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The 'Shroom Spotlight

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Shroom Spotlight Poochy.png

Hello 'Shroom readers! Welcome to this month's edition of Spotlight. What we do here is highlight several articles that aren't up to shape and then you guys go to fix them up.

The recap for last month is yet again sadly another short affair, the only tag that was removed was the rewrite-expand on Rolling Ride Run, and that was thanks to The Pyro Guy (talk). Lucario was worked on by Marioguy (talk), but nothing else was touched. Anyway, I've reintroduced the trivia tag this month and removed the image quality tag. Hopefully, we'll get a lot more contributions this momth.

Anyway, now to introduce our six new focuses.

  • Mario's Cap (trivia) – With all of this on Mario's head, I don't think he'll be jumping anywhere anytime soon.
  • Shadoo (rewrite) – Speculation? It's the thing that caused this article to have a rewrite tag. Try and make sure all the information is correct, not just guesswork.
  • Plane (rewrite-expand) – Crash landing immanent due to a lack of information.
  • Quest for Pizza (more images) – YouTube should have plenty of screenshots for this article.
  • Fire and Ice (stub) – Poor level layout = stub template which also means fire and ice aren't mixing well.
  • Worm Food (wanted pages) – Alternatively, you if this article isn't created.

Be sure to check back here next month, where I'll review the progress made on each of these articles. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or feedback, or post a message in the dedicated forum thread and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, and get working!

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