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Mario Party: Island Tournament

by The 'Shroom Core Staff

After five months, a surprise final round, and plenty of votes, it's finally time to announce the results! There were 42 votes total this round.

Coming in dead last with zero votes is Cloud Climb from Mario Party Advance, a 1-player minigame, where the goal of the game is just that: climbing the clouds to reach the goal.

Snow Brawl from Mario Party 6 managed to get one vote. It's a 1-vs.-3 minigame where the goal is to freeze your opponents with snowballs before they can freeze you.

Tying with two votes are M.P.I.Q. from Mario Party 3 and Hotel Goomba from Mario Party 5. They are both 4-player puzzle minigames, with M.P.I.Q. being a race to 3 points by answering questions correctly, and Hotel Goomba being similar to a block-sliding puzzle (involving Goombas, of course) where the goal is to reach the balcony of the third floor of the hotel.

Booksquirm from Mario Party 4 and Pizza Me, Mario from Mario Party 9, both 4-player minigames, tied for third with three votes each. The goal of Booksquirm is to avoid being crushed by falling book pages by finding holes in it, and thus to be the last one standing. Pizza Me, Mario is a free-for-all minigame where the goal is simple: to throw your selected topping on each slice of the rotating pizza before anyone else does.

Second place has a 4-way(!) tie, with five votes for each game. Mushroom Mix-Up from Mario Party, Face Lift from Mario Party 2, The Final Countdown from Mario Party 7, and Cardiators from Mario Party 8 all placed. In Mushroom Mix-Up, a 4-player game, the goal is to survive the longest on the mushrooms by going to the ones the same color as Toad's flag. As for Face Lift, also a 4-player game, you have to morph the face to be as close to the sample one as possible. Somewhat similarly to Mushroom Mix-Up, The Final Countdown (which is yet again a 4-player minigame) involves surviving the longest on platforms that disappear after a certain amount of time has passed (based on the numbers displayed on them). Finally, in Cardiators, a duel minigame, you have to reduce your opponent's health completely in an RPG-style card battle. However, the cards selected have random damage amounts and effects, and you won't be able to know what one is until you pick it.

In first with eleven votes, the winner of the tournament is...






Camera Shy, from Mario Party DS! It can be played as a 4-player minigame or as a duel minigame, and is set in a cornfield maze. In order to win, you have to take pictures of all your opponents, but it's not as easy as it sounds since there's a good amount of places to hide and run.

That's all for the Mario Party: Island Tournament, folks! We here at the Core Staff had a lot of fun running this, and we (at least the staff member who's writing this, haha) would like to do something similar in a future issue!

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