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Alas, this is Sir Ryan, also called as RAP here accompanied with my girl Hooktail which apparently is my dragon. She's a pet of mine, but also a true friend within her claws and mine. Ah, the talk page, this is my place where I can go with conversations with my own fellow morsels, or bandits (which are also referred as trolls, and sockpuppets). (rolls eyes) So morsel, yes you, if you want to drop in a starting conversation; go ahead. I might not be very friendly when my dragon form is settled. ;) (evilgrin)

So RAP, whatcha doin??? C???

:P Ok C???Need some help?

First Header! Also, hi!

Read the header. I am awfully bored and want to know what you are working on so far. Have you taken my quiz yet? Feel free to go here and tell me what you got!

GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk BTW, I changed my sig around. See any differences?

Quick Question

Heya, RAP. I was wondering what your opinions were on this article; do you think it's informative enough to remove its expansion tag? If not, I'll work on it some more. — Stooben Rooben Thanks.

Thank you! I'll see if I can scrounge any more information up for the article. And, yes, I do like to draw; I also find your drawings quite awesome. — Stooben Rooben Hooktail seems like quite a nice dragon. ^_^

Stop it

Go away you dummy. I really hate the way you named the images for the Mario Party mini-games, Rappingwonders. Tranny 19:54, 9 May 2008 (EDT)

Uh, I wouldn't flame him If I were you... he's a 'crat 'sysop or something, I dun remember, and can ban your rear faster than you can say waffles. And he's got Hooktail. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?


Where did you get the SMB3 enemies artwork from like the fire chomp one and never seen it before.F gLarrynana.gif


I have no idea. What can the Wikipedia navbox template do? - Cobold (talk · contribs) 22:05, 17 May 2008 (EDT)

You cannot put with ease such elements in the navtemplates of this wiki. you have to put the elements in the mediawiki page, so the function will work for all navigation template.

¢oincollctor rsitem209.png Talk also with Steve about this...

ok, I didn't know the scheme at all.

¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

It looks fine so far. I don't think we even need to have a set width for the left column. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 11:29, 18 May 2008 (EDT)

Muh picture



I dunno, I'm just anoob, called Dom. According to Pokemon DP, you are awesome. So I'll take his word for it. I should've talked to you ages ago, but I got caught up with...HOMEWORK...yep. Totally.

Here's some stuff to tell/ask you:

  • So...have you heard of me before? Or am I so noobish that my existence eluded you?
  • Are you a Sysop? (sorry if it's a dumb question - I should know)
  • What stuff should I edit? I can't find much to do right know
  • Do you like random humour? I do...especially if it involves ducks, or juice.

Bleh, I should stop talking about crap now...

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png


I smell sockpuppetness RAP. C???

O RLY? C???


Sorry for making a typo in "Category:Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door Bosses"'s name. =| — Stooben Rooben 01:52, 24 May 2008 (EDT)


No problem. I actually found the Mario Kart Wii images on Gamespy and just removed the logo before uploading them. Hope that helps - User:Kamicciolo

Hey!!!! first, the image of Birdo (mauj), does not count, so, this image is in the article of Birdo and is my sig.

  • And several users, have many images, example: Storm Yoshi.


Yes, but Storm Yoshi is not over the personal image limit. I believe he externally links most of his images. — Stooben Rooben 00:15, 25 May 2008 (EDT)

Happy? Mauj.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

Heh heh heh..,you need to mature! Mauj.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To RAP the awesome burecrat'

Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :)

~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!

Happy birthday, RAPstar! :D You're now 14 years old! — Stooben Rooben 15:31, 25 May 2008 (EDT)
Happy Birthday!!! SJ derp :P

Hello!, and, happy birthday!! Mauj.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

Mario-kun Raws

Yep, I'm new. No surprise actually ^^! Anyway, the Scans are in perfect Japanese, and I'm searching for someone kind enough for help me translating the chapters and start scanlate it. If you know someone, please tell me ^^U --GinnyN 18:48, 25 May 2008 (EDT)

Ok, here's I go
  • Yep, it's supposed to read in this way
  • Thanks for tell me, that's my mistake. You can erase that folder, for you is useless. I'll do the same with the source raw T_T. You see, I use a SVN repository for store the files (For backup) and this folders are for the administration of the repository.
  • Depends a bit, but this one take 2 weeks (In fact, I scan it by chapter, not the whole issue at once. Here's the page ->
Nah, is good to see someone interested in the series. More people, and maybe will find help ^^U--GinnyN 08:28, 26 May 2008 (EDT)

I need help

Hey RAP, I'm pyro127 and i am new here can you help me make my user page & user boxes (i also want to learn how to speak 1337) Goto my userpage to respond, Thanks ALL MY BASE ARE BELONG TO YOU!!





Tadaa!2.gifHi, RAP!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon

-Blitzwing (talk · gnome work)

Fine, Ignore Me Then... *sniff*

You do realize you lose potential Awesome Points for each day of not replying to my first message to you?

