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MCD's Awards Mafia Thoughts

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

I hosted Awards Mafia V with Smasher (talk) and Superchao (talk) (three hosts - I know, right?). We started planning pretty early and managed to get the game going on time, though we had to postpone it a week because British Mafia (which I hosted) was running way too long.

The game was absolutely insane, simply put. It took up 63 pages of personal messages - with 20 PMs per page. It went in all sorts of directions from the get-go.

Eventually the game ended in a co-win for the Mafia and the Undead, as well as LN1 (talk), an independent who managed to escape earlier in the game.

Of course, some parts of it weren't perfect, per se. Some players complained that two of the anti-town parties were collaborating together, and many argued this underpowered the innocents. Some also argued that they should not have been allowed to win together.

However, I'd argue there were other issues out of our control. For example, the anti-town teams (largely through coincidence) barely ever attacked each other. The innocents were also divided largely during the game, especially over Palkia47 (talk), who was revealed as independent quite early and offered to work with the innocents, though he was eventually lynched - I'd argue working with him probably would've been better for them in the long run. The innocent cop also worked with the Mafia, and the undead godfather was let into an innocent QuickTopic.

But yeah, on the whole, I had fun hosting the game, the other guys probably did too, I don't know, ask them yourself.

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