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Good Game, Bad Game I

Hi, I'm Clyde1998, this is my first Good Game, Bad Game. I play a good game, that just gets rubbish! I think I should start my section in the Yoshi series. I found two 'similar' games in the same series and found the good one and the rubbish one. This is a very quick one! Any Other Series you can think off put it on my talk page!

Good Game: Yoshi Island DS

What a game, Where should I start?: 6 babies and 11 Yoshi's. It beats The First Island Game for many good reasons,

It wouldn't work though if it wasn't for 'the first one'. You start in a similar level to the first game's one, you follow everything until you fight Baby Bowser, after you beat him all the babies and Yoshi's defeat Grown-Up Bowser and he goes back to his time!

I would recommend this game, even if you don't have a DS. I would buy a DS just for this game, and other Yoshi Games!

Bad Game: Yoshi's Cookie

What a bad game. It doesn't tell you what to do, however I did play it on the Internet! I don't really know why any would want to play the game, I though that Mario & Yoshi was bad!

No-one would know what to do, I pressed every button, but nothing happened!

I deferentially would NOT recommend to anyone!

Fake News - Deaths and Arrests I

Sadly, Goompapa was involved in a car crash and was killed. Every Goomba was at the funeral, including many Goomerang Bros, they were on holiday in Isle Delfino. The car was owned by Krash and he hasn't been seen since, he was having a break off his job. He crashed into Goompapa on Mushroom Bridge (picture 1), he did get court on speed cameras, the Mushroom Police arrested him later. Krash has been seen attacking Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (picture 2), in the past.

R.I.P. Goompapa 1996-2009.

File:Mkddtrack10.jpg File:Krash64.jpg

Good Game Bad Game 2

This time, I thought i'd go into the Mario Golf series. I had a lack of time this time. If there is any idea's put on my talk page!

Good Game: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour was a good game. There are many characters, good graphics, plenty of games to play, 7 courses and a superb introduction to the game. You can play Tournaments, Character Matches, Ring Shots, Challenges, Speed Golf and Training for 1 player and Doubles, Club Slots, Ring Shot, Face-Off, Coin Shoot, Quick Cash, Cash Cup, Stroke Play, Birdie Challenge, Practice Games, Match Play, Skins Match and Near-Pin for 2-4 players

Bad Game: Golf

Golf was a bad game, 1 character. Simple game-play: ball, map and person (Mario), you swing the club and go for the hole. The game was out on November 15, 1986 in Europe (October 18, 1985 in the US) for the NES and the next golf game Mario was in was NES Open Tournament Golf for the NES, the game was out on June 18, 1992 in Europe (September 1, 1991 in the US), 6 years later!

Gallery of Games

Fake Weather

Global Cooling is down, CO2 is up 20% this month, maybe it's over? Nah!

Weather for all weeks, yep it's stays the same on the Monday as it does the next week even if Sunday has Sandstorms! WEATHER FOR THE DOLPHIN!

MON: Sun.gif

TUE: Sun.gif

WED: Sun.gif

THU: Sun and Cloud.gif

FRI: Sun.gif

SAT: Sun.gif

SUN: Sun.gif

It looks Sunny this week, maybe a storm will break out

Fake Weather 2

Global Cooling is down!

The Weather is done for the mouth. If it's wrong well, so what?!

THU AUG 13: Sun.gif

FRI AUG 14: Sun.gif

SAT AUG 15: Sun.gif

SUN AUG 16: Sun and Cloud.gif

MON AUG 17: Sun.gif

TUE AUG 18: Sun.gif

WED AUG 19: Sun.gif

THU AUG 20: Sun.gif

FRI AUG 21: Sun and Cloud.gif

SAT AUG 22: Sun.gif

SUN AUG 23: Sun.gif

MON AUG 24: Sun.gif

TUE AUG 25: Sun.gif

WED AUG 26: Sun.gif

THU AUG 27: Sun.gif

FRI AUG 28: Sun.gif

SAT AUG 29: Sun.gif

SUN AUG 30: Sun and Cloud.gif

MON AUG 31: Sun and Cloud.gif

TUE SEPT 1: Sun and Cloud.gif

WED SEPT 2: Sun and Cloud.gif

THU SEPT 3: Rain and Black Cloud.gif

FRI SEPT 4: Rain and Black Cloud.gif

SAT SEPT 5: Rain and Black Cloud.gif

SUN SEPT 6: Black Cloud Rain Drop.gif

MON SEPT 7: Black Cloud Rain Drop.gif

TUE SEPT 8: Sun and Cloud.gif

WED SEPT 9: Sun and Cloud.gif

THU SEPT 10: Sun.gif

FRI SEPT 11: Sun.gif

SAT SEPT 12: Sun.gif

Good Game, Bad Game

I'm going to do the Mario Series this month, and next, and next again! I'm comparing Hotel Mario with Super Mario Galaxy

Good Game

You guessed it, it's Hotel Mario! Only Kinding, it's Galaxy. Galaxy had the same plot as every Mario game, Peach gets kidnapped, by Bowser, and Mario (and Luigi) saves her, but they but a twist on it. A comet passes over the Mushroom Kingdom and rains down magical stars and stardust, so they celebrate.Peach invites Mario to the castle, like Mario 64, Bowser then came, with Bowser Jr. had stole The Castle. Mario finds Peach, with 121 stars. Now you can play as Luigi.

