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Clever quote filler goes here until I can think of something.
-Garlic Stapler

Blue Yoshi

Garlic Stapler
Nickname: Vox
Age: 19
Gender: ???
Favorite Characters: Luigi, Vivian, Peach, Rosalina, Iggy Koopa
Unlikable characters: Dark Bowser, Wario

I signed up to help clean up articles, add info to articles, and unstub articles. I'm also currently a high school student. If I come up with some useful template I'll be sure to let you know as well. I tend to play my GBASP quite a bit since I don't have a working Gamecube controller and I can't find anyone selling one or a store that has a few for sale. I tend to play Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door quite a bit. The only reason is I don't really have much else to do or many other games to play.

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Things to Do

I came here to try to help clean up articles where I can, add information or remove unneeded trivial information from a page that may not be relevant. Also if possible I will upload relevant images for pages that may need additional images for it. Also help create articles that haven't been made yet as well.

Favorite Characters

  • Pikachu - Pichu's evolved form, also it's been frequently and commonly known pokemon, also as a funny trick, before you sneeze... say "Pika"
  • Luigi - A bit taller than his younger brother and can somewhat flutter jump, gets into many funny situations including dressing up as Peach for a short time
  • Peach - One of those characters that I just enjoy either rescuing or playing as depending on the game
  • Rosalina - Although she's only appeared in three games, she's quite a nice character apparentaly
  • Yoshi - Capable of running fast, gobbling enemies and many other things, Yoshi is always interesting
  • Vivian - Is it a guy or girl? Oh well, probably one of the mos confusing and useful allies in PM: TTYD
  • Birdo - Another is it a guy or girl situation or a hermaphrodite? Maybe a girl since it hangs around Yoshi a lot
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Somewhat like Sonic but seems to always be pushed in one direction and left even more confused afterward
  • Amy Rose - Sometimes annoying but she usually tends to cheer on Sonic and Tails while somewhat stalking
  • Iggy Koopa - I miss the rainbow hair but Iggy is still funny and somewhat cool as well
  • Ms. Mowz - A master thief of sorts (tends to sell the rare badges at the Badge shop) and after joining Mario, helps Mario get all kinds of items and badges
  • Tiny Kong - Dixie Kong's younger and more relaxed sister who has a nice outfit and seems to be in good spirits
  • Giga Bowser - Bowser turned Giant and apparently very hard to beat, not to mention a loud growl and roar...
  • Pichu - A small cute and funny electric mouse that seems to hurt itself on accident as well when it attacks, oh well
  • Pink Yoshi - tends to be laid back
  • Blue Yoshi - tends to be a bit more outgoing
  • Toadette - Cheerful, helpful, and always nice, she tends to hang with Toad except in PM: TTYD where she only appears a few times to tell Mario about the new ability he just recieved
  • Dry Bowser - Bowser reincarnated with red eyes and apparently doesn't feel pain unless it's lava or ice
  • Lakitu - Always following, always throwing spinies in most cases and in lot more games since Super Mario 64, appears to be helpful, however in Super Mario for Super players I always got annoyed in world 7-3 since it always ruined my jumps >_>
  • Mona - A friend of Wario's and also quite cheery, ambicious, and has a moped
  • Lady Bow - A Boo who first helps Mario and then ends up in Poshly Heights speaking a bit but not much to Mario, pretty silly and helpful
  • Metal Mario - or as I try to get sometimes, Metal Luigi, can walk fine in water, doesn't take much damage and acts a bit like a mirror in a weird way
  • Crazy Hand - While Master Hand is calm, Crazy Hand is spastic and wild which makes Crazy Hand slightly unpredictable, crazy, and hilarious
  • Zelda - A princess and half time sneaky ninja, tends to be cool
  • Koopa - Common but it's also fun to grab their shells and wall jumps in Super Mario World which is a convenient but hard trick to master as well
  • Tippi - A helpful pixl who was actually a person at one point until Count Bleck transformed her into a pixl, after awhile she turns back to normal and lives happily with Count Bleck
  • Moogle - small, cute, and very dexeterious, appearing in many Final Fantasy games as being extremely calm, patient, and helpful

