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Welcome to the Ultimate Character Tournament 2015!


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Morton Koopa and Peach tied in last month's round of voting. The winner of that bracket was supposed to face off against Diddy Kong this month. We will resolve the issue by having a one week Sudden Death round between the two tied contenders, and then placing the winner of that battle against Diddy Kong. The voting for the Sudden Death winner and Diddy Kong will be extended by a week.


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Back in September 2009, Ralphfan (talk) posted the idea of doing the Ultimate Character Tournament — a series of polls in a bracket-style "tournament" to determine the best character from several video game series. Originally, it was supposed to coincide with the anniversary festivities in 2010, but due to skepticism from the committee, the project was supported by The 'Shroom instead and became more closely affiliated with the publication. Planning meetings were held throughout the last few months of 2009, and the event ran from January 2010 through August 2010. It was considered one of the first major events that The 'Shroom had ever sponsored and was widely successful, pulling in hundreds of votes for each poll that was posted.

Five years later, The 'Shroom staff has decided to host a second Ultimate Character Tournament to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the event and the 100th edition of the newsletter! Several major changes have been made, though, in order to make it a truly ultimate character tournament:

  • Planning meetings were scrapped in order to set the event up quickly and efficiently. Instead, Super Mario Bros. (talk) created the bracket with advice from the Core Staff, and will be the manager.
  • The list of "tournament participants" (characters) has been streamlined from 234 participants to 72 participants in order to maintain focus.
  • Whereas the focus of the original tournament was mostly on the Mario series, the event has been expanded to include major characters from 30 different franchises.

How It Works

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  • The tournament will feature characters from various video game franchises going head-to-head in a series of polls.
  • The participants specifically featured in the bracket are:
    • All playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, including alternative costumes, with the exception of the Pokémon Trainer character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl; instead, Ivysaur and Squirtle (who were components of the aforementioned scrapped character) were individually included in the bracket
    • Tabuu, who is the central boss character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Four characters total from the Rare franchises Banjo and Conker, in honor of the last tournament and Rare's 30th anniversary
  • Two participants will be listed in every poll, and the voters will decide who wins and moves on to the next bracket.
  • There will be one round of voting held every month, including a preliminary round to be held this month. The participants in the preliminary round were specifically chosen due to either being third-party franchises or being alternative costumes in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U, though the match-ups themselves are randomized. The match-ups for Round 1 have also been randomized.


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Round # Voting Period Results Announced Participants Advancements
Preliminary Round Start: July 18th, 2015 August 15th, 2015 16 participants 8 place in tournament
Finish: August 8th, 2015
Round 1 Start: August 22nd, 2015 September 19th, 2015 64 participants 32 advance to next round
Finish: September 12th, 2015
Round 2 Start: September 19th, 2015 October 24th, 2015 32 participants 16 advance to next round
Finish: October 10th, 2015
Round 2: Sudden Death Start: October 24th, 2015 October 31st, 2015 2 participants 1 advances to Round 3
Finish: October 31st, 2015
Round 3 Start: October 24th, 2015 * November 21st, 2015 16 participants 8 advance to next round
Finish: November 14th, 2015 *
Round 4 Start: November 21st, 2015 December 19th, 2015 8 participants 4 advance to next round
Finish: December 12th, 2015
Round 5 Start: December 19th, 2015 January 16th, 2016 4 participants 2 advance to next round
Finish: January 9th, 2016
Round 6 Start: January 16th, 2016 February 20th, 2016 2 participants Winner is announced
Finish: February 6th, 2016

* — Voting for Round 3: Bracket 4 will start and finish one week after both listed dates.


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Links Notes
  • Green text denotes addition from last tournament.
  • Red text denotes removal from last year.
  • Green text denotes participant has advanced to the next round.
  • Red text denotes participant has been defeated.
  • Blue text denotes participants have tied.

Previous Round

The winners from last month!

Mewtwo VS. King Dedede
SSB4 - Mewtwo Artwork.png Mewtwo advances to the next round! SSB4 - Dedede Artwork.png
52 votes!
Mewtwo wins!
40 votes!
King Dedede loses!

