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Opening Statement

Written by: Super Mario Bros. (talk), RandomYoshi (talk), and Henry Tucayo Clay (talk)

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Welcome, readers! Thank you for reading the 108th edition of The 'Shroom. This is the first "spring"-type issue this year, which means our staff articles and Main Page switch to the green backgrounds. Which is great, considering green is the best color there is! And speaking of green, happy St. Patrick's Day to all – if you find some four-leaf clovers and a pot of gold, we could really use some luck and cash to replenish Tucayo's pension fund so that we can plunder it some more. Otherwise, I do not have much else to say with regards to this edition, but I will lightly discuss some upcoming projects in the Closing Statement. I hope you enjoy the rest of our content this month!

Super Mario Bros. (talk), Director

Issue100 pidgey.png

Hello, all! This is by all means a ordinary Issue, but we have an announcement to make which is not so ordinary. Crocodile Dippy (talk) is resigning from all of her sections. She will still direct Critic Corner, but she will no longer provide us with any sections. This means that we have a lot of sections that need attendance. Information on how to apply for these sections will be supplied to you in the Closing Statement.

RandomYoshi (talk), Sub-Director/Editor-in-Chief

Staff Section of the Month for February 2016

Place Section Writer Reasoning
1st Composer Spotlight Crocodile Dippy (talk) A standard of excellence for written pieces in The 'Shroom, this section was intricate, pretty fascinating, and the winner for our Staff SOTM from February. Dippy's enjoyment of educating people on video game composers always makes these sections shine.
2nd DragonFreak's Review Quest DragonFreak (talk) It's always good to see new blood and DF seems to be settling into her position at Critic Corner with a second section that was very informative, flowed well, and covered a lot of ground in a section short enough to be read casually.
3rd 8-Bit Amphitheater Stooben Rooben (talk) The tributes to now-passed musicians were really emotional; this 8-Bit Amphitheater was a fantastic collection of great tracks of various styles and themes, from love songs, to tributes of so many different genres, and some nice little game remixes.
4th Location, Location Time Turner (talk) What a baffling design choice Nintendo made with this game, and Time Turner did great in accentuating its absurdity. As usual, very well written, and the content won't leave anyone feeling lost. Text-to-image ratio was great as well.
5th Crocodile Style Reviews Crocodile Dippy (talk) Reviews about subjects you really like are often the toughest to write, but Dippy provided an excellent review about two games she really loves.
6th Peddler's Place Toadbert101 (talk) If you're looking for love advice, you have to read last month's Peddler Place. Even if you're not, you will definitely learn something from this very funny section.

Congratulations to our writers on their outstanding sections! We really appreciate all your work.

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