Favorite Items

  • Coin - the staple of the series, so many coins
  • Star - makes you invincible and has a great beat to go with it
  • Mushroom - always making you bigger, always appearing when needed most
  • Bunny Hood - only in the Super Smash Bros. series but makes you able to jump higher with ease

Favorite Games

  • Super Mario 64 - One of the first 3D Mario games unless you count the PC Mario games with Mario's head, also a very fun game to just play
  • Super Mario World - A fun game and you see many fun modded version on the internet today from NicoNicoDouga musicals and One Level Kaizo to completely remodded games with custom made bosses and the such
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Fun and always some kind of challenge you can give yourself
  • Warioware: Smooth Moves - Many funny and fun little minigames you can just play
  • Super Princess Peach - For once, Peach is finally the hero instead of Mario and Luigi

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Articles I've Created

Character Ramblings

As far as I'm concerned, I would consider Birdo to be a Hermaphordite but more femme since it can produce eggs through the mouth and wears a bow but tends to act a little masculine at times when it comes to fighting. Nothing really wrong with this since there are hermaphrodites in the real world as well who seem to live a normal life like anyone else. However most people consider Birdo as a girl since it's always trying to get a boyfriend in a couple of games, somewhat like with Amy always chasing Sonic kind of and in most and more recent games she seems to cling onto Yoshi and work with Yoshi in the party, sports, and other spin-off games as a companion and ally.

The only time I would ever consider Birdo as a guy is in I wanna be the guy since in this game Birdo becomes Mecha Birdo and is considerably one of the hardest bosses in the game aside from Dracula and "the guy" as Birdo will shoot lasers from his eyes and missles that are deadly when near the edges. Birdo makes a couple of cameos in other games as well but depicted as a female and the such. Aside from all this Birdo would most likely be considered a girl for hanging around Yoshi and almost always speaking in a femme tone.

While in most countries Vivian is called a guy, a couple of versions of PM: TTYD depict Vivian as a girl instead of a guy since the game is eared toward a younger audience who probably wouldn't understand the concepts of crossdressing, GID (Gender Identity Disorder), and why some guys prefer to act out and dress up as a femme instead. Then again Vivian has two bigger sisters and being around them was influenced and possibly forced to act as a femme instead of a guy which explains his/her flamboyant, nice, silly, and outgoing and sometimes timid attitude with helping Mario until the end of the game where he rejoins his two older sisters who vow to be nicer to him and never do anything evil to anyone ever again.

However, whether this was true remains to be seen, also after fiishing the game, Vivian joined Mario to run around the world and help complete unfinished side quests. However in the NTSC version where he was made to be female was also possibly done since during after the second fight with Doopliss he'll kiss him and proceeds to do so a few more times later in the game. Overall whenever I do play I prefer to look at Vivian as a male as he was when the game was originally released since I somewhat understand the concept for his behaviour to an extent. While Vivian may be a bit flamboyant he still does well in battle as he can light enemies on fire or hide Mario and himself, albeit it costs them both their next turn as well. Overall he most likely acts as a girl because of his two older sisters and the Shadow Queen and as he was the only guy in the bunch as well as youngest, he either asked them to raise him as a girl in the trio or they forced him into being one.

As well as being raised as one he likely retained a male voice but made it high pitch to sound femme and likely forgot he was a guy after awhile unless Beldam insults him with gender based insults. Marilyn likely would join in on forcing Vivian forcing him to be a girl although she doesn't seem very capable of speech either though. Another prospect that probably lead him to being a bit more gender confused is he apparently likes "pretty things", although this is a trait usually seen amongst most gender confused guys, it can be seen amongst non-gender confused straight guys as well but the gender confused display the trait a bit more. Anyways, enough rambling on that. Vivian also likely changed over to a acting as a femme so he wouldn't feel like an odd duck as well.

The most underhanded of all the Koopa Troopa minions. Mario, Luigi , and anyone that a Goomba is unfortunate to meet will always be stomped. However they tend to get lucky on occasion and side shuffle the player to their demise. Many times does a Goomba go out into the world while some wish to live in peace only to be stomped by anyone coming by because they can't defend themselves. Occasionally a goomba will be fortunate to earn it's wings or maybe a spike on it head to keep them safer from foes or out of reach of being stomped only to still be stomped while going on a daily stroll.

