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Directorial Address

Written by: Meta Knight (talk)

Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I know I was the only candidate, but still your votes mean a lot to me. I hope to manage the 'Shroom with great care like that has been put into place in the past. Like I said, 2016 has had a lot of obstacles, and I want to use this year to help keep the enjoyment people have for writing while not stressing out our staff and writers. Thanks again for voting for me and I wish you all the best.

Term 2017 Staff List:

Position Member
Director Meta Knight (talk) im_off.gif
Sub-Director / Editor-in-Chief Superchao (talk) im_off.gif
Statistics Manager Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) im_off.gif
Programming Manager Twentytwofiftyseven (talk) im_off.gif
Graphic Design Manager Gabumon (talk) im_off.gif
Activities Manager Superchao (talk) im_off.gif
'Shroom Spotlight Manager Yoshi876 (talk) im_off.gif
'Shroom Spotlight Manager Shokora (talk) im_off.gif
Fake News Director MrConcreteDonkey (talk) im_off.gif
Fun Stuff Director Andymii (talk) im_off.gif
Palette Swap Director FunkyK38 (talk) im_off.gif
Pipe Plaza Director Yoshi876 (talk) im_off.gif
Critic Corner Director Hypnotoad (talk) im_off.gif
Strategy Wing Director Meta Knight (talk) im_off.gif
Staff Consultants Gamefreak75 (talk) im_off.gif
GBAToad (talk) im_off.gif
Marshal Dan Troop (talk) im_off.gif
Palkia47 (talk) im_off.gif
Paper Yoshi (talk) im_off.gif
Turboo (talk) im_off.gif

The 'Shroom: Issue 118
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