Love Tester (souvenir)

Love Tester
Love Tester

Love Tester is a souvenir found in the Doodads folder in WarioWare: Twisted! It is used to test the compatibility of a couple or friendship.

The souvenir is a reference to an actual toy of the same name, which was manufactured by Nintendo before its entry in the video game market. It is the only non-game souvenir that can be paused by pressing Start Button.

Love RankingsEdit

  • 1-9: "Both of you are heading in different directions. It's a wonder that your life paths even crossed."
  • 10-19: "Are the two of you even friends? Both of you might want to start exploring other options. Like, now."
  • 20-29: "I see trouble. You might want to stick with being just friends. Or you might just want to run away screaming."'
  • 30-39: "You both have cold feet, but there might be potential..."
  • 40-49: "You two are acting very cool. Is it shyness or just snootiness?"
  • 50-59: "There's a little spark between you two. You should give it a shot!"
  • 60-69: "You two seem happy. Maybe you're friends, but you haven't crossed the line into something more. Maybe all you need is a little push. Or maybe you hate each other's guts. What do I know?"
  • 70-79: "You two definitely have some chemistry! It's time to take this relationship to the next level!"
  • 80-99: "You two really like each other! Are you dating? How lucky that you found each other!"
  • 100-110: "Incredible! There has never been a more compatible couple! No one can come between the two of you!"

Future Love LifeEdit

There seems to be little correlation between the given number and the message. The potential messages are:

  • "Sorry that you had to find out this way, but it's over between you two."
  • "Signs point to...nothing happening. This could be a good thing."
  • "You'll only grow more attached to each other! Like a parasite to a host!"
  • "Keep on this path and you could end up together. Forever. Take that however you want."
  • "You will only grow closer as time passes. Soon, you will be the same person!"


  •   - Move the arrow
  •   - Turn machine on
  •   - Press button
  •   - Press button