Many goombas have wondered how they might be able to live without being stomped and squished to their own demise everyday. Many have tried a new idea and yet always failed until one day one of the goombas got sneaky and ate many, many mushrooms and grew to be several times the size of a normal goomba and became known as Goomboss who declared itself king of the goombas and offered them protection and by far is the longest living goomba since it will race with the Mario Bros. and company from time to time or challenge them to a battle and live another day. Many times Goomboss has talked with them all about getting upgrades for the goombas to defend themselves and yet every attempt was matched with laughter even the beggings for the goombas to stop being squashed. Several goombas actually help Mario greatly and Mario and Luigi tend to leave most goombas alone. Some are even in different colors as well and a bit stronger than normal goombas as well. Goombas have become more intellict and intellegent over the years whch has greatly helped them in many ways. However there are still goombas working for Bowser and other dark forces that still get squashed on a daily basis for it.

Waluigi is the dark yet friendly rival of Luigi for no reason, he seems to be taller than him but far more thinner for some reason. The only time he actually tries to do anything is if it's sports or dancing, aside from that he doesn't seem to want to hurt anyone or anything. Although he is seen from time to time with Waro trying to cause mischief or trying to keep Daisy safe for unknown reasons. He also appears to be in a couple of Mario Party games. He also is an awesome band person as he does vocals and lead electric guitar with his band called "Overloaded Burnt Cupcakes" which is a Indie/ Black Metal/ Punk Rock/ and Synthrock band. He's released 12 albums and sold close to 50 million copies worldwide making Waluigi one of the must succesful of the Mario characters in the music industry. He also has an upside down L on his hat and tried out for the WWE only to be knocked out easily by some of the wrestlers. When he isn't doing anything to tends to relax and reside in Mushroom Kingdom near Peach's castle in one of the houses with a couple of Toads, Koopas, a goomba, and Lakitu.

Luigi is always going to be the younger brother of Mario although they were both apparently born on the same day/night yet probably a few minutes apart from each other. Luigi tends to more naive and a bit more shy when it comes to doing anything in the first place. He gets into pretty hysterical situations on many occasions from being turned into a egg, dressing as Peach to try to find out what Shrowser and Fawful are up to all the way to being transformed into a strange looking creature by Dimentio the weird and messed up evil clown and distorter. Luigi is always going to be taller than Mario although as for why Mario gets all the action while he gets little to none at all in any Mario game. Mario even Luigi's sweetheart, Daisy before Luigi did!!

However does have his very few up times where he has to rescue Mario or Peach instead of Mario rescuing people. However most of the time Luigi is the less fortunate of the two as well. In PM: TTYD he will tell stories yet all his partners will state that he is lying about a part of the story. Also noted is where Luigi crossdressed, the first time is in one of the stories that Luigi is telling and the second is the M&L Superstar saga where he sneaks back into Peach’s castle apparently to make them think that Peach is giving over her voice. That plan still fails later as they get Birdo's voice instead. Luigi will probably always be a sad misunderstood character, a brother, and a bit of comic relief. Maybe one day Luigi will take over Mario's place as the hero of the series.

Random Quotes

"Yea, I understand you like to tear things apart. That's your thing to do I know but I think it's because someone ripped you. You sat alone in that tent while your father went out and was plundering and ripping things apart, just doing his job. But who was the real victim? You were."
-Larry Daily confronting Ataliah the Hun

"I keep going to that island every day hoping to remember his name. I know if I keep going it'll come back to me someday. So I sent out a message in a bottle to the boy. Maybe he'll find it too."
-Kairi, Kingdom Hearts 2

"This litterbox isn't big enough for the two of us!!"
-Gatomon Digimon Season 2

"I don't care what you have to say because I am a cat."
-Cat Face

"My dad always eats the yolk first."*starts poking egg with chopsticks*
-Konata, Lucky Star

"I'm a cat and no cat has given a straighter answer than that."
-Cat, The Last Unicorn

"I'm happy to say that from this day forward I'm now 100% a girl! WOOHOO!!!"
-Jun Watarase, Happiness OVA

"I'm a kitty cat!"
-Chiyo-Chan, Azumanga Daioh