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Spoopy Scary Scavenger Hunt Results

Written by: Crocodile Dippy (talk)


Aaaaand our scavenger hunt comes to a close! We at The 'Shroom hope you guys enjoyed the event, I know I for one thought it was an adorable little venture and I had fun organising it. Anyway, we only had a few participants for this scavenger hunt, and only one person managed to find them all; Lakituthequick (talk), the community's most lovable Dutch programmer! Aside from the tokens he earns from playing and winning a 'Shroom-hosted event as per the achievements page, he'll be getting another 20 bonus tokens on top of that, so he'll be swimming in tokens to use in next years Awards ceremony! Thanks all for playing, and so without further ado, here are the locations of the 13 Pumpkins that weren't just the pumpkin on the right which was on the scavenger hunt page itself!

Pumpkin Location Image
SMBPumpkin.png In the Closing Statement, hanging from SMB's ear in the El Dorado animated gif. SMBPumpkinLocation.png
GabumonPumpkin.png In the Opening Statement, sitting atop Marowak's head in the profile image for Gabumon (talk). GabumonPumpkinLocation.png
Mario4EverPumpkin.png In Critic Corner's Location, Location , hiding behind the gate in the second Creepy Steeple image. Mario4EverPumpkinLocation.png
TurbPumpkin.png In the main page, appearing in the middle of the page only for a few seconds every five minutes. TurbPumpkinLocation.png
ShoeyPumpkin.png In Fake News' Cooking Guide, tucked under SMB's hoodie in the third image (the Breaking Bad photoshop). ShoeyPumpkinLocation.png
MCDPumpkin.png In Fake News, blending in with the background at the bottom of the page just bottom-left of Dear Anton. MCDPumpkinLocation.png
PackyPumpkin.png In Fun Stuff, sitting atop Palkia47 (talk)'s leg in his profile image. PackyPumpkinLocation.png
FunkyPumpkin.png In Palette Swap's What's On the Box?, replacing the second "O" in "Woolly" on the Yoshi's Woolly World box art. FunkyPumpkinLocation.png
Yoshi876Pumpkin.png In Pipe Plaza's Forum Update, hidden in the pipe background behind the second line in the Stats header. Yoshi876PumpkinLocation.png
DippyPumpkin.png In Critic Corner, poking out of the right side of the background border near the top of the page. DippyPumpkinLocation.png
StoobenPumpkin.png In Strategy Wing's Mario Calendar, replacing the bullet point for Wario's Woods. StoobenPumpkinLocation.png
PidgeyPumpkin.png In Strategy Wing's From the Mushroom Vaults, replacing the GameBoy Horror coin icon in the Kitchen image. PidgeyPumpkinLocation.png
PoochyPumpkin.png In The 'Shroom Spotlight, replacing the second "O" in "'Shroom" in the header. PoochyPumpkinLocation.png

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