Cobalt Lake 2

Cobalt Lake 2
Cobalt Lake 2 overview from Mario Sports Superstars
Appears in Mario Sports Superstars
Cup(s) Flower Cup
Distance 800m
Course map
Map of Cobalt Lake 2 from Mario Sports Superstars

Cobalt Lake 2 is the second track of the Cobalt Lake area and the second track of the Flower Cup in the horse racing mode of Mario Sports Superstars. Its aesthetics is more complex than Cobalt Lake 1's, featuring rocks on top of a river and a forested region. Additionally, there are more hazards and boost panels than in Cobalt Lake 1, while also having a more tricky, curving layout. Cobalt Lake 2 is the Cobalt Lake track, having 800m, which shares its distance with Green Farm 2.

Course layoutEdit

At the start of the course, players can run over a dash panel, which speeds players up. Past that is a curving area with various items of interest depending on if the players take the outer edges or inner edges of the course. After this area is a curve with multiple long hedges and more items that also depend on which edge of the course the players stray to, which is either carrots, stars, or a cluster of stars. Past this curve is a dash panel that leads the player through a narrow, straight road covered by the large tree's leaves on the left and right of the course, with more hedges and items on top of the hedges. Past that players can opt to take three paths: one path involved players cutting through the inside of the course, jumping through rocks, with little items. The latter two paths involve taking the outer road away from the path, but in this path, players can either jump on rocks more rocks or cross the bridge, with their own types of items with either stars or carrots. Crossing the bridge allows players to easily access the dash panel, while the middle rock path has the most stars in it. At the last curve before the finish line, players can opt to take the outside route with a cluster of stars or the inner route with a single carrot and star.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Lago Cobalto B
Cobalt Lake B