ukulele and singling "Old MacDonald had a farm"

Note: This round isn't really hard, but the "game" itself isn't really a game.

  • This "game" has 128 Marios in it.
  • This "game:" is the sequel to Super Mario 64.
  • If this WAS a real game, it would be very dumb.
  • This "game" has three digits in its name. The product of these digits is equal to (19.5-15.5) squared.

Special Round


Bonus Round

  • This game is for the NES.
  • You shoot stuff in this game.
  • Those "stuff" can fly.
  • Those "stuff" start with the letter D.

Don't cheat! Cheaters will be dealt with by Bowser. Bowser isn't a nice fellow. He will hurt you. Instead of cheating, vote my section for SOTM (at the bottom of this page)!


  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  2. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  4. Super Mario 128

Special Round: Super Mario Galaxy
Bonus Round: Duck Hunt

Guess Who!

Written by: Andymii (talk)

Have a fun idea for a theme? Suggest it here!

If Mario has his own private jet, why doesn’t he use it more often? That’s probably a faster way to get to Bowser, don’t you think?

Sometimes I struggle to think of theme ideas; as such, I oftentimes turn to current events. Speaking of which, airplanes are in the news right now… so why not capitalize on the attention?

I think we stand united on the fact that aviation would make a good theme, so today, we’ll focus on Mario’s sky-high friends and foes. As always, I’ve split this month’s Guess Who into multiple levels, and have included an answer key. Get ready to start guessing – it won't be a drag!

Guess Who! April 2017:
Theme: Aviary Animals!

Level 1: Easy

  1. First appearing in Super Mario Bros., one variation of these characters uses its wings to… bounce?
  2. This enemy’s name is derived from the term that describes soldiers parachuting down for an attack.
  3. If you jump on this enemy, its wings fall cleanly off, but this enemy is still capable of “attacking” (aka walking back and forth).

Level 2: Medium

  1. This flying enemy doesn’t have wings, rather being propelled by a more militaristic source.
  2. He is the King of Speed! At least that’s what a billboard says in Mario Kart Wii. (He’s actually very slow for what he is supposed to be.)
  3. They don’t have mouths. However, their banzai brothers do.

Level 3: Hard

  1. The large version of this enemy is somehow less strong than the smaller version of this enemy. Time to hit the gym!
  2. After first appearing on the NES, Nintendo decided to suddenly revive this character, 19 years later, for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Wart fans must be feeling hopeful.
  3. While very docile, they can technically still hurt Mario if Mario touches its exposed underside.

BONUS QUESTION: What’s the Power-Up?

  1. This power up allows you to DIE. At least temporarily.
  2. Apparently that’s not too bad, though, because you can hover anywhere you like and go through walls.
  3. All those wandering spirits will love you!


Easy: Koopa Paratroopa!

A Koopa Paratroopa

Medium: Bullet Bill!

Bullet Bill in Mario Kart 8
A Bullet Bill

Hard: Para-Beetle!

Para-Beetle artwork.


Boo Mushroom
A Boo Mushroom

How did you do? Regardless, thanks for playing this month's Guess Who. Please join me again in May, and please enjoy the spring weather!


Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Howdy 'Shroom readers, and welcome to the Quiz! As you may have figured out from the name, this is a section where I quiz your Mario knowledge. Now, what happens if you don't have any Mario knowledge? You won't win the prize. And what's the prize? The gift of air, like what they sell in China. I've been meaning to do a general sports quiz for a while, but other things kept popping up. This time, nothing has popped up, so get your sports gear on, and let's get playing – I mean quizzing.


  1. What is the name of the Mario Tennis game for Wii U?
  2. What two sports beginning with the letter "B" have had games based on them, excluding minigames or side-games like bowling in Mario Party?
  3. Who were the four DLC characters in Mario Golf: World Tour?


  1. How many game modes are in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64?
  2. What city did Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games take place in?
  3. What Dragon Quest character appears in Mario Sports Mix?


  1. What kind of player is Fay in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Colour?
  2. What is the name of the GameCube exclusive level in SSX on Tour?
  3. What console was Donkey Kong Hockey released on?



  1. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.
  2. Baseball and Basketball.
  3. Gold Mario, Toadette, Nabbit, and Rosalina.


  1. Ten.
  2. Vancouver.
  3. Slime.


  1. Power.
  2. Nintendo Village.
  3. The Game & Watch.

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