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I got a 80% on the Know your Super Mario Bros. test!
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I'm going to finish this after I come back from vacation (august 8th) cuas' i have no iternet accsess while im gone but who needs computers when you have over 30 games to beat that you own (i have a feeling this is going to be a very busy summer) oh and if any one can help me with somthing i need a good place to train in Final Fantasy 12 bye all


PS. read my userboxes!!

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Games I Have Played
Game Comment Own or Not
Diddysracing.jpg Diddy Kong Racing I used to love playing this game on N64 it was realy fun my favorite charecter was Conker and Banjo. X mark.svg
Dk64.jpg Donkey Kong 64 I'm currently playing this game trying to get 101% right now I'm at 80 Check mark.svg
100px Mario 64 I loved this game as a kid i was so happy when i beat bowser's last form without gameshark and my dad couldnt even do it (I used to think hes the best video game player in the world) X mark.svg
100px Mario Golf 64 I used to play this when i was younger but it was to hard for me so i sold it trying to buy the game again. X mark.svg
Luigi's Mansion Box.png Luigi's Mansion This is a realy great game didn't think it would be that good but my dad bought it any way and i decided i should play it and now its one of my favorite games. Check mark.svg
MK64 Cover.png Mario Kart 64 Don't realy have any memories of this game but i know i played it X mark.svg
Mk doubledash.jpg Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Played it once and i realy loved it the 2 charecters per kart thing was great i loved this game so much im trying to find it. X mark.svg
MKDS NA Box Art.png Mario Kart DS Could only play this game as a demo in an EB games store but it was realy realy fun im going to buy this for sure. X mark.svg
100px Mario Party Don't realy remember much about this game but like mario kart 64 i know i played it. X mark.svg
Mario Party 2 box art.jpg Mario Party 2 Again dont remember much about this game all i remember is playing it with my friend at his house. X mark.svg
Mario Party 3 box art.jpg Mario Party 3 Now i remember alot about this game one of my friends have it i should realy buy this and his ocarina of time (mine broke) i remember alot of great stuff about this game thought it was realy fun. X mark.svg
100px Mario Party 4 played this once at my friends birthday party its my personal favorite dont remember alot though. X mark.svg
Mario Party 5 box art.png Mario Party 5 me and my sister loved this game its my second favorite mario party unfortanatly its only fun with alot of people and all my friends like ps3 or xbox hopfully in high school i'll meet a whole bunch of nintendo game fans. X mark.svg
MariopartyGBA.jpg Mario Party Advance Mario party advance is fun but it gets boring after you beat it. File:Check small.png
100px Donkey Kong Country this game was realy fun my second favorite donkey kong but i only own it on game boy color (to lazy to upload or try and find the image of the gameboy one) Check mark.svg
SMB Boxart.png Super Mario Bros. My favorite mario game i just love it and i know the secret to continue even after you get game over so i could continue till the end without starting all over again! Check mark.svg
100px Mario Tennis played it once with my friend dont have any memories of it other then always losing. X mark.svg
100px Paper Mario |my favorite paper mario game i just love it so much but i hate tubba blubbas level it always scared me. X mark.svg
PMTTYD.jpg Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Realy liked it but the last boss is kinda hard (took me 3 trys to beat her)

but its still realy fun.

Check mark.svg
Sm64ds.jpg Super Mario 64 DS This game is realy fun it broguth back great memories of super mario 64 but i realy didnt like bowsers look in this game i prefered his look from the original mario 64. File:Check small.png
100px Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 I loved this game so much i would never put it down it took me 2 days to beat it

and im working hard to get maximum lives i only have 114 right now.

Check mark.svg
SarasalandBoxArt.png Super Mario Land i played this once along time ago all i remember is that its black and white. X mark.svg
100px Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars very fun game and realy good graphics for a snes game this is one of my all time favorites File:Check small.png
100px Super Mario Sunshine |This was one of the first games i got on gamecube (the first couple being super smash bros, tarzan untamed, pikmin, luigi's mansion)

and it was the most played one i remember how sad i was when my memory card got deleted (dumb mad catz).

X mark.svg
100px Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 this was quite chalenging for me (stupid bowser and his koopa thingy)

but it was fun trying to get all the dino coins or watever there called.

Check mark.svg
Super Smash Bros N64 box.png Super Smash Bros. right now my favorite super smash bros. not sure why i just like how all the charecters look so blocky i always liked the n64 graphics too bad ganon didnt make it in this game (i heard he was going to be in it but they couldnt make it cuas the n64 was not powerful enough or somthing like that). File:Check small.png
SSBM cover art.jpg Super Smash Bros. Melee This was my first game for game cube (this was the only one they had left by the time i got in the store since i got mine at launch)

i realy like it but unlocking mew two takes forever.

Check mark.svg
Wwt.jpg Warioware: Twisted! this game is so fun and funny some of the mini games are quite hard to understand when you first play them though. File:Check small.png
Wario World game cover.jpg Wario World I only rented it once its quite chalenging (im stuck on one puzzle thingy in the desert level) but it was realy fun. X mark.svg
YI2boxart.jpg Yoshi's Island DS i only helped my friend with a level in this game its quite fun im gonna buy it for sure. X mark.svg
100px Diddy Kong Racing DS a great game but i prefer the original one. File:Check small.png
Donkey Kong Land Box Art.jpg Donkey Kong Land great game but its very chalenging and i only feel like playing it for 5 minutes

then take a break i prefer donkey kong country

File:Check small.png
SMW2.jpg Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island an amazing game great colours and graphics and sounds nice dificulty not to hard but still chalenging one of my favorite games File:Check small.png