I noticed that you seem to specialize in deleting images...mainly unused ones. I'm not complaining about my Palkia one, as I stopped using it anyway. So, has anyone ever uploaded anything really inappropriate?

Don't you realise I'm a friend of Stooben Rooben and Pokemon DP? (although I have many disagreements with him)

Isn't that good enough?

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

Bureaucrats in da House

Wow...I thought Sysops were cool. How did you climb so high in the rankings?

Anyway, thanks for replying, now I see that your rank means you must be busy on the Wiki. Your remaining Awesome Points were secured, so they may start going up...

As for my specialities for editing, I seem to be best at Special Move rewrites (I did all the Crystal Star moves from PM:TTYD), my biggest being Earth Tremor. Also, I've done a few on Item they often lack detail.

The games I play are pretty much all Mario games, I only lack interest in the sports ones (except Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Hoops 3 on 3).

Oh, and I'm not much of a party-gamer.

I love the Paper Mario series the most.

So, Hooktail is on your could've chosen Gloomtail or Bonetail as they're MUCH tougher! Although I can PWN Bonetail anyway. But Hooktail is pretty sweet...

Yeah, random joke...can't think of one.

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png


You get +10 Awesome Points for a very quick reply. OK, I'll check that Shroom stuff and other things you mentioned. LOL, like correcting your own mistakes!

Good bye/night/day/whatever it is where you live...

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png


Hello, RAP. First time I've talked to you. The names MegaMario9910. What's up? Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png

Bust a gut laughing guys

Here's somethings that I think that I think that Hooktail could use for different situations. Annoyed: Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. Joking: Be good to animals. Hug a hockey player. Teasing: So, when's the wizard going to get back to you about that brain? Hungry: I love kids, but I can't eat a whole one. Also hungry: Bright red meat is good for you, fuzzy green meat is not good for you. And here's a quote for you to reserve for a form of wiki media here or on Userpedia: Celebrate whirled peas. All of these are from bumper stickers. Enjoy!!-KP Blue

This message is for Hooktail. You forgot my new ability: timeflow control-I can control the speed of the flow of time. The only problem is that I can only do it to two objects at a time for now. *Creates field of slowed down time around Hooktail then uses biometals s and x to become Spiderman-like model sx and uses web sling to escape* Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't, he's a pig. Look out, here comes the Spider Pig.-KP Blue

Hey RAP!

Hello RAP, I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind being in my new Userpedia comic, The Legend of War. You can read more about it there if you're not sure. You would be one of seven main heroes, starring alongside DP, Xze, MC, HT, Me, and Steve. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Mario Kart proposal

Taken from the Pipe Project MK page.

"I recently hooked up my N64, GCN, Wii, ect. to my computer so I can now take direct shots of the game without stealing them from a website. I was thinking first off of maybe having a page dedicated to differences between two versions of maps if they've been remade in newer games. One example of this would be Bowser's Castle (N64 & Wii), which I would post a screen of both versions side by side and discuss variations of the course. Such as the bridge after the courtyard changing.

The other idea I had was, and I know this was kind of decided against, but making repeat courses have their own respective pages. I think that now more and more graphics are being added to pages with icons and screens of the maps and track layouts, I think it'd look better on it's own page. I don't see what having one page would save, other then decreasing a little bit of work.

Lemme know what you guys think. I'd be up for writing these pages, if no one else is."

I wanted to know what you think of these ideas. I figured you enjoy graphics as well, so you might be into it.

-Mario Gamer (talk)

Sounds good

Hey just lemme know what your opinion is on the other one whenever you get the chance. And I'm talking screen shots of N64 without emulators, since they tend to mess up graphically. :p

CC replies

Thanks RAP, thanks for promoting me, I hope to be a great sysop for the wiki by now :] ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png "I have the control now hehehe..." I have five own personal images, but four are related to the marioverse, one is not related, and the other (the 6th) was uploaded by other user, but I'm afraid I'm not going to use this here ;]


You were right in the first place, Nintendo wouldn't put the koopalings in Mario Super Sluggers and SCREW YOU NINTENDO!!!F gLarrynana.gif


I didn't know that the limited of the personal images are four images in a week(coll, you are a sysop)! Sorry about that. Luigi SPM artwork.jpgSuper Luigi! Number one!Luigi SPM artwork.jpg

My Story

Hey, RAP. I was wondering if I could put you in my story on Userpedia (The Ultimate Crossover), please? Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png


Hello, you. Wouldst thou mindest taking the time to delete all the MW Alliance pages? Big order, I know. If you don't have the time, I can just ask Blitzwing instead. :) 3dhammer.gif 3D, I is busies. 3dhammer.gif

awser what??? 25px Yoshi Goldshroomorb.jpg Speedstar40px

whats an ip or what ever it's called 25px Yoshi Goldshroomorb.jpg Speedstar40px