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Gold Polterpups[edit]

Iv noticed in some of the trailers that several Polterpups are coloured Gold. These are either Polterpups carring a stolen object or an alternate form caring bonus treasure. I just thought id put it out there. - Cubeguy

About the Gold Polterpup, on the recent multiplayer footage one is shown. It is bigger and has 100 HP. Should we mention this in the article? I am Ness! Protecting Eagleland one bat swing at a time! (talk)

Sure, if it's relevant.
'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 21:24, 8 March 2013 (EST)

I WOULD add it if I knew how to make references... I am Ness! Protecting Eagleland one bat swing at a time! (talk)

Place a link to the page on this page if you can. - Cubeguy I am Ness! Protecting Eagleland one bat swing at a time! (talk)

We should place this as an alternate or special form as you said its larger and has double health but also is wearing a blue collar. So it should only be placed as a special ghost for the ScareScraper until its confirmed for singleplayer. - Cubeguy

Polterpups turn golden when you're vacuuming them up... so that may be it. Peanutjon (talk) 19:05, 15 April 2013 (EDT)


What is the dogs name? Is it chaser? Or simply Polterpup?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by ‎Iggykoopa321 (talk).

I think it's just Polterpup. I don't think these even have a name. Mario Green.pngBazooka Mario BadaBoom! 23:26, 9 April 2013 (EDT)
Its name in the vault is ?????, it really doesnt have one besides that. It may be due for use later on in other games, or its up to the player to decide, it's a neat thing they added that gets you thinking. - Cubeguy2ver.pngCubeguy(talk)


So originally Polterpup was based off of the character's appearances. So i changed it. But I don't think I did very well so can someone else help too? Peanutjon (talk) 16:35, 23 April 2013 (EDT)

Merge to Polterpup and/or split Big Polterpup[edit]

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

merge to Polterpup and split Big Polterpup 9-0-0-0
As a subject, this really doesn't have a lot going for it distinct from the "main" one. They have blue collars, only appear in a side-mode, and otherwise act exactly the same. They seem more a simple counterpart to the plot-relevant one created for said side-mode rather than a distinct subject. They have different vault entries, but so do the boss ghost retextures from the same mode we don't split.

That being said, Big Polterpup can be split. It has its own name, a different size, and slightly different behavior, so it'd match how we treat other officially split "big" enemies.

Proposer: Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)
Deadline: May 10, 2022, 23:59 GMT

Do both[edit]

  1. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) - Per
  2. Tails777 (talk) Per proposal.
  3. Bazooka Mario (talk) Distinction between character and species based on collar color is a bit hair-splitting especially in the span of, what, 2-4 total appearances and I just think an article that covers both the character and the species works better than a split page.
  4. WildWario (talk) Per proposal.
  5. Archivist Toadette (talk) The "species" may just be a one-off for the ScareScraper mode anyways, just like the "copies" of Luigi and Gooigi in that same mode.
  6. Ray Trace (talk) Per all, this split has always bothered me.
  7. TheFlameChomp (talk) Per all.
  8. Swallow (talk) Per all. The article could still refer to Polterpup as a singular individual, but note that multiple ones are in Scarescraper.
  9. RHG1951 (talk) Per all.

Only merge to the character article[edit]

Only split Big Polterpup[edit]

#Hewer (talk) The article could probably do with a bit of a rewrite, but I think that a split like this is justifiable if the character and species both appear in the same game with a distinction between them (the blue collars and being enemies), like how we handle Big Boo and Big Boo (boss).

Do nothing[edit]


@Hewer They're as much enemies as Polterpup the red in Dark Moon, and Big Boo's something I want to try merging soon as well. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 20:25, April 26, 2022 (EDT)