Falco VS. Ludwig von Koopa
Falco SSB4 Art.png Ludwig von Koopa advances to the next round! LudwigNSMBU.png
37 votes!
Falco loses!
50 votes!
Ludwig von Koopa wins!

Pit VS. Sonic
PitSSB4.png Sonic advances to the next round! SSB4 - Sonic Artwork.png
32 votes!
Pit loses!
58 votes!
Sonic wins!

Toon Link VS. Donkey Kong
SSB4 - Toon Link Artwork.png Donkey Kong advances to the next round! SSB4 - Donkey Kong Artwork.png
40 votes!
Toon Link loses!
49 votes!
Donkey Kong wins!

Pac-Man VS. Wario
Pac-ManSSB4.png Pac-Man advances to the next round! Wario SSB4 Artwork.jpg
48 votes!
Pac-Man wins!
39 votes!
Wario loses!

Bowser VS. Luigi
SSB4 - Bowser Artwork.png Luigi advances to the next round! Luigi SSBWiiU.png
30 votes!
Bowser loses!
57 votes!
Luigi wins!

Ness VS. Diddy Kong
NessSSB4.png Diddy Kong advances to the next round! Diddy Kong SSB4 - Artwork.png
43 votes!
Ness loses!
44 votes!
Diddy Kong wins!

Morton Koopa VS. Peach
MortonNSMBU.png Morton Koopa and Peach have tied! Wii U Peach artwork.png
44 votes!
Morton Koopa ties!
44 votes!
Peach ties!

Kirby VS. Bowser Jr.
KirbySSB4.png Kirby advances to the next round! Bowser Jr - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.png
57 votes!
Kirby wins!
34 votes!
Bowser Jr. loses!

Lemmy Koopa VS. Pikachu
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU.png Pikachu advances to the next round! SSB4 - Pikachu Artwork.png
40 votes!
Lemmy Koopa loses!
48 votes!
Pikachu wins!

Lucario VS. Mario
Lucario SSB4 Artwork.png Mario advances to the next round! Mario SSB4 Artwork.png
24 votes!
Lucario loses!
65 votes!
Mario wins!

Samus VS. Dark Pit
SSB4 - Samus Artwork.png Samus advances to the next round! DarkPitSSB4.png
52 votes!
Samus wins!
33 votes!
Dark Pit loses!

Robin VS. Captain Falcon
Robin SSB4.png Captain Falcon advances to the next round! Captain Falcon SSB4.png
28 votes!
Robin loses!
55 votes!
Captain Falcon wins!

Wolf VS. Meta Knight
Wolf O'Donnell(Clear).png Meta Knight advances to the next round! Meta Knight SSB4.png
15 votes!
Wolf loses!
67 votes!
Meta Knight wins!

Young Link VS. Yoshi
Younglinkmeleeclear.png Yoshi advances to the next round! YoshiSSB4.png
10 votes!
Young Link loses!
79 votes!
Yoshi wins!

Rosalina VS. Charizard
SSB4 Rosalina Artwork.png Rosalina advances to the next round! CharizardSSB4.png
56 votes!
Rosalina wins!
30 votes!
Charizard loses!

Round 2: Sudden Death

Morton Koopa and Princess Peach tied in Round 2! Vote for who you want to advance in the tournament!

Morton Koopa VS. Peach
MortonNSMBU.png Wii U Peach artwork.png

Round 3

Vote for who you want to advance in the tournament!

Mewtwo VS. Ludwig von Koopa
SSB4 - Mewtwo Artwork.png LudwigNSMBU.png

Sonic VS. Donkey Kong
SSB4 - Sonic Artwork.png SSB4 - Donkey Kong Artwork.png

Pac-Man VS. Luigi
Pac-ManSSB4.png Luigi SSBWiiU.png

Diddy Kong VS. Peach
Diddy Kong SSB4 - Artwork.png Wii U Peach artwork.png

Kirby VS. Pikachu
KirbySSB4.png SSB4 - Pikachu Artwork.png

Mario VS. Samus
Mario SSB4 Artwork.png SSB4 - Samus Artwork.png

Captain Falcon VS. Meta Knight
Captain Falcon SSB4.png Meta Knight SSB4.png

Yoshi VS. Rosalina
YoshiSSB4.png SSB4 Rosalina Artwork.png

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