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Director Notes

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Sinanco (talk) and Yoshimitzu (talk) have been fired from their positions for failing to turn in their sections continuously.

Pyro (talk) now writes for the Find the Differences section of the Shroom.

That is all.

Mystery Images

By Tucayo (talk)

Nothing to say. I hadn't sent my section to Gamefreak, so I apologize for that.


Think you know who the characters are?


By Post-Damage Invincibility (talk)

The front European cover for Donkey Kong 64

Hold on to your Golden Bananas, because this month, it is all about Donkey Kong 64!

  1. Which Kong can bypass B. Locker with a glitch if he or she does not have enough Gold Bananas to enter the new world?
  2. Fungi Forest was originally going to appear in what game?
  3. Who are the only Kongs who can enter the Crystal Caves?
  4. How many Gold Bananas are needed to enter Crystal Caves (w/o taking advantage of any glitch!)?
  5. What is the number that Wrinkly Kong tells DK will come in handy (and it does) outside of Fungi Forest?
  6. The last enemies/obstacles to getting a certain Golden Banana with Donkey Kong in Creepy Castle resembles what Banjo-Kazooie character?
  7. T/F: In the mission from the previous question, it is required for DK to use the Kong Barrel to get the Gold Banana.
  8. T/F: In the Jetpac game, the player is never required to leave the first screen to get the Rareware Coin.
  9. What Kong does cowardly Chunky try to get the player to select instead of himself if the player is going to pull Chunky out of the Tag Barrel?
  10. In the final two Beaver Bother games (which appear in Creepy Castle), in order to complete the games, the player controlling the Klaptrap must herd into the hole one Beaver every how many seconds?
  11. Bonus: In the Donkey Kong Arcade, on what screen is the Kill Screen? That means, on what numbered screen does the game become unwinnable because there is simply not enough time to possibly complete the screen?


by Raven Effect (talk)

Did you know that...

  1. Mario was originally a carpenter?
  2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the first game to feature Luigi with a higher jumping ability?
  3. The International Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually a port of Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters?
  4. Despite being called Tetris Attack" the game Tetris Attack has very little to do with Tetris in terms of game play?
  5. "Yoshi's Safari" marks the first time Princess Toadstool was called Princess Peach outside of Japan?

Guess that Game

by Turboo (talk)

  1. This game was released in 2006 in all regions except South Korea and China.
  2. The player does not have to visit all of the worlds; rather, only six are required to beat the game.
  3. This game has eighteen 1-player minigames (most of them were taken from another game on the same system).
  4. Six of the bosses made their first appearance in this game (none of them appeared outside of it, barring the first boss of World 8, who went on to become a playable character and boss in spin-offs).

Guess Who

By Turboo (talk)

  1. This character has not appeared in any Mario spin-off yet.
  2. However, this character has appeared in almost every game from their own series to date.
  3. This character has their own action figure in Japan.
  4. This character's personality was drastically changed for their series' cartoon adaptation (moreso than any of the others).

Find the Differences

By Pyro (talk)

The US box art for Fortune Street. Spotthedifferenceslxii.png


Hiding Koopa Bob-omb

By General bob-omb (talk)
Upcoming game alert! Finally, a new installment to the Mario Tennis series! Whoa... that's a ton of koopas. On second thought, search for a bob-omb this month.