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Status: Active.

“Ever wondered how Bob-ombs even have faces?”
Bowser64, 2021 April 29th

Hello, I Am A User Of The Mario Wiki/Encyclopedia, And I Arrived At December Of 2020. After realizing other people had userpages, I Decided To Make My User. I had a past name called Dreamy Bowser, Then i later changed the name to Bowser64 on March 21st of 2021. I then later made articles, and upload files. I am mostly active on the Wiki, considering i am interested in the Mario franchise, and interested in wikis as well. I also am on other wikis, like Bulbapedia. My favorite character is (Obviously by reading this page) Bowser.

Rank User, Autocomfirmed User.
Favorite Character Bowser, Luigi, ect.
Least Favorite Character Birdo And This Guy, ect.
Lives in Northern America
Welcome To Bowser64's Castle!
Bowser64's Userbox Tower
Animated Walruss.gif
Bowser's map icon from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Bowser64 Image2.png
Animation of Luigi in Super Princess Peach
Mario & Luigi series logo
Bowser NSMBU.png

Why my name is Bowser64 (Including old names)

Dreamy Bowser

It's called "Dreamy Bowser" because i like him. (Considering i also like the M&L series.)


It's basically Bowser's name but with "64" (Indicating i like 3D platformers like Super Mario 64, and 3D World).




Bowser's Stage Clear mode sprite, from Tetris Attack.

Past Names

  • Dreamy Bowser (December 2020 - March 21st 2021. )

Mario Games I Own Already

(A Bowser Means I Beaten It.) (A Bowser icon.png Means I Almost Beaten It.)

Nintendo Switch




Stuff I Do.

  • Make pages.
  • Edit This UserPage.
  • Make edits.
  • Look at discussion pages.

Mario characters I like

Characters i don't like

Pages i created/started.


  • Create at least 3 pages.
  • Create 5 Pages.
  • Create 8 pages.
  • Create 13 pages.
  • Create 15 pages.
  • Create 18 pages.
  • Create 23 pages.
  • Create 25 pages.
  • Create 28 pages.