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This is how my talkpage works: I reply to messages to me here on this same page.


Welcome, GreenKoopa!

<GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Look what I did! Look what I did!:>:HAI. This is mah shoutbox. Put messages in here.
<Crypt Raider>: LOL But you make it a seperate subpage :P
<GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? ·

Look what I did! Look what I did!:> Eh, I really prefer not to make many pages. :|

Caped Mario holding a Cape Feather while he is mounted on Yoshi, from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

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Blitzwing (talk)


Thanks for joing Mi Wiki! And thanks for posting in my shoutbox! Make it like <~~~>: to write a message. Actuallty, it's your choice for yours. If you want to make your own, come to User:Crypt Raider/How to make a shoutbox. GrodenE T C El

Goombas? Pah.[edit]

If you like the Goomba's dance, you should see them Bloopers. Put this in your userbox tower if you like it. :P




{{userbox|border=#808080|mainbkgd=#CCCCFF|codebkgd=#000080|codecolor#000000|code=[[Image:Moving-Blooper.gif|40px]]|msg=This user likes the Blooper's dance.}}

Hope you like it. ;) BLOC PARTIER.

  :D Wow, thats great! Next up: DANCING SPEAR GUY! GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Look what I did! Look what I did!:

Re:Glitz Hawk[edit]

Yes, they helped. I can give you the code for Glitz Hawk, seeing that you like him so much. Feel free to place this picture ANYWHERE on your user page. The code is: [[Image:Glitz_Hawk.jpeg]]

Thanks for helping out! :D GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

\o/ I'll put that on mah userpage and mention that glitz hawks your character an dI helped with teh stats. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Look what I did! Look what I did!:

My Story[edit]

Hey, GreenKoopa. It's me, Glitz Hawk! Care to sign up for my written story, "A Hawk's Life?" I can even put you in it! Sign up on my talk page and leave who you want to be in the story. My goal is 20 main characters. I have 4.

Thanks for your help, GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

Like dancing?[edit]

look GK! if u love dancing look at this! |-


YI Red Yoshi Animated Sprite.gifGreen YoshiA Yellow Yoshi

Uh.... 'k. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Koopa.gif

Check This![edit]

Please put this on your userpage. |-


File:Glitz Hawk.jpeg

The code is:

{{userbox|border=red|mainbkgd=#FF0|codebkgd=#03C|codecolor=white|code=[[Image:Glitz_Hawk.jpeg|45px]]<br><span style="font-size:8pt"></span>|msg=<span style="color:brown">[[User:Glitz_Hawk|Glitz Hawk]] [[User talk:Glitz_Hawk|(Talk)]] feels the power in this user.</span>}} Ok. On userpedia, shall I put you on my allies list? GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Koopa.gif 18:06, 5 March 2008 (EST) Sure, even though my account was blocked on Userpedia...

GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

Will do.

I'm new[edit]

hay I'm bad mario--Bad mario 15:32, 17 March 2008 (EDT)

Okey, Mr. "Bad Mario", your getting closer-You made a section and didn't state the obvious. Good spelling and grammar are a virtue on a wiki, so learn them well.Click this if you don't get it, m'kay? Also, Hi. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Koopa.gif


i don't know what my brother did when i was in the bathroom, but he was editing something as ME when i came back, could you help me figure out what he did as me Blue KoopC

Uh... I suppose so. I'll see if your contributions has one edit a bit.. Out of character. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Koopa.gif

thx i like that koopa pic u put on. well i will see u around the wiki!!!!! User:Tikla101

Hmm. Thanks! GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Koopa.gif

Freindly Advice[edit]

Your Welcome template brings a few points up that I must note. First of all, the color, Red on a Green Background, just kills people's eyes. I really suggest you change the Red to something else. On a more important note, the "Um, WTF? How did you do THAT?" line (meaning the WTF part) might concern some users. I don't think you've done anything wrong, but just some advice. Marcelagus (TCE)

And good advice at thta.. The "Um wtf" thing I almost KNEW would make someone point it out, and the red-on-green was just me lazily not changing that portion of the template- I actually edited off McVaders template. heavily. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? · Your face is a {{SUBST:pagename}}!


Thanks for signing up, but next time, leave a link to your's and Fracktail's sprites.

GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk You don't need to, now. I have them.

I dun remember signing up for anything... But then, i have bad memory. Well, Okey Dokey. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?


Hey Green K!

Uh... hey. Sign your edits kplx? GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?

o.k then-i'll tell you.[edit]

I once was a patroller of the super mario wiki. But when I found out they cancelled it, I was upset. I didn't want to leave my position. That is why I dont want to get rid of the box. Plus I don't like it when people question me about the box. But then YOUR message popped up. So i thought i had to tell someone the truth-the truth that would stop it all from happening. I am still yet upset about it being cannceled. there you have it.

user:kingbowser99File:Kingbowser9.pnguser talk:kingbowser99

hmmm I remember the patrollers were all promoted t Sysops when the rank was destroyed. Also, I remember the patroler list quite well. and YOU weren't on it...GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?

Greenkoopa, can you please do me a favor?[1]Lord Dice Is HERE

Okey. What? GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?


No it'a true I am a four year old. How is this incomprehensible to you? I am, however, at the top of my pre-school class. Studying hard and doing your best is paramount to any possible age limitations. But it is understandable for one to misconstrue truth based on his own abstract concept of reality. Study hard you're never too young to be a good contributer. TheWarioWafter 15:10, 18 May 2008 (EDT)

Yeah, e's been playing tricks lately,tsk,tsk.He Un-retired!Check it!User:Master Mario


Where is the cropping tool on MS Paint?DarkMario DarkMario.jpg Hamtaro PWNS|

Err, go to the corner of the paint window and move it. I can't explain it much... scroll to the bottom of the screen, click the corner (DO NOT GO PAST THE LINE WHERE THE COLOR BOX IS,), and move it. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?

NC test link[edit]

hello in want to take the NC test can you give me the link Birmit the flying banana

...What? GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?

Here. Now please don't do that again. ~DarkZero DarkZero Sig.gif 16:53, 11 June 2008 (EDT)

3D YOU!!![edit]

Here I made you a 3D Luigi3000 GreenKoopa.png


*enters anger management problem induced rage*Why the **** does everyone misinterpret that as flaming TFE?? I didn't mean to flame her. It wasn't even directed at him, it was directed at random guests! I've got tons of new forms to post and an awesome quote for the QUOTD and I can't ****ing post it. Man, I'm starting to act like an angered combination of Darkness Lair(or however you spell it) and a friend of a friend of ours from real life due to my rage. I've got the violent nature of an angered Darkness Lair(or however you spell it) and the screaming, cursing psycho of the friend of a friend of ours in Real Life. My philosophy of the meaning of my own life is that it is merely a metaphor of evolution. Darkness Lair's(or however you spell it) philosophy the meaning of life is that life has no meaning and is a test to see if we're ready for the afterlife. I am a philosipher with a lost cause. If you could find it in you to think that I deserve a second chance, then please, ask to unblock me.-KP Blue


I am not Guiliant. WikiGuest 17:30, 8 June 2008 (EDT) O RLY?GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?

UH DUH[edit]

I thought that's what my edit was. Just because it contained some theys doesn't mean that can't be corrected. I never used the word 'he', lol. FD09


My sister isn't banned

Uh 'k. Then you wait out your ban. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?


Yes, it's me. Or should I say, ME.  Caps Lock LORD 03:58, 18 June 2008 (EDT)

hey GK[edit]

hey GK wanna be in my comic i'm making and that person who asked you for the link on this page Birmit he's a friend of mine and I told him about the NC test and i thought i got the link on your page so that's what i told him User:Hemu/sig 16:36, 12 July 2008 (EDT)

where are your sprites --User:Hemu/sig 12:02, 27 July 2008 (EDT)


Um... you're still a Sysop at Bowserpedia, right? Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png

Errm, never mind my question. Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png

hi!!! my name is rosalina43!!! i am new to the wiki. well.. im not really new i just joined a couple of weeks ago so i am farley new. well u understand. Rosa2.pngRosalina43Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: The black Luma Polari yo yo yiggty yo

Hey, can you look on my userpage and on the first link? thanks.

Dry bowser!!.pngNeptune (Talk)

I'm back[edit]

Hey, GK. I'm back from my break from the wiki. I created a new userpedia here: Clay Mario (talk)

Back? I nevah new you left. Hrm. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? 20:40, 29 January 2009 (EST)