Stop 'Em
The Gamble mini-game, Stop 'Em from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Gambling mini-game
Music track Gambling Mini-Game Theme
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Stop 'Em is a gambling minigame in Mario Party Advance.

Stop 'Em is played at the Jungle Game Hut in Shroom City. Hoot has the player win the minigame for him, since he is having bad luck. Winning allows the player to keep the minigame.


The player bets up to 99 coins on the spaces on a roulette on the chance that it lands there. If the roulette lands on a space the player wagers on, a total equal to the number of coins bet multiplied by the number given for the space is added to the player's overall coin total. The higher the value on the space, the fewer spaces there are on the roulette for it. The player wins by winning at least one more coin than they started with.

Shapes and valuesEdit

There are five shapes, and each shape has a multiplier value:

  • Diamond: ×2
  • Heart: ×5
  • Clover: ×7
  • Spade: ×10
  • Star: ×30

Gray spaces also appear on the roulette, and they give the player nothing if landed upon.


  •   – Change coins
  •   – Choose
  •   – Pick spot
  •   – Spin/Stop

In-game textEdit

If the light stops on a spot you bet on, you'll win coins!

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いろいろルーレット
Iroiro Rūretto
Colorful Roulette

French Roulette
German Roulette
Italian Megaruota
Spanish ¡A jugar!
Let's play!