Bad Game

Hotel Mario, not on a Nintendo console game, it's for the Phillips CDi. Bowser and the Koopalings have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom(like in every Super Mario Bros. 3 & Super Mario World), where they've built seven Koopa Hotels and have kidnapped the Princess, hiding her in one of them. After Mario and Luigi are informed of this, they set out to rescue her.

The Cut scenes are cartoons, on the boxart, Mario has 5-fingers, but in the game he has 4!

Philips Media had acquired the rights to produce Mario and The Legend of Zelda games after initial plans to make a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo, and that fell through. The CD-i was a poor console anyway. The quotes were rubbish too...

"Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, 'eh Luigi?" - Mario being played as Mark Graue in Hotel. "EEK! A Ghost!" - Luigi in Galaxy.


So, All in all... Galaxy is a much better game than Hotel Mario.

My Ratings

  • Galaxy - 9.5
  • Hotel - 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 - Lowest I Can Go!

Age Ratings

These are in the PEGI, ESRB order

  • Galaxy - 3+, E
  • Hotel - Not Rated, Not Rated


What's Next

See the Poll - Here!

Fake Deaths/Injuries and Arrests 2

Waluigi got injured. He had been driving around, with Wario, in the Wario Car. They turned sharply and Waluigi fell of the back of the Car. The police came, and Wario had the Waluigi's iD, which is illegal. The police arested Wario, and Waluigi for being on the back of the car. The only time that's aloud is when there's a Double-Kart Tournament coming up. Mario was also arrested, he was speeding on the motorway, at over 100mph. Luigi got him out on bale. Birdo hit a police car at over 110mph. She was taken to jail for 6 years. She'll need to pay 3,000 coins to fix the car, or to get a new one.

Screenshots 1

Flying Mario
Super Mario Galaxy - Flying Mario

Hi I'm Clyde1998, this is my first Screenshot(s) of the Month article. I'll show you some very good screenshots. My Information is short, because most of the pictures are self-explanatory.

Super Mario Galaxy - Flying Mario

What a Pic! A Screenshot of Flying Mario (Black/Red), jumping of the platform in space. Nintendo took the Picture of the Screenshot. The screenshot shows the graphics of the game, very good graphics too.

Mario Kart: Double Dash - Mario & Yoshi

I've Edited the Pic to have Info on it.

I put: Baby Mario & Luigi trying to catch up, Yoshi & Mario - Mario Holding a Green Shell, Background: Daisy, Peach, Birdo, Bowser, Shy Guy, Banners


It's a colour full picture. It has lots of Characters in it.

Fake Weather 3

Sun.gif all Week, but anyway:

  • MON:Sun.gif
  • TUE:Sun.gif
  • WED:Sun.gif
  • THU:Sun.gif
  • FRI:Sun.gif
  • SAT:Sun.gif
  • SUN:Sun.gif

Fake Deaths and Arrests 3

Mario was seen to have crashed into the back of a lorry, on Moonview Highway.He wasn't badly injured. Luigi was seen to have been in a race, with Waluigi and Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. doesn't have a licence, and was arrested - Bowser is yet to know. Waluigi and Luigi were fined 5,600coins. Knuckles and Donkey Kong were fined 5,000coins, for fighting on the street.

Good Game, Bad Game

Yoshi and Wario in MKDS

Mario Kart is a very good series, but some games are not good. So we look at the Hand-held, Mario Kart games.

Good Game: Mario Kart DS

MKDS, what a game. It' was:

  • The first Nintendo game to feature Wi-Fi competitively.
  • The first Mario Kart game to use two screens.
  • The first Mario Kart game to use non-kart
  • The first Mario Kart game to feature, a non-Mario character.
  • The first, and so far only, Mario Kart game to be able to see what your opponents' items are.

Bad Game: Mario Kart: Super Circuit

MKSC wasn't a good game, and only had eight characters - not much now. They had crazy things like horns (select button). There was 40 courses in the game - 20 from Super Mario Kart - not what you need. Nintendo can make better games, but it was back then. It's not as bad as Virtual Boy games - red and black *I'm BLIND!*.

Now I hand over to my co-writer...

Yoshi Park in the Day and in the Night in Mario Super Sluggers
Bowser saves Mario in MSS

Hello Shroomers This Is Mario7727 With Your Good Game Vs. Bad Game. Mario Super Sluggers Is Going Against Mario Superstar Baseball. The Good Game Is Super Mario Sluggers And The Bad Game Is You Guessed It Mario Superstar Baseball! Now Super Mario Sluggers Is Good Because It Had Better Courses, Charcters, And A Lot More Better Stuff! Mario Superstar Baseball Is Bad Because It Didin't Really Have A Lot Of Charcters And The Coures You Can't Walk Around The Courses! It Didin't Really Score As High As Super Mario Sluggers. Also, You Get To Unlock Videos And Charcters And Courses In Super Mario Sluggers .The Best Thing About Super Mario Sluggers Is You Can Change Daytime To Nightime! You Can't That In Mario Superstar Baseball Am I Right? Well That's All For This Edition To Good Game Vs, Bad Game. See You You Shroomers Next Time!