Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular

Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular
Tail Bowser in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Info A team of four performs together to save Toad from the clutches of Kamek. The team with the highest score wins.

Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular is a Dream Event that appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score as many points as possible by performing a figure skating routine, with the event taking place in the Dream Skating Center.


In this event, the player starts automatically, and must perform moves at various points around the rink when indicated. The first move the player can perform is a step, where they swing the Wii Remote in the shape indicated onscreen, with better timed swings earning them more points. The player can also perform spirals by using their Wii Remote to keep their character's balance as they skate along the pink line, with a better balance scoring more points. To perform jumps, the player must swing the Wii Remote upwards on the red jump markers, and swing it around in the air to perform pirouettes after takeoff. The player is awarded extra points for well-timed takeoffs and more pirouettes in the air. To perform waves, the player must hold the Wii Remote out to the side and move it up and down to control their character's arms to collect the musical notes shown onscreen, with more points being awarded for the more musical notes collected. The player can also perform spins at the green markers on the rink by swinging the Wii Remote round in a circular motion, earning more points for more spins. To end the routine, the player must match the pose shown onscreen at the end of the countdown, with extra points awarded for timing their pose well. The character with the most points at the end of the routine wins.


The routine is inspired by Super Mario 3D Land, and starts in an area featuring Peach's Castle, the Tail Tree and little birds starts with the skaters skating past five Toads, and then jumping to collect Coins from ? Blocks. The skaters are then interrupted by Kamek and four Koopa Paratroopas, who capture the Toads in a cage and kidnap them. The skaters follow Kamek by jumping onto some moving platforms and across some Donut Blocks, before heading into a Warp Pipe to Bowser's Castle. Here, the skaters avoid Lava Bubbles, Lava Geysers, Fire Bars and pits of Lava while collecting more Coins, before encountering Tail Bowser. The skaters skate away from Tail Bowser, and jump over its fireballs before hitting some buttons to remove the bridge it stands on and sending it into the lava, where it turns into a Goomba and a Super Leaf. Kamek's broom catches fire and he flies away, freeing the Toads. The skaters spin a Tail Wheel to return to Peach's Castle, where a large crowd of Toads are waiting. The skaters high five the Toads and jump over a set of Note Blocks, before finishing the routine in front of the castle. The routine's music includes an excerpt of the "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros., the main theme of Super Mario 3D Land, the "Fortress Boss" theme of Super Mario Bros. 3 (taking after its arrangement in New Super Mario Bros. Wii), and the castle theme, Bowser's boss battle theme, the jingle that plays when Peach is rescued, and the staff roll theme from Super Mario 3D Land.

Key Step sequence Spiral Spin Wave Jump Pose



  • Let's begin with how to hold the Wii Remote Plus for Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular.
  • In this event, there are two ways to hold the Wii Remote Plus, depending on the routine.
  • For the first, tilt the Wii Remote Plus to control your character's stance.
  • For the second, use the Wii Remote Plus to control your character's arms.


  1. Steps
    The skater uses their arms and legs to perform dance steps on the ice.
    To perform steps, swing the Wii Remote Plus like a conductor's baton in the direction of the arrows.
    Swing the Wii Remote Plus to the beat of the music to earn a high score!
    Try performing some steps now.
  2. Spirals
    The skater lifts one leg and balances.
    To perform a spiral, tilt the Wii Remote Plus left or right to maintain balance. Stay on the centre of the line for a higher score.
    Try performing a spiral now.
  3. Spins
    In a spin, the skater rotates on a single point on the ice.
    You can perform a spin while standing or crouching down.
    Hold the Wii Remote Plus upright and turn it to spin while standing, and tilt it forward and turn it to spin while crouching.
    The more times you spin, the higher your score will be.
    Try performing a spin now.
  4. Waves
    The skater holds their arms out to the side and moves them up and down.
    To perform a wave, hold your arms out to the sides while holding the Wii Remote Plus and move your character's arms up and down.
    Collect all the blue musical notes to earn a high score.
    Try performing a wave now.
  5. Jumps
    Let's talk about how to jump.
    To jump, spin the Wii Remote Plus as you swing it up when you arrive at the jump point (marked by a red icon).
    The more times you spin the Wii Remote Plus during the jump, the more rotations the skater will amke and the more points you will earn.
    Try performing a jump now.
  6. Finish (Posing)
    Let's talk about the final part of the performance.
    To finish the routine, hold the Wii Remote Plus and strike the pose on the TV screen when the countdown ends.
    Try performing a finishing pose now.

Control HintsEdit

  • When performing a spiral, tilt the Wii Remote Plus left or right to keep your balance and pass through the middle of the pink line on the rink.



  • Kamek, Koopa Paratroopas, and the "Fortress Boss" theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 are the only elements of the routine that did not appear in Super Mario 3D Land.