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Tucayo's Awards Mafia Thoughts

Written by: Henry Tucayo Clay (talk)

(Disclaimer: forgive me if I slightly change any facts, I'm mostly going by memory here.)

HI, readers! I'm your hygienic Undead Co-MVP, Tucayo, and I'm here to give you my thoughts on Awards Mafia V! I had been retired from the community for a year and a half (a personal record!) so I hadn't played any mafia games in that time. One day when I was browsing the forum, I saw sign-ups for AMV had just closed, so I said "hell with retirement" and I asked if I could still sign up. The hosts were nice enough to let me in (thanks hosts!), so I was ready to roll!

The first thing I did when I got my role (Yoshika Miyako, the Undead Janitor/Zombie), was to research more about the character as I didn't know a thing about her or about Touhou. After getting enough information so I could have a believable fakeclaim ready on D1, the second thing I noticed is that we were a rather small team at the beginning; it was just Stargazing (who was soon replaced by Quizmo), Mariofan169 (who was later replaced by Nitwit), and myself. If we wanted to have a shot at winning we couldn't afford to lose any of our members early on, and that goal was seriously threatened right from N1. On N1 I was sent to kill NEX, but ended up being redirected to and killing Nysic. Given his power, those who visited him that night were injured and publicly announced, so it was obvious one of us (Chibiki, Crackin, or myself) had killed Nysic. I knew at that time I had to place myself as the least likely suspect and that I also had to stall Chibiki and Crackin's lynches for as long as I could. The former I achieved, but the latter not so much, as Chibiki and Crackin were dead by D4. I had been burned on N3, so things were not looking good. However, I managed to get Freakworld to convince Time Turner to heal me (thanks!) Around that time I also started contact with Stoob, as we were very suspicious of him. My claim was Reimu Hakurei, the Innocent Disarmer/Zombie, which was a risky move seeing as when the Undead were discovered someone could point to me being a zombie.

For our team, reviving Fanta was a flawless plan. The town would believe she had died protecting someone and no one would suspect a revive+conversion out of the bat, but we didn't take an Innocent Vigilante into account. However, even with that, we managed to keep Fanta alive for a while. Afterwards we ran into some trouble with the switched days and nights but we were able to endure those and make the most of our kills. There was honestly a lot of discussion not worth mentioning on this section so I'll skip all of that and instead give you the link to our QuickTopic. What I will talk about is the alliance. We then discovered through Shoey that Stoob was the Mafia Godfather, so we cautiously approached him about that and the idea of collaborating came up. We set up a QT and from there we coordinated movements and attacks. I know some people have been critical of this but this was a huge risk that paid off. At any given moment one team could have betrayed the other and I don't know who would have won. Even towards the end of the game, the hosts privately asked each one of us if we were fine with a co-win. Should one person have said no, there would have been no co-win. I definitely don't see this happening on every game and it should not be outlawed. It's a risk as any other and if a host doesn't like it they can simply reject any co-wins on their games, but I think it's a strategy as valid as any other.

Now, on to more cheerful things, I want to thank my amazing teammates; Quizmo, Stargazing, Mariofan169, Fanta, Nitwit, NEX, and TFP. We communicated very well, coordinated our actions effectively, and were unsuspected as long as possible and managed to keep our numbers up. I also want to thank the Mafia team, especially Stoob, who coordinated the whole effort, but also Lily, MK, LTQ, Turb, S2D, Icemario, and Turb. And, of course, I want to thank and congratulate the hosts for a terrific game. Thanks MCD, Perch, and Smasher, I had a blast and it was definitely worth coming back to play